Jackie Robinson: Justice at Last by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns

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Jackie Robinson: Justice at Last by Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns

  • Review

1. Who was Branch Rickey?

  • He owned the Brooklyn Dodgers.

2. Why is Rickey given a great deal of credit in this essay?

  • He hired Robinson because he believed baseball should be open to players of all races.

3. What advice did Rickey give Robinson?

  • He advised Robinson not to fight those who challenged him or were rude to him.

4. Why was this important advice?

  • It was crucial to Robinson’s success. If Robinson had fought back, he might have jeopardized his chances of eventually being accepted.

5. Name three difficult situations that Jackie Robinson and the Dodgers faced during Robinson’s first season?

  • Fans insulted Robinson; players asked to be traded; another team threatened to strike if Robinson played.

6. How did Robinson and the team overcome these difficulties?

  • Robinson played well and handled himself with dignity.

7. Why did Robinson’s teammates eventually accept him?

8. Why did everyone else eventually accept Robinson and the integration of baseball?

  • People finally realized that Robinson was an excellent player and that skin color was irrelevant.

9. What kinds of details are included in the essay?

  • Details included in the essay are facts, ideas, reasons, examples.

10. What is the general purpose of the essay?

  • The general purpose is to provide information about how baseball was transformed into a better sport when it was integrated.

11. What quality made Robinson a great baseball player?

  • His bravery in being the first African American in Major League Baseball.

12. What other qualities helped Jackie Robinson challenge the color barrier in the major leagues?

  • His intelligence as well as his physical, athletic skills helped him meet the challenge. He was brave to stand up to insults; willing to accept advice not to fight back; and an outstanding ball player who helped the Dodgers win with his hitting and base-running.

13. In what order are most of the details presented?

  • The order that events happened.

14. Why do the authors include information about racism?

  • It tells why Jackie Robinson had to be brave to succeed in the majors.

15. Remove all barriers and allow access to all

  • integrate

16. Having unfair feelings of dislike for a specific group

  • prejudiced

17. Extremely fine; excellent

  • superb

18. A document that people sign to express demands

  • petition

19. Punished in return for an injury or a wrong done

  • retaliated

20. Behaving in a way that makes people respect you

  • dignity

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