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CC 19,201,927 of Bogotá

Economist, Consultant and University Professor

Tel: (+571) 3017545338 and +(571) 6963356

Professional Profile: Researcher and consultant on subjects related to: public finance, urban economics, international economics, commerce and regional integration; themes on development and business competiveness, of cities, regions and nations; and themes of health economics, environmental management and human rights. Experience in multilateral organizations, national, district and municipal planning entities and in educational institutions in the United States, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, El Salvador and Ecuador.

  • Economist (Meritorious dissertation), Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota 1972-1978

  • Magister Courses in Territorial impacts of globalization in central and peripheral areas, Universidad International de Andalucía, Huelva, Spain, 2002-2003

  • Magister Courses in Economic Theory, Instituto de Economia Universidad de Campinas -UNICAMP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1985 -1986

  • Fellowship in the Latina American and Caribbean Center- LACC, Florida International University- FIU, Miami, EEUU, 2000-2001

  • Scholar and speaker of the Summit of the America Center, SOAC – FIU, on the course Training in International Commerce Negotiations, Miami, 2001

  • Postgraduate courses in “Formulation and Evaluation of Projects, with emphasis in Modern- Age Social Problems of Latin-America and the Caribbean”, CIDES/OAS, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1983

Current position:

  • Associated professor to the Faculty of Economic Sciences - FCE (for its Spanish acronym) at Universidad Nacional de Colombia; lecturer from1989 - June 1991 and professor as of 1993 to date. Between 2003 and 2010 he served part time in the Political Studies and International Relations Institute –IEPRI (for its Spanish acronym) in the same University.

Professional and administrative experience:

  • General Director of the Institute for Social Economy – IPES (for its Spanish acronym), Bogota, June 2012 – November 2013

  • District Secretary for Economic Development: Bogota, January-June 2012

  • Sub-secretary for Investment Planning, District Planning Secretariat, Capital District, August 2008- august 2009

  • Advisor to the Mayor of Bogota on international relations, under the contract with PNUD, from March 1 2004 to august 2008.

  • Academic Vice-dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia 1991 -1993. Dean (e) in three occasions between 1991 and 1993.

  • Secretary of Education for the Caquetá Department, representing the Movement Nacional FIRMES, 1982 -1983.

  • Scientific Advisor of the Fundacion Friedrich Ebert of Colombia – FESCOL, 1993-1997. Responsible for FESCOL’s projects related to international economy and integration, employment, rural policy and regional competiveness, economic and fiscal policies, among others.

  • Specialized professional of the Departamento Nacional de Planeacion, Especial Division on International Commerce, 1989 -1991.

  • Specialized professional of the Departamento Nacional de Planeacion, Rural Development Unit, 1988-1989

  • Specialized professional of the Departamento Administrativo de Intendencias y Comisarias – DAICO, 1987 -1988.

  • Head master of the Colegio Santa Helena, Secretary of Education of Caquetá, January –December 1973.

Consultant Experience

  • Consultant for Management Science for Development Colombia –USAID, to debug the Data Base 1787 that contains the complaints presented to the ILO on human rights and freedom of association violations in Colombia. April 13, 2010 - March 20, 2011.

  • Advisor to the Assurance Direction, District Secretary of Health to analyze the impact of Law 1438 in the District Health Secretariat. January – July 2011

  • Researcher at CID – Universidad Nacional, Director of the consultancy “Project for productive development opportunities for people of priority affectation in the Strategic Operation Fontibon– Airport El Dorado –Engativa”, Economic Development District Secretariat, 2010.

  • Main researcher of the CID – Universidad Nacional, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, director of the research Methodological guidelines for the departmental competitiveness of Colombia, 2003

  • Researcher at CID – Universidad Nacional, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, for the research Colombia´s competitiveness from ALCA´s perspective, carried out for the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, January 2002 - August 2003. Coordinated the writing of the section Departmental Competitiveness Indicators System.

  • Consultant for the United Nations Development Program – PNUD. Ministry of Environment, responsible for the follow up of the loan granted to the Colombian government by IBRD, 1997.

Experience as university lecturer

  • Lecturer of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations at Universidad Javeriana, courses “European Union” and “ International Economy”, 1997-1998.

  • Professor of the Faculty of Economics at Universidad Externado de Colombia, Course Theory of International Commerce, 1990 -1991

  • Assistant professor at Universidad de la Amazonia, Florencia, Caquetá. Courses: “Rural Economy”, “Colombian Economy”, “Regional Problems”, “International Commerce” and “Money and Banking”, 1978-1984

  • Invited speaker on subjects related to economics, international finances and regional integration: Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico-Xochimilco (1992); Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey – Universidad de Miami, in Chihuahua, Mexico (2002); ILDIS, Caracas, Venezuela (1999); Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuador (1999). Invited professor of the following universities: LACC Florida International University - FIU, Miami, USA (2000-2001); Santo Tomas (Bucaramanga, 1992); de Cartagena (Cartagena, 1991); Del Norte (Barranquilla, 1992); de Caldas, (Manizales, 2006); de la Amazonia (Florencia); del Valle (Cali); Nacional (Medellin Branch, 1997) and Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, 1998).


  • -Member of IEPRI´s research team on International Relations, awarded in 2010 with the Price to the best research team of Colciencias, in the Superior Category.

  • 2004-2006, Participant as observer in 10 Rounds of Negotiation of the FTA Colombia-Unites States, representing the Bogota Mayor’s office; 2006-2008, Participation as observer of the negotiation rounds of Colombia’s trade agreements with Canada, European Union, EFTA, and Central America.

  • 2005, awarded the Merit City of Florencia price, granted by the Mayor of Florencia.

  • 1999, Awarded for OUTSTANDING TEACHING, granted by the Superior Council of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

  • 1987, Participated representing Colombia in the Scientific Expedition “ In canoe from the Amazon to the Caribbean”, journey Quito –Iquitos- Manoas.

  • 1986, Award for Merit granted by the Ministry of Labor, Venezuela.


  • Essay (2010), Sustainability of long-term development in Bogotá: public policy challenges, in Bogotá: Prospective view of economic development to 2038, series of ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FORUMS. 1. District Secretariat of Economic Development, Mayor of Bogota. ISBN 978-958-717-081-8.

  • Consultancy report (Research Director), with Jorge Ivan González, Ivan Rojas and Jackelin Yate (2010), Productive development opportunities for people of priority affectation in the Strategic Operation of Fontibon– Airport El Dorado –Engativa, CID Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Economic Development District Secretariat. (Being Edited)

  • Book (2010) with other authors: Building Bogota´s Public Policy Regarded Horizon. My essay: Food security and development of biofuels: risks and opportunities for Colombia. Intended for the FTA Colombia –United States, Planeta Paz, Bogotá. ISBN 978-958-8223-86-5.

  • Book (2007), Fair Trade. My essay: Sustainability of the consumption model and the production systems in times of globalization, Mayor of Bogota, Bogota. ISBN 978-958-98356-2-3.

  • Essay (2005), Uribe´s FTA negotiation strategy, Colombia International Journal No 61, CEI- Department of Political Science, Universidad de los Andes, ISSN 0121-5612, Bogotá.

  • Book, Globalization, competitiveness and regional belonging. Methodological guide for Colombia, CID –Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

  • Essay (2003), ALCA in the Colombian perspective, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Santiago de Chile,

  • Research Report (research director, with the participation of Philippe de Lombaerde and Jose Guillermo Garcia) (August 2002), Departmental Competitiveness Indicators System, presented to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism – Universidad Nacional de Colombia- CID.

  • Essay (2002), ALCA: something more than free trade in the Americas, Magazine, FENACON, year 1 No. 1, June-July, Bogotá.

  • Book Review (2004), The order of war. FARC -EP: between the organization and policy (Ferro and Uribe), in the Journal Political Analysis - IEPRI, No. 50, January-April 2004.

  • Book, with Herminso Pulecio (2000), Challenges of the Colombian Amazon for Sustainable Human Development. A Place for Civil Society, FESCOL.

  • Consultancy report, director (with others authors) (2000), Investment Program for the integral energy development of Caguan. - IPSE (ICEL), May.

  • Book, edited by A. Franco and H. Seegers, several authors (1999), Globalization and economic integration: social effects in Colombia. My research: "FRONTIER REGIONS IN COLOMBIA IN RELATION TO INTEGRATION AND GLOBALIZATION " - Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá.

  • Book, editor, with A. Franco (1997), Civil Society and Integration in the Americas. A view of MERCOSUR. My essay: MERCOSUR - ANDEAN GROUP: A ROAD TO CREATIVE INCLUSION IN THE INTERNATIONAL SCENE, FESCOL - Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá. ISBN: 958-9272-79-7.

  • Book, several authors (1995), Colombia in the World Trade Organization (several). My essay: FROM GATT TO WTO. CHANGES IN THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY ORDER, Ministry of Foreign Trade - FESCOL, Bogotá. ISBN: 958-9272-59-2.

  • Book, with other authors (1995), Colombia as president of the non - aligned, FESCOL, Bogotá. ISBN: 958-9272-61-4.

  • Book, with Salomón Kalmanovitz and others (1995), Economics for all, FESCOL, Bogotá. (Third edition). ISBN: 958-9272-48-7.

  • Essay with D. Torres, (1993), Trade and the Colombian- Venezuelan Integration. Journal ECONOMIA COLOMBIANA, Contraloria General de la Republica, Bogotá, March.

  • Book, with Álvaro Ramírez (1992), Project Formulation and Evaluation Module, ESAP, Bogotá.

  • Book (1991), Colombian Opening. Costs and Risks of Economic Policy, FESCOL, Bogotá. ISBN 958-9272-04-5.

  • Essay (1986), Late Capitalism: Geometry of two versions. A comparative study of De Mello and Kalmanovitz, FCE, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá.

  • Several papers of economic and social analysis published in the newspapers: El ESPECTATOR, El TIEMPO, Portfolio, Universidad Nacional; and journals: Debate Ecuador (Ecuador), FORO, Coyuntura Economica and Caja de Herramientas; EL ODIEL (Andalucia, Spain) and El DIARIO DE CHIHUAHUA (Mexico).

  • Fifteen articles on Latin American´s current situation, published by LACC SOAC - Florida International University - FIU, Miami, USA , during 2000-2001 , in ;

Bogotá, January 2012.

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