Jailee Keller " How Dreams Lead to Success"

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How Dreams Lead to Success”

Jailee Keller

How Dreams Lead to Success”

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Everyone has dreams, but not everyone can achieve those dreams. Many people’s dreams consist of meeting someone famous, or making it in the big leagues with a talent or a sport. Even though some dreams are too crazy to even try to reach, just remember that when you do achieve those dreams the world will seem right. I once had a dream, even though I haven’t achieved it yet, trying to has made me a better person, because after that moment when I was disappointed in myself that I didn’t go for it. I knew that I wouldn’t let my dreams have a negative effect on me anymore.
Ever since I was a little girl, I would always bake with my mom during the holidays or just for fun. I remember our kitchen being a mess with all the cookies, pies, and fudge while there were tons of dirty dishes covered in flour and chocolate. Many people say that they find their passion at a young age and they plan to stick with it their entire life. Well that’s how I felt. Baking took all the stress out of me, with dealing with sports to dealing with boys to dealing with family problems, knowing that I was good at something and people liked what I did made every little problem disappear. Growing up I would always ride the bus with one of my good friends and we would daydream about being co-owners at our cupcake shops. Sounds crazy right? Not to two little middle school girls with huge imaginations. We would take our IPods and type in our notes what kinds of cupcakes and other desserts we would want in our small cupcake shop on the corner of New York City, because growing up that’s were all the “cool” people were and that’s where everything went on. We would come up with color schemes and names for our hope to be big business one day. With the hopes of being on the show Cupcake Wars, showing the judges our fabulous cupcakes, so we could win tons of money and open up more shops than ever, but then we grew up.
When we got to 7th and 8th they took the idea of living a happy care free life with the awesome career we all hope to have. Nobody believed us that we were going to make it in the baking world, which hearing all the negative comments, we didn’t believe in ourselves as well. Which lead me and my best friend to grow apart, we didn’t ride the same bus anymore so we couldn’t brainstorm ideas, which separated us even more, and then we started focusing on new careers we wanted to go into. Her focus on being a sports trainer and my new focus in life wanted to go into criminal justice. So we left the idea of owning a cupcake shops behind us and we focused more on making money to live and not having fun with something we wanted to do in life.
Then I met my other best friend, and two years later we still continue to have this dream and bond over it. She also wanted to go own a bakery one day. My middle school friend and I are still close but meeting someone gave us hope that we could achieve our dreams like we wanted to three years ago. Knowing that someone else that we knew wanted to chase after the same thing we did lifted us up because so many people brought us down. Now all we do is think of the things we could do with our life now, now that we knew that for sure we wanted to do something we loved. Every time we pass an old abandoned building we dream about how it could look one day with everything that we thought of because owning our own businesses gave us the power to do whatever we wanted to do with it. We could decorate it with polka dots, or any colors we wanted. Knowing the power of something so small growing into something that could be so big, made us feel great. It made us want to try harder with achieving our dreams that we’ve had for so long.

Life isn’t easy; we all know that, but having something to look forward to and having something to strive for makes life a whole lot better and it gives you hope. It gives you the drive you are looking for to make something happen in life, because having a dream and trying to achieve makes everything seem right, and when you do achieve it makes you feel amazing inside.

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