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“Un ‘think tank’ au service du Likoud,” Le Monde Diplomatique, July 2003 (French, English, German, and Spanish editions)

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Un ‘think tank’ au service du Likoud,” Le Monde Diplomatique, July 2003 (French, English, German, and Spanish editions)

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Alliance for Arab-Israeli Peace (Palo Alto), American Friends Service Committee (Berkeley), Association of Arab-American University Graduates, Bay Area Global Education Project, Bay Area Socially Responsible Professionals (San Francisco), Beyond War (Palo Alto), Black Oak Books (Berkeley), CAFÉ Club (San Francisco), Cairo Democrats, Coalition of Women for Peace (Tel Aviv), Community United Church of Christ (San Carlos), Commonwealth Club (San Francisco), Congregation Shir Ami (Castro Valley), Concord-Lawrence Peace Pilgrimage 1989, Covenant Presbyterian Church (Palo Alto), The Fellowship Forum (Palo Alto), First Baptist Church of Palo Alto, First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto, First Unitarian Church of San Jose, California State University at Fresno, Global Education Marin, Global Options (San Francisco), Ha-Gada ha-Smalit (Tel Aviv), Havurah Shalom Synagogue (Portland), The Independent Institute (Oakland, CA), Institute for Labor Education (Berkeley), Intoto (Palo Alto), Jewish Socialist Group (London), Jewish Voice for Peace (San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose, Portland, Chicago), Kedem Congregation (Palo Alto), Ivri-Nasawi (Berkeley and Los Angeles), Kepplers's Bookstore (Menlo Park, CA), Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church, La Pena Cultural Center (Berkeley), Left Forum (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv), Livermore Valley Peace Committee, Lowell High School (San Francisco), Marin Center for Peace and Justice, Mendocino Coast Jewish Community, Middle East Children's Alliance, Mill Valley Community Center, Middle East Peace Project (Sacramento), Mill Valley Committee to Understand the Crisis, Montclair Presbyterian Church, Monterey Bay World Affairs Council, Morning Forum of Los Altos, Mountain View High School, National Lawyers Guild (San Francisco), New College (San Francisco), New Jewish Agenda and Ecumenical Peace Council of Santa Clara County (Presbyterian Church of Sunnyvale), Palestine Aid Society (San Francisco), Palestine Solidarity Committee (San Francisco, several), Palo Alto High School, Peninsula Jewish Community Center (Belmont), Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, Petaluma Peace Group, Pleasanton Presbyterian Church, Princeton Alumni Club (San Francisco), Printer's Inc. Bookstore (Palo Alto), Redwood City Unitarian Church, Rotary Club (Palo Alto, Redwood City, Woodside), San Francisco Bar Association Human Rights Committee, San Francisco Chronicle editorial staff, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church (Long Beach), San Jose Democratic Club, San Jose Unitarian Universalist Church, San Mateo Peace Action, Sons in Retirement (Palo Alto), St. Jude’s Episcopal Church (Cupertino, CA), Stanford Alumni Club (Denver, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco), Temple Emanu-El (San Francisco), U.S. Peace Council (Palo Alto), West Marin Alliance, West Side Jewish Community Center (Los Angeles), World Affairs Council of Northern California

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ABC radio (USA), ABC radio (Australia), Agence France Presse, Agora Gazeta (Warsaw), al-Akhbar (Cairo), al-‘Alam al-Yawm, al-Ahram, Al-Ahram Weekly, Al Hamishmar (Tel Aviv), al-Arabiya, al-Badil (Cairo) Al-Jazeera TV (Arabic and English), Associated Press, AUC Today, Australian Public Radio, BBC radio, BFM Radio (Kuala Lumpur), Cairo Times, CCTV (China), CFRO radio (Vancouver, Canada), Chronicle of Higher Education, CKLN radio (Toronto), Cleveland Plain Dealer, CNBC radio (Singapore), La Croix (Paris), Daily Californian, Daily Star (Cairo), Davar (Tel Aviv), Democracy Now!, Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin), Egypt Today (Cairo), France 24, Radio ARD (Germany), TV ARD, The Guardian (UK), In These Times, al-Ittihad (Haifa), al-Idha‘a wa’l-Televizyon (Cairo), (Cairo), KALW radio (San Francisco), KALX radio (Berkeley), KBOO radio (Portland), KCBS radio (CBS, San Francisco), KCSB (Santa Barbara), KDVS radio (Davis), KFAX radio (Fremont), KFJC radio (Los Altos Hills), KGIL radio, KGIO radio (Los Angeles), KGO TV and radio (San Francisco), KICU TV (San Jose), KNTV (San Jose), KNXT TV (Fresno), KKUP radio (Cupertino), KPFA radio (Berkeley), KPFK radio (Los Angeles), KPIX TV (CBS, San Francisco), KQED radio (San Francisco), KRON TV (San Francisco), KSFR (Santa Fe), KTVU TV (Oakland), KUSP radio (Santa Cruz), KVEN radio (Ventura County), La Tribune (Paris), Marin Independent Journal, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minnesota Public Radio Network, al-Misri al-Yawm (Cairo), The National (Dubai), National Public Radio, NBC TV Bay Area, New York Times, Nile TV (Cairo), Northern California Jewish Bulletin, Oakland Tribune, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Pacifica Radio Network, Palestine Focus, Peninsula Times-Tribune, Politis (Paris), Radio Australia, Radio China International, Radio France International, Radio Israel (Arabic service), Resonance FM (London), Reuters, Russia Today, Sacramento Bee, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Weekly, San Jose Mercury News, San Mateo County Times, Saudi Gazette, Sawt al-Balad, (Nazareth), Singapore Radio, Skye TV News (UK), South African Radio Network, Sud-Deutsche Zeitung, Tiempo (Tel Aviv), Toledo Blade, Village Voice, al-Wafd, Wall Street Journal, Washington Observer, al-Watan (Cairo), WBAI radio (New York), WBEZ radio (Chicago), WBUR radio (Boston), WCBN radio (Ann Arbor), WILL radio (Urbana), WJR radio (Detroit), WNUR radio (Evanston), WORT radio (Madison), Wisconsin public radio network, WPFW (Washington, DC), WRKO radio (Boston), WTIX radio (New Orleans), WZBC (Boston), Zu Haderekh (Tel Aviv).

Courses Currently Taught at Stanford University

Making Palestine Visible (fall 2016)

Thinking About Jews (winter 2017)

The Formation of the Contemporary Middle East (undergraduate lecture)

The American Empire in the Middle East since the Cold War (freshman seminar)

Modern Egypt (undergraduate/graduate colloquium)

Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict (undergraduate/graduate colloquium)

Making Palestine Visible (undergraduate lecture)

Oil, the New Global Economy and the Political Economy of the Arab Uprisings (undergraduate/graduate colloquium)

Economic and Social History of the Modern Middle East (graduate colloquium)

Research Seminar in the Modern Middle East (graduate seminar)

Ph.D. Theses Supervised at Stanford University

Brandon Wolfe-Hunnicutt, “The End of the Concessionary Regime: Oil and American Power in Iraq, 1958-1972” (2011)

Marwan Hanania, “From Colony to Capital: A Socio-Economic and Political History of Amman, 1878-1958” (2011)

Jennifer Derr, “The Geography of Authority: Environmental Infrastructure, Cash Crop Agriculture, and Property Relations in Southern Egypt, 1868-1931” (2009)

Brant Downes, “The Making of the Modern Ottoman Waterfront: Salonica and Beirut in the Late Nineteenth Century,” (2007)

Max Weiss, “Institutionalizing Sectarianism: Law, Religious Culture, and the Remaking of Shi‘i Lebanon, 1920-1947,” (2007) – Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Prize in Social Sciences, Middle East Studies Association, 2007.

Toby Jones, “The Dogma of Development: Technopolitics and the Making of Modern Saudi Arabia, 1950-80,” (2007).

Shira Robinson, “Occupied Citizens in a Liberal State: Palestinians under Military Rule and the Colonial Formation of Israeli Society, 1948-1966,” (2006) – Ben Halpern Biennial Dissertation Award, 2004-2005, Association for Israel Studies.

Michelle Campos, “Between ‘‘beloved Ottomania’’ and ‘‘the land of Israel’’ in the Jewish Yishuv in Palestine, 1903–1914,” (2005).

Nancy Reynolds, “Commodity Communities: Interweavings of Market Cultures, Consumption Practices, and Social Power in Egypt, 1907-1961,” (2003)

Robert Blecher, “The Medicalization of Sovereignty: Medicine, Public Health and Political Authority in Syria, 1861-1936,” (2002).
Ph.D. Theses Supervised at Other Universities

Areej Sabbagh-Khoury, “Practices of Colonization and Interactions on the Frontier: The Kibbutzim of Hashomer Hatzair and the Neighboring Arab Villages on the Edge of the Jezreel Valley (Marj Ibn ‘Amr), 1936-1956” (in Hebrew), Tel Aviv University (2014)

Marie Duboc, “Contester sans organisations: Stratégies de mobilisation, question social et espace de visibilité dans les grèves de l’industrie textile égyptienne, 2004-2010,” École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris (2012)
MA Theses Supervised at The American University in Cairo

Catherine Baylin, “Quakers in Palestine, 1868-1945” (2010)

Kristen Alff, “The Kurds and Nationalism: The Curtailment of Minority Rights in British Mandate Iraq, 1921-1932” (2008)

Sahra Gemeinder, “Arab Economic Penetration, the Media and Egyptian Society and Culture” (2008)

Marisa Jones, “Holocaust Education in Egyptian Schools” (2008)

Francesca Ricciardone, “Gendering Worker Contestation in Egypt” (2008)

Shuang Wen, “From Brothers to Partners: The Evolution of China’s Foreign Policy towards the Middle East, 1949-2007” (2008)
Participation in Interdepartmental Programs at Stanford University

Islamic Studies Faculty Advisory Committee, 2003-06, 2008-12

Jewish Studies, Faculty Advisory Committee, 1988-06, 2008-

Modern Thought and Literature, Committee in Charge, 1993-99, 2000-01

Feminist Studies Program Committee, 1995-98
Selected Other Stanford University Service

Coordinator, Geballe Research Workshop on Ethnic Minorities, Religious Communities, Rights, and Democracy in the Modern Middle East and Central Asia, 2011-14, 2015-17

Phi Beta Kappa Faculty Council, 2013-14

Chair, Dept. of History Middle East Search Committee, 2008-09, 2010-11

Coordinator, Worlds of Islam, Freshman Humanities sequence, 2005-07

Director of Graduate Study, Dept. of History, 2002-04, 2005-06

Chair, Dept. of History Graduate Admissions Committee, 2000-02, 2012-15

Chair, Dept. of History Modern Islamic History Search Committee, 1998-99

Organizer, Dept. of History, Curriculum in Empires and Cultures Pedagogical Workshop, Sept. 14-18, 1998

Coordinator, Workshop on Empires and Cultures, 1995-97, 1999-2001, 2002-03; co-organizer, annual symposia of May 31, 1996, June 7, 1997, May 20, 2000

Dept. of History, Graduate Admissions Committee, 1996-97, 1998-99, 2010-12

Resident Fellow, Potter House, 1995-99

Dept. of History, Undergraduate Study Committee, 1990-91


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