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IYV Bhutan Presentation

  • By Thinley Tshering
  • IYV Bhutan Team


  • Location
    • 88o45’ and 92o10’ longitude east
    • 26o40’ and 28o15’ latitude north
  • Borders
    • North and north-west - China(Tibet)
    • South, east and west - India


Local Volunteer Groups existing in Bhutan

  • Voluntary Artist Studio, Thimphu (VAST)
  • Royal Society for Protection & Care for Animals (RSPCA)
  • Special Social Services Unit (SSSU)
  • Village Health Workers (VHW)
  • Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN)
  • Bhutan Youth Development Association (BYDA)
  • National Women’s Association of Bhutan (NWAB)
  • Voluntary Action Group (VAG)


  • Membership across both committees is broad
    • Royal Civil Service Commission, Bhutan Post, National Employment Board, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Youth Guidance & Counseling Division, Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Ministry of Agriculture, Religion & Health Project, Royal Institute of Management, Royal Society for Protection of Nature, Department of Health, Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, VSO/VSA Bhutan, JICA/JOCV Bhutan, UNICEF, UNV, UNDP
  • National Steering Committee
  • Task Force


  • Activities carried out:
    • Nation-wide Essay Competition
    • Production of IYV video materials on local volunteer groups
    • Launch of IYV Bhutan – December 5, 2000
    • Launch of IYV Publication – December 5, 2000
    • Nation-wide stamp Design Competition – May 2001
    • IYV Commemorative Stamp Launch – July 2001
    • IYV Nation-wide Debate for High School – August 2001

IYV Bhutan

  • IYV Nation-wide Essay Contest

Launch of IYV commemorative stamp

IYV Nation-wide School Debate

  • Participants
  • The debates were held in central Bhutan at Jakar High School. Eight schools participated in the event and the programme was held over two days

IYV video

  • The video series were produced in collaboration with the Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS) and shown over the national television network. These featured on the local and International volunteers – working as individuals and in groups.
  • Five of the eight projected series is complete.
  • The sixth in the series is on the Village
  • Health Workers and currently in production
  • Thank you

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