Jerusalem: a very significant flash point

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Key Indicators January-March 2016

2/1/16, "Jerusalem: a very significant flash point". A comment on a programme on a TV news station surveying Middle East issues at the start of a new year. The commentator continued, "... something is hapening there...". Luke 13:35 quotes Jesus prophesying Jerusalem's despoilation until they are prepared to say, "Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord" (Baruch ha ba b'Shem Adonai). That will now be at the end of the Seven Year Tribulation after Jesus defeats Antichrist at the Armageddon Campaign. That process finishes at Bozrah-Petra (Isaiah 63:1-6). As the prophet in Zechariah 12:2 put it, "Behold, I am going to make Jerusalem a cup .... of reeling to all the peoples around ...". That may specifically refer to the phase of the Armageddon Campaign where Jerusalem is surrounded or besieged. Or it refers to general tension, perhaps even for decades, for some period upto that Armageddon point.

Earlier the prophet had said in Zechariah 9:13, "I will stir up your sons oh Zion, against your sons Oh Greece". Zechariah wrote that three centuries after Ionians (Jews), Dorians (Tyrians) and Sidonians (Macedonia) emigrated (or fled) to the Aegean-Achean-Sea, -Islands and -Peninsula now known as "Greece". Thus one expects it is still to be fulfilled. Perhaps God used the history of circa 700-600 BC and the Ionian-Dorian expansion into Greece, to inspire Zechariah to write those words, in 9:13, for a far distant future era. One cannot be dogmatic on that point but it is one used in part to explain the Aleph-Tav Model of History and Prophecy or what one terms in these pages as the "Prophecy-His Story Contiuum" (or "History-Prophecy Continuum" etc).

Zechariah 12:2, along with other prophecies, especially in Ezekiel, spells out that Israel has to be regathered from the ends of the Earth in unbelief before she comes to the point of acknowledging Her Messiah. Whether correctly or incorrectly, it is the view held in these pages that we are now witnessing a God-controlled process which has been in operation since the late 19th Century AD following Mark Twain's observations that the Land was more or less empty and a backwater. In effect, God's Hand behind the scenes neverthelkess, Twain encouraged, or perhaps even shamed or embarrassed, some wealthier Jews to try and re-kindle Jewish interest in The Land. For a period earlier in the 19th Century, Jews were looking to the European Empires' colonial holdings around the world, for example Uganda or New Zealand, to establish an independent Jewish state. However, in so-called "Palestine" still under Ottoman control, people like Baron Edmond Rotshcild financed settlements there, e.g., at Rishon L'Tzion, just south of Tel Aviv, in Baron Edmond's example. Then, following the Basle Declaration (1897), more settlement spurted into activity, especially form amongst working class Jewish folk. That culminated with the 1948 foundation of the modern state of Israel under League of Nations-United Nations auspices (on the surface, God's Hand notwithstanding). Other surges in Jewish migration to Israel occurred later with the Russian and Ethiopian mini-floods at the latter end of the 20th Century AD.

Zechariah 9:13 is interesting for another reason. Both Islam and Christendom draw some or much of their respective philosophies from 'Greece'. There is some hyprocrisy about that because of what we now know form the revised chronology model of history. [Embarrassment at what one has exposed leads to further obfuscation of true history]. That 'Classical Greek' era (600-500 BC), with all the contributions it made to the indigenous Mycenaean Achean or Aegean communities already dwelling there, essentially drew its talents from the expertise of the new people (immigrants) coming to Greece. They were the people of the then comparitively recent Ionian (emigre Jews from Israel from circa 700 BC) and Dorian or Tyrian settlers in the Achean-Aegean Sea and islands. Those 'settlers' arrived, initially in dribs and drabs, in greater numbers from the 8th and 7th centuries BC.

Unfortunately, the chronologists have put all that history back into the 12th century BC by linking ancient Greece's history to a timetable or chronology set by the false Egyptian chronology. Back then, supposedly in the era circa 1300-1200 BC, the Ionians, Dorians and the people from (Hebrew-Semitic, Mem) Sidon, i.e., M-Sidonia or 'Macedonia', actually people from The Levant ('Lebanon'), were just an enigmatically mysterious group. At best, historians could describe them as people emanating, but only in a general sense, from directions 'East' of the Aegean. Modern historians are thus unable to tell us what was the real impact of the Ionian-Dorian-Sidonian influx on the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean which actually was in circa 700-600 BC! Therefore, they are unable; or in the sense they know their models are wrong, deliberately 'Unwilling'; to describe to us, essential elements and origins of the beliefs and philosophies behind the people of that confluence that became what the intelligentsia now refer to as "Greece", and especially as 'Classical Greece' of all those famous doctors, historians, play-wrights, philosophers, democrats, justices, poets, authors, mathmeticians, scientists, etc. One could say, simply, that the Bible gives us the insight we need to figure out what intellectually, philosophically or religiously motivated those people and what drove them out of their former habitations in Israel and The Levant (Punt). But that evidence is now blotted-out as a completely foreign and misleading explanation is substituted. [One can add much about the Kurds' loss of History as well from this research but that is written elsewhere in these pages, e.g., refer Middle East Crises - A New Perspective].

That is why one issues the "hyprocisy" tag because any-one's supposedly Greek roots actually and predominantly were Jewish and Tyrian (Phoenician). A popular film about a Greek Wedding repotedly has a character in it who goes around the (presumably 'foreign') guests pointing out how many words people were using came from ancient Greece. How little he really knew! (One agrees there were other influences from other 'quarters' from trade, other foreign languages, etc., that shaped ancient Greece. One simply wishes to restore and balance the mix by restoring back into the record other rather more important and successful influences that empowered ancient Greece).

Adding insult to injury to the effective denial of Jewish component to that confluence, post-AD 100 Christendom and Islam each came to believe they now have inherited ("Triumphalism") God's promises to Israel via the Abrahamic, Davidic and Land Covenants enunciated in the Bible. [The Mosaic Covenant, "The Law", was fulfilled at the Cross, its primary tasks completed or "Finished"]. Thus, Islam and Christendom now believe they are the purveyors of God's Kingdom in all its earthly manifestation, for the 'Kingdom' includes the Universe. In theory that is, depending on one's particular allegiance, via The Vatican, one of the Orthodox Capitals such as Moscow The Third Rome, Istanbul via the Caliphate (or even Raqqa in Syria) or, Quel Horreur, Canterbury, Kent, England. Both Islam via the Caliphate and Christendom with the Vatican in the lead believe they now, or since AD 700 and AD 30 respectively, are entrusted with God's Kingdom. [Note: The true Church of Christ is entrusted only with the Call to Wirtness for God and explain His Good, Perfect and Acceptable Will for mankind since Adam's fall. It has this role in the temporary abeyance of Israel's role in that mission, in part to keep the Scriptures (Oracles of God) for all mankind, because of her current situation as explained elsewhere].

Yet Jesus made it quite clear in His response to the Disciples in Acts 1:7 that the timing only of the introduction of the Kingdom of God is now awaiting the Father's decision concomitant with Israel's repentence. Until Israel's leaders rejected Jesus, between AD 27-30, the Kingdom was very close at hand (Luke 17:21) and imminent depending on Israel's decision regarding Jesus once He had arrived via the Miraculous Birth from the Seed of the Woman. After the rejection and Sanhedrin's denunciation of Jesus by that "evil and adulterous generation": [Matthew 3:7, 12:34, 39, 41-42, 45, 16:4, 17:17, 21:43 ("Nation" or "People" in NASB) 23:33 (brood), 36, 24:34 (at Olivet, the Generation that sees the Last Days before Armageddon),and parallel verses in Mark and Luke]; it now hangs on a future generation of Israel to reverse that AD 30 decision. While most of Jesus' refeences to "generation" in Matthew referred to "this generation" of His Day, Matthew 24:34 should be translated "that generation" in the far future when all the prophecies of Marthew 24 are filfilled. In that sense, the timing of the Second Coming (not The Rapture) and effective introduction of the Kingdom is still in Israel's hands.

The only realistic conclusion and summarry of all this is that the Jews are coming back which is why Jerusalem is coming under the spotlight. The Bible and Sura XVII of The Koran attest to this fact. Most of Christendom rejects this interpretation of the Bible and most of Islam, if not all muslims, reject the clear i plications of Sura XVII.

2/1/16, "It is his spirit". A Palestinian chef working for a Jewish restauranteur (a Mr Noam Frankfurter) in Jerusalem. The two were good friends and colleagues. From a television documentary covering this story. Our interest here is that Ezekiel 37 indicates that Israel will return to Israel without "any spirit" until Gd breathes on Israel. Our uneertsanding from the Scriptures is that only happens when Israel eventually repents of the the rejection of Jesus as per Isaiah 53, Zechariah 12:10 and more fundamentally on the basis of what Prophet Moses foretold in Leviticus 26:40-42 and echoed in Ezekiel 16:60-61.

2/1/16, "Teach Religions; not just one or two". Another view expressed by the Palestinian chef above. Our view is that all religion is bad. Our definition of religion is to "bind oneself with rules" from the Latin religare. For example, when a secular man 'converts' to Islam or Roman Catholicism, he re-binds himself under a different set of rules for living. He would begin eating fish on Friday if a Roman Catholic or would stop eating pork products if he took on the rules of Islam. If he were a secular vegetarian prior to conversion he presumably would not, and need not, eat fish on Fridays. If he converted to Islam, again there would be no conflict. He would not eat any meats at all.However, his vegetarianism as a secular man is likewise a religious rule for life because he holds a view that consuming animals for food is morally wrong.

Quite independently of all this, the Christian; or the follower of "The Way" as the Book of Acts originally labelled 'Christians' (Chapters and verses 9:2, 19:9, 23; 22:4, 24:14, 22, Hebrews 10:20); is someone who has been Born Anew or Born Fom Above. This happens as one accepts God's case against Man over the sin of Adam and the solution through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus of Nnazareth. That 're-birth' process is the very act, process or occurrence of acceptance of God's point which then involves the believer accepting all the claims of Jesus of Nazareth including what the Bible prophesied about Him. However, much of that comes later as the believer matures from Lamb to Adult Sheep (Ram or Ewe). It apparently involves activity of God's Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Tri-Unity (Isaiah 48:12-16, Revelation 1:8, 21:6, 22:13) entering permanently and fully the life of the believer. The Church Age is unique in that the Holy Spirit is able to fully and permanently enter the life of a believer because the Redemption Price was finally paid on That Cross outside Jerusalem's City Walls at Passover-Pesach AD 30.

Once this 'Soteriological Salvation' has taken place, the 'Germinated Seed', the believer, as the Parable of the Sower points out, is never lost (in the Soteriological sense) even if the subsequent life provides neither fruit nor even puts down any roots in the soil of his faith. Even if the believer becomes one lost sheep out of a hundred, the Good Shepherd will come looking for him to bring him back into the flock. Even so, the unfruitful and astray sheep remains a permanent member of Jesus' flock (or flocks; Jewish and Gentile). "Once Saved, Always saved" is quite true.

Unfruitful believers specifically lose out on any reward to be potentially gained for use in determining one's status in the Messianic Kingdom. For some, that may one day be a cause for regret over the life of the Millennium but that's all and no more. God is Gracious and the Son of God will soon dispense rewards to Church of Christ members for use in the administration of the Messianic Millennial Kingdom of God on this Earth. That involves filling various echelons in that Kingdom's Administration. Which echelon the beliver appears in during that Kingdom depends on the value amd effectiveness ('Fruit') in the life of that believer during the Church Age (AD 30 -???). That's why believers, or followers of The Way, i.e., Jesus of Nazareth, Eth Nazar of Isaiah 11:1, Who is The Way, The Truth and The Life work as Ambassadors of Christ in this rapidly disassociating and disassembling Age on the eve of Antichrist-666 and his government. Therefore a Christian is someone who is an ambassador for Christ in this world. He, or she, currently urges the world to get off the gravy train by joining the Rapture Train, avoiding Antichrist and the Tribulation, and concentrating on the important things that need to be done while the Church of Christ remains active in this world before its wondrous exit at the Sound of the Last Trump! The Way is not a religion. If anything, it is a job or role. It would be better if people were taught the importanmce of Jesus of Nazareth in this world's affairs than teach any religion whatsoever. This is primarily a matter not of "Religion" but of History and Prophecy, or His Story!

2/1/16, "Islam does not recognise the state; Only the Laws of God". A quotation from a Senegalese woman interviewed on world-wide TV news station. The comment arose in a discussion about the laws governing the frontier between Senegal and Mali. Trade and other transport routes pass through that region between the Interior of the Sahara to the Atlantic Coast. But terrorists are also using those routes. That provides a major headache for two governance regimes (euphemism for 'government') in the respective Cushite nations and indeed for world security which is threatened by the massive gaps both physical amd metaphysical (i.e., corruption, money laundering, oil or precious stone trafficking, smuggling of rare and exotic live animals or products from carcases thereof.

All this bodes unwell for the Ezekiel 38:1 to 39:16 Gog-Magog invasion of Israel. Furthermore, Islam, as some Muslims advised one in London, is willing and God-ordained to suspend truth, law and order to promulgate a jihadist agenda. Not all Muyslims would agree to that, one readily concedes, however there are some Muslims who do! That statement can be put into the context that not all people who claim to be "Christian" believe in The Rapture. It is not for any man to judge the salvation status of anyone who disbelieves in the Rapture. Some such people will no doubt be surprised as they find themselves caught up in it, nevertheless. The point here is that Islam, for some people, indeed does not recognise the laws of any state, neither the one they are citizens of nor any other. There is an interesting contrast here with Jews who make it a paradigm that one obeys ther laws of one's host countries, unless such laws should contravene basic Human rights or indeed the Law of God. Christians likewise follow suit with the Jews. Roman Catholics must give allegiance to the Pope first which in past days led to a major conflict for them as the British found out during its Civil War and aftermath. But then as secular people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden find, one may have to stand against one's own country or another country at personal risk to one's freedom because practices one has diuscovered are not lawful.

2/1/16, "2015, the year when Mid-East troubles went Global". An international television news service opening statement on a regular in-depth analysis programme.

2/1/16, "A game of 3-D Chess with the rules changing all the time". Another stab at describing the Mid-East Crises. The commentator on the above TV programme went on to say, "These crises are a tangled web of inter-connected warring groups almost too many to count". One attempt suggested there could be a hundred at least.

2/1/16, "The border between Iraq and Syria no longer exists". This is as a result of the Mid-East crises. So much for the Westphalian system at least as far as the Mid-East is concerned. In these pages, one is now looking forward to the final two or three phases of the world empire that Daniel wrote of from the dreams he and Nebuchadnezzar had. Dr Fruchtenbaum adds the various elements of the two dreams or visions in a matrix aggregating them (Footsteps of the Messiah). The two visions had similar explanations given to them in the Bible itself, or three if one includes the data from Revelation. Both visions effectively looked forward to four empires that would control the land that once belonged to Israel according to God's promises. This era is basically known as "The Times of the Gentiles". The Neo Babylonian-Chaldean Empire was the first, followed by Persia, Greece and Rome. But the fourth, i.e., Rome, is seen by interpreters to go through several phases. Those remaining seem too be World Government, which then delegates to Ten Regions covering the whole world under Ten Kings who then go under Antichrist's domination with the exception of three kings that initially defy Antichrist until he deals with them.

2/1/16, "The First Issue is ISIL". One commentator discussing the crises in the Middle East.

2/1/16, "

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