Joe White (student) Carolyn Haskell (instructor)

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Joe White (student)

Carolyn Haskell (instructor)

The College Experience (class)

2 February 2010 (date European style)

Final Draft of VV paragraph 1 p. 52 (draft and assignment)

Injustice in the Scholarship Jacket (title)

All drafts for this course should be done in 12 point Times New Roman font. The first page should have a heading that is left aligned with your first and last name, the instructor’s name, the name of the class, the date, and which draft and assignment the paper is on. The date is formatted in European style (date, month, and year without commas). The title should be centered.

The first page should also have a header that is at the very top of the page and aligned to the right. The header should have your last name followed by the page number. The header should be on all successive pages with the correct page number (White 2, White 3, White 4, etc.). The entire paper should be double spaced with one inch margins for the top, bottom, left, and right. The first line of each paragraph should be indented 5 spaces (.5).

All of your drafts must be done on the computer. I will expect to see hand-written corrections on your first/rough draft. In other words, I want to see evidence that you printed out the paper, made handwritten corrections, and then made the revisions to your electronic document. This is all part of the writing process. It is also important that you hand in each paper with all of its previous drafts clipped together with the final version on top. This will allow me to see how you progressed through the writing process and if you made all necessary corrections.

You should keep in mind that a paragraph should have at least 4-6 sentences. When you are editing your work, always check to make sure that each paragraph has a minimum of 4 sentences. Also be sure to read your papers out loud before handing them in. This will help you catch errors that you might miss when you read silently. If possible, ask someone else to read over your paper. He or she might notice errors that you may have missed.

Writing is a critical skill for succeeding in college. Regardless of your major in college, you will have to write effectively. There will be essay questions on exams, research papers, essays, and other writing assignments during your journey through college. If you use this opportunity to improve your writing skills, you may find that you will come to enjoy the writing process. Remember that in this course we focus on improvement not perfection!

Note: If you are wondering why format is important read the comment below from a student who did College Connection last spring:

“Class is great! [She is referring to English 101 a live Orono class at the Hutch] Thanks to college connection (such an amazingly important class) I handed in my first papers all typed exactly by the instructor’s guidelines!!! (Thank you Carolyn) I was very proud of myself! Now I am working on an essay. I am formulating my thesis question. It is on the oppression of Islamic women. And once again I already know how to make an outline and how to cite sources and how to make a proper thesis statement....and so on!!”

Download 8.47 Kb.

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