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C. Severability

The terms of this charter contract are severable. In the event that any of the provisions are determined to be unenforceable or invalid for any reason, the remainder of the charter shall remain in effect, unless mutually agreed otherwise by the Board of Education and the Board of Directors of JMCS.

D. Communications

All official communications between JMCS and the Board of Education will be sent via First Class Mail or other appropriate means to the following address:

Nevada County Board of Education

Attn: Superintendent

112 Nevada City Highway

Nevada City, CA 95959

John Muir Charter School

Attn: Executive Director/CEO

9851 Horn Road Suite 160

Sacramento, CA 95827

E. Memoranda of Understandings (MOUs)

The Board of Education, Superintendent, JMCS, and participating organizations shall enter into mutually agreeable MOUs that outline further details of the relationship between the Board of Education, Superintendent, JMCS, and each participating organization. The MOUs shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Charter school authority to contract with third parties

  • Funding of JMCS

  • Services to be purchased by JMCS from the Superintendent’s Office, and the fee schedule or such services

  • Special education services and funding formulas;

  • Hold harmless and indemnification language

  • Cash advances to handle cash flow issues, if necessary

  • Charter school’s collection of mandated cost reimbursement

  • Fiscal reporting requirements to the state, either independently or through the County

  • Superintendent support for JMCS in approving and seeking waivers

  • Superintendent support for JMCS in seeking additional funding

Section 3

Charter Appendixes

Apprendix 1

JMCS Health and Safety Procedures

Documenting Immunizations: In compliance with California state law and education code, all JMCS students below the age of 18 are required to present up to data immunization records documenting all required immunizations for enrollment in California public schools. Students under age 18 without current immunization records may not enroll in JMCS, and JMCS may not average daily attendance revenues on students below age 18 without immunization records.
Emergency-response procedures: In the event of an earthquake, fire or other natural disaster, JMCS students at [insert site name] will:

1. Be notified by [please describe notification process]

2. Evacuate premises by [please describe evacuation process]

3. Gather and take roll at [please describe the gathering area for emergencies specific to your site].

4. Return to classes when [please describe the “all clear” signal that facilities are safe for JMCS students to return to class].
Lockdown Emergencies: In the event that a JMCS classroom or client agency must go to “lock down” or “shelter in place” status, the following procedures must be observed:

[Please describe your sites lock down or shelter in place procedures including initial notification and “all clear” notification].

Preventing contact with blood-borne pathogens: Each JMCS site needs to have onsite a first-aid kit with materials sufficient to prevent blood born pathogens (mask, disposable gloves, eye shield, CPR mask/barrier. Each certificated JMCS staff member is required to maintain current CPR certification.
Administration of prescription drugs and other medicines: Approximately 93.5% of JMCS students are over age 18 and therefore legally adults. JMCS students over age 18 are responsible for administration of their own prescription medicines. For those students over age 18 that require specific accomodations for administering prescription medicines, an IEP or 504 plan will be developed to meet those accomodations. For students under age 18, a medication administration plan including accomodations required under IEP or 504 plans is to be approved and implemented under the recommendations and approvals of the NEVCO SELPA and the NCSOS school nurse.
Assurances that school buildings meet Fire Marshal approval and have been evaluated by structural engineers to present no substantial seismic safety hazard: JMCS classroom facilities are all located on the premises obtained by our partnering agencies. JMCS holds no direct leases aside from it administrative offices in Sacramento Ca and Grass Valley, Ca. Maintaining current permits and approvals from Fire Marshals and zoning departments to operate Conservation Corps, YouthBuild, Job Corps or WIA Programs in specific locations remains the sole responsibility of JMCS’s partnering agencies,
Establishing JMCS as a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free workplace: JMCS is an alcohol, drug and tobacco free workplace and educational zone. Use of alcohol, illegal (non-prescription) drugs and tobacco on school premises is prohibited. JMCS’s partnering agencies may designate a location away from areas dedicated to JMCS operations for tobacco use for those over age 18.
The requirement that each employee of the school submit to a criminal background check and furnish a criminal record summary as required by Education Code Section 44237: All JMCS employees must submit to live-scan fingerprinting and criminal backgound check as required by Education Code Section 44237. No JMCS employee may begin working or receive pay until this background check has been completed and approved by JMCS’s business services contractor NSCSOS and JMCS’s Executive Director/CEO or his/her designee.

Appendix 2

JMCS Suspension and Expulsion Policy
Each JMCS site shall develop and maintain a comprehensive set of student discipline procedures containing the JMCS code of conduct as stated in the JMCS Student Achievement Plan. These procedures will be printed and distributed as part of the school’s student handbook and will clearly describe the school’s expectations regarding attendance, mutual respect, substance abuse, violence, safety, and work habits. Each student will be required to verify that they have reviewed and understand the procedures prior to enrollment. All JMCS sites will provide all students with an opportunity for due process and will conform to applicable federal law regarding students with exceptional needs. JMCS will notify the Superintendent of any expulsions and will include the suspension and expulsion date in its annual performance report.
A JMCS student may face suspension from class for the following infractions:

  • Insubordination: Students found to be using behaviors or actions in defiance of direct instruction from JMCS staff or actions found to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct may be suspended for 1-5 days.

  • Drug and Alcohol Use: Students found under the influence of drugs or alcohol on school premises or at school related activities may be suspended for 1-5 days.

  • Bullying and/or Harassment: Students found to be bullying, harassing or otherwise treating students, staff or others in a disrespectful or aggressive manner may be suspended for 1-5 days.

A JMCS student may face expulsion for the following infractions:

  • Violence on campus or at a school affiliated event towards other students, staff or others.

  • Possession of a weapon or use of any item as a weapon on campus or at a school affiliated event.

  • Possession of drugs or alcohol weapon on campus or at a school affiliated event.

  • Multiple (more than three) documented offenses in which a disciplinary suspension has occurred.

A student that has been suspended or expelled from JMCS may return provided:

  • The student petitions, on a form approved by the Board of Directors, the host agency and JMCS for reinstatement into both the client agency’s and JMCS’s program. Students and parents may appeal suspensions and expulsions at the site level, administrative level, JMCS governing board level, and to the Nevada County Board of Education.

  • JMCS or the Nevada County Board of Education approve the student’s petition based on strong evidence that the student is willing and able to comply with all rules and regulations of the client agency and the school, that they are committed to success at work and in the classroom, and that they understand the reasons for the suspension or expulsion.

  • Suspension and Expulsion Appeals materials are in appendix two of this document.

JMCS will follow all applicable state and federal laws regarding suspension and expulsion proceeding for special education services, including the student’s right to manifestation determination. A student that is currently receiving special education services and has been suspended or expelled from JMCS site will qualify for:

  • An intervention and revisiting of the IEP to insure appropriate services and accommodations are being provided for the student,

  • Continuing special education services off site at a location mutually agreed upon by the student, parent, JMCS administration and the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools special education provider.


Student Suspension and Expulsion Appeal
Student Name:______________________________________ Date:______________________
Site Name:___________________________ Lead Teacher/Director:______________________
This appeal is for a (circle one) Student Suspension Student Expulsion
Student has previously appealed this suspension/expulsion at the following level (circle one):
Site Level JMCS Admin Nevada County Supt. Of Schools
Date of Original Suspension Expulsion:_____________________________________________
Reason for Original Suspension/Expulsion:__________________________________________


Statement of Appeal (Why should the original suspension/expulsion be over turned?) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please attach additional sheets as needed to complete the statement of appeal

Received by:__________________________________ Date:____________________________
Reviewers Decision:_____________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Please attach additional sheets as necessary.

Appendix 3

The JMCS Student Achievement Plan
General Format

The Student Achievement Plan should be kept as a binder or file that students can access at any time while in class. The Student Achievement Plan will act both as a standardized method for keeping files and as a student work portfolio. The Student Achievement Plan will be used at all JMCS sites. When a site has visitors, whether it is JMCS teachers or administration, WASC reviewers, or outside visitors, students should be able to access their Student Achievement Plan and be able to walk a visitor through their plan, a tour of their education while with JMCS.

John Muir Charter School

9851 Horn Road, Suite 160 ▪ Sacramento, CA 95827 ▪ (916) 366-7319

Student Handbook


Achievement Plan

John Muir Charter School –[Muir Site]

Date of Enrollment: ________________

John Muir Charter School Mission
John Muir Charter will significantly improve the academic, vocational, and life-skills of the young adults in the California Conservation Corps, Local Conservation Corps, YouthBuild, Job Corps, and Workforce Investment Act programs, through rigorous, individualized, and caring instruction.

Student-Achievement Contract

Commitment of JMCS

The faculty and staff of JMCS will act professionally at all times and respect you as an individual. Muir teachers and staff will work closely with you to:

  • Assess your academic strengths and challenges

  • Create and maintain your student-achievement plan

  • Provide high-quality individualized instruction consistent with state standards

  • Monitor your progress toward education goals and objectives

  • Maintain high expectations for your potential and productivity

  • Reward you for real and demonstrated academic achievement

Commitment of Student

As a student in JMCS, I will respect teachers and students at all times. I will work closely with my teachers and other students to:

  • Assess my academic strengths and challenges

  • Create my comprehensive achievement plan

  • Monitor my progress toward my goals and objectives

  • Set high yet reasonable goals, and work hard to achieve them

  • Continue to learn

___________ High School Exit Exam: I must pass both the mathematics and language arts

initial sections of the California High School Exit Exam, and complete all Muir credit requirements, in order to obtain a high school diploma.
__________ UC and CSU Eligibility: JMCS classes do not meet the A-G

initial entrance requirements for the University of California or the California State University.

__________ Military Eligibility: Some military recruiters might require me to have more

initial academic experience than Muir might provide me. It is my responsibility to check with the military about their enlistment requirements.

__________ Academic File Access: JMCS may share and provide access,

initial as needed; to my academic file work, test scores and other materials related to my academic progress with the administration of the program I am participating in (ie; California Conservation Corps, Local Conservation Corps, YouthBuild, or Workforce Investment Act funded programs

By signing below, I acknowledge that I understand the above commitments.

Student Signature: ________________________________ Date: __________

Teacher Signature: ________________________________ Date: __________

General Principles of School Conduct

Attendance and punctuality: JMCS students show up to work, community activities, and school on time and ready to work, participate and learn.

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