Job Design os352 hrm fisher Feb. 7, 2005 Agenda

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Job Design

  • OS352 HRM
  • Fisher
  • Feb. 7, 2005


Collecting job analysis data

  • Common methods used for last week’s assignment
    • Personal reflection
    • Interviewing another person
    • Internet
  • Sampling is critical to collect balanced, accurate data
    • Sampling across people
    • Other criteria to consider as you sample?

In-class writing

  • From the employee perspective, which job design approach/principle sounds most appealing to you? Why?

Job design overview

  • Job analysis describes existing jobs
  • Job design
  • Use data such as
    • Work flow
    • Critical tasks to be performed
    • Other info?

Principles of Job Design

  • Efficiency
  • Motivation
  • Mental capacity
  • Ergonomics

Motivational considerations

  • Job characteristics model
    • Skill variety
    • Task identity
    • Task significance
    • Autonomy
    • Feedback
  • But, people vary on their growth need strength
  • Links back to work flow analysis

Discussion question

  • You are a manager at a local fast food restaurant. Your cashiers are becoming dissatisfied with their jobs. How could you:
    • Help them perform the job more efficiently?
    • Increase the motivating potential of the job?
    • Improve the ergonomics of the job?

For February 16

  • Topic will be HR planning
  • Read Chapter 5

For next class

  • First exam on Wednesday!
  • Worth 35 points
  • Will cover all notes, class discussion, book material so far
  • Format
    • 10 MC questions (10 points)
    • 5 of 6 short answer (10 points)
    • 3 of 5 essay (15 points)
  • Will have choice on essays

Critical concepts include (but are not limited to):

  • HR and strategy
    • Strategic HRM
    • Common types of strategy, how does HR link with strategy?
  • Legal issues – Very important!!
    • Types of fairness (procedural/distributive, equity/equality)
    • Key employment laws (CRA, ADA, FMLA, ADEA, etc.)
  • Safety, including role of OSHA
  • Job analysis
    • Types of data to collect, how to collect data, tasks and KSAOs/competencies, uses of job analysis data
  • Job design – purpose, different approaches

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