Journey to Jungle Bay als 4940 January 2015

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Journey to Jungle Bay – ALS 4940

January 2015 (2 Spring 2015 credits)
Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Cornell School: ______________________________________________________________________________
Major/Program and Expected Year of Graduation:_______________________________________
Expected/Desired Occupation Post Graduation:

Prior Work Experience:

Legal ability to travel to Dominica:
Please be aware that citizens of some countries may be restricted from traveling to Dominica or may require a visa to travel there. (U.S. citizens require a valid passport but no visa). It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to research this and determine what is required to travel there legally. Please acknowledge below that you have read and are aware of this.
I am aware that it is my responsibility to research and determine what is required for me to legally travel to Dominica:

Yes ___ No ____

Health Insurance:
Are you on Cornell University health insurance? Yes ___ No ____
If not, do you have international health insurance? (prior to the trip, we will need you to provide evidence of such insurance) Yes ___ No ____
Trip Cost:
Please be aware that the cost of the trip is approximately $2,600 including airfare from St. Thomas to Dominica, all ground transportation, and meals. In addition, you are responsible for one night in a hotel in St. Thomas (price TBD) and the cost of your flight to St. Thomas and back to the U.S. or your home country. Please acknowledge below that you have read and are aware of these costs.
I am aware of the costs associated with the trip:

Yes ___ No ____

Availability for Class and Trip
Are you available for all of the regular scheduled class times of Tuesday nights from 7:00 – 8:15pm beginning Oct. 21 and ending Dec. 2, 2014? Yes ___ No ____
If not, please elaborate on which classes you might need to miss and why.


Are you available to travel to St. Thomas, USVI, arriving on Jan. 3, 2015, and then onward to Dominica on Jan. 4, returning to St. Thomas on Jan. 10 for an afternoon flight back to the U.S. or your home country?
Yes ___ No ____
Essay questions
In addition to submitting this form completed, please also submit all in ONE (with the form) answers to the following two questions. Please limit your answers to no more than two pages DOUBLE SPACED (for BOTH questions).

  1. What do you hope to learn/gain from participation in the class and trip, and how does it relate to your plans post graduation from Cornell?

  2. What experience do you have traveling to or working in lesser-developed countries? What do you expect to be the most challenging and rewarding aspects of traveling to Dominica? Why?

To submit:
Save the file as YOUR FIRST NAME_YOUR LAST NAME.docx and submit it via Cornell DropBox ( to netids gb78 and sfc24 by no later than 5pm on Oct. 6, 2014.
If you have questions, please email either of us at or

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