John Muir Charter School

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Respect: JMCS students treat all others as they themselves wish to be treated—and at all times with respect and dignity. We practice the highest standards of safety in everything that we do.
Focus on Achieving High Standards: JMCS students set high but realistic goals, and are focused on achieving them. We come to school to learn, and to help others learn as well. We take responsibility for our own success, welcome the challenges we face, and help others achieve.
Code of Honor: JMCS students are honest and expect others to be honest. We tell the truth, while being sensitive to the feelings of others. We accept credit only for the work we do and the contributions we make to our teams. We follow the laws, rules and regulations of our school, our programs, and our communities.
Maintenance of Student-Achievement Plan: Each JMCS student works with their teachers to create and maintain a high quality student-achievement plan that is well suited to his or her individual needs, and that accurately reflects the educational and vocational progress that they make.

Rights of Privacy: JMCS students and staff respect the rights of each to privacy, including the privacy of school records. The school will share student information with non-school personnel only after receiving permission from the student to do so.

Student Name: ___________________________________________________________________

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John Muir Charter School

2013/2014 Enrollment Form

For the most current copy of the JMCS Enrollment form, log on to the JMCS website.

Select the STAFF ONLY tab and use your email login to access our secure site

From the STAFF SUPPORT tab, select SITE BINDER from the drop down menu and go to POLICIES/FORMS

At the bottom of the page you will find MUIR ENROLLMENT FORM near the bottom of the page.

Download the most current version of the form, have students fill in completely, enter all relavent information into powerschool and place completed form in their Student Achievement Plan.

John Muir Charter School
Student Right to Help in Preparing for the

California High School Exit Exam
State Law Says You Must Receive Help Preparing for the Exit Exam. State law requires all schools, including JMCS, to help students prepare for the California High School Exit Exam (exit exam) while in Muir and up to two years after they have completed 12th grade (or completed all necessary Muir credits).
Your Muir Teacher Should Work with You to Prepare for the Exam. While you are working on your Muir credits, you have the right to receive special help from Muir in preparing for the exit exam. You and your teacher should review your schoolwork and test results to determine what you and Muir need to do to help you pass the exit exam. Your teacher will then help you improve on the skills necessary to pass the exam.
You May Receive Muir Help and Take the Exam After Finishing Your Credits. If you complete your Muir credits but do not pass the exit exam, you have the right to receive help from Muir for two more years to prepare for and take the exit exam. You must remain in good standing with your program and with Muir in order to receive these services. By following program and classroom rules, you will remain in good standing. If you leave your program for any reason, you must receive permission from the program and the Muir teacher to return to the Muir classroom.
You May Ask Muir Management for Help. If at any time you do not feel you are receiving the help you need, you may file a complaint with Muir’s Executive Director and the Muir Board of Directors. Your teacher will have a copy of the complaint form, and you can request one from Muir’s Executive Director by calling him, toll free, at 1-888-748-2677.
Student’s Signature. My Muir teacher told me about my rights to receive help preparing for the California High School Exit Exam while in Muir and for up to two years after I complete my credits. My teacher also told me about my right to file a complaint with Muir’s Executive Director and Muir’s Board of Directors.
Please print name neatly: ______________________________________________________________________

Student Signature:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________ Date: _____________________________________

Teacher’s Signature. I advised the student named above about Muir’s commitment to provide help in preparing for the California High School Exit Exam and about the opportunity to file a complaint with Muir’s Executive Director and Muir’s Board of Directors.
Please print name neatly:________________________________________________________________________

Teacher Signature:__________________________________ Date: ______________________________________

Complaint Form
John Muir Charter School

Student Right to Help in Preparing for California High School Exit Exam

If you are a Muir student and believe that you are not receiving enough help in preparing for the California High School Exit Exam, and if you believe your school is not responding adequately to your request for more help, you may file a complaint with Muir’s Executive Director (he will share it with Muir’s Board of Directors). You may send this complaint form by mail or fax. If you identify yourself on the form, Muir’s Executive Director will contact you directly and talk with teachers at your school site (only after you approve). If you do not identify yourself on this form, you will not be contacted, but Muir’s Executive Director will speak to teachers at your school site.

Please Describe Your Complaint


Name of Program: _____________________________________________________________________________

Teacher’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Print Your Name (optional): ____________________________________________________________________

Your Signature (optional): ____________________________________________________________________

Your Phone # (optional): _______________________________________________________________________

Mail to: Muir Executive Director Or Fax to: (916) 366-7349

John Muir Charter School

9851 Horn Road, Suite 160

Sacramento, CA 95827

Complaints may also be made through the Muir website:

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