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Work Samples
Please use this next section to compile student work samples representing all of the Muir growth areas in addition to a selection of some of the Muir Monthly Writing Prompts as completed by the student over time. Please include at least two work samples for each growth area; the work samples should highlight student growth and progress while at JMCS. Students will want to take an active role with your teacher/s to select samples. Students should be prepared to discuss these work samples if asked by a visiting member of the JMCS administrative team. The growth areas are listed below. Teachers should be prepared to support student success when compiling their work samples.
GROWTH AREA 1: Students Read and Write Effectively

GROWTH AREA 2: Students Obtain Key Life Skills

GROWTH AREA 3: Students Appreciate History, Geography, and Current Events

GROWTH AREA 4: Students Understand Government Processes

GROWTH AREA 5: Students Understand and Apply Mathematical Concepts

GROWTH AREA 6: Students Apply Scientific Concepts and Skills

GROWTH AREA 7: Students Realize Their Own Special Interests and Talents


Appendix 4

John Muir Charter School

Benchmarks and Course Outlines

John Muir Charter School

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