Island of the Blue Dolphins and Julie of the Wolves This is a summary of the book

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Hope Silva

Island of the Blue Dolphins and Julie of the Wolves

This is a summary of the book Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George. Julie ran away to the Alaskan Tundra on her way to San Francisco. Slowly she is accepted into a pack of wolves that help her survive. This is a summary of Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. Her tribe left behind Karana. She was there for a long time waiting for them to come. So finally she left the island. The books are more similar.

The books are similar. Both of the books put Karana and Julie in survival situations. They give Karana and Julie dogs as companions. They both make Karana and Julie courageous, resourceful, caring, and smart girls, for example: It was courageous for Karana to jump off the boat, and it was courageous of Julie to run away, and so because of what they did it was hard for people to help them. Karana was resourceful by using her resources to make a living, and Julie was resourceful by finding berries and such when she couldn’t find food, and so that helped them survive. Karana was caring by jumping off the boat for Ramo, and Julie was caring by trying to help Amaroq when he was hurt before he died, and so people appreciate them. Karana was smart by clipping the birds wings, teaching Rontu and Rontu-Aru to be good dogs etc., and Julie was smart by acting like a wolf so that they would let her into the pack, and so that helped them survive. Neither of them dies in the end, and they both make the right decision, for example Karana left the island, and Julie went to go live with her dad.

The books are really similar, but there are differences. The climates are different for example where Karana was it was hot, and where Julie was it was freezing, and so it probably effected their actions. Some traits that Julie has that Karana didn’t is that Julie was sensitive and impulsive, for whenever somebody died Julie got upset, and when Daniel assaulted her she ran away right away, and didn’t think first. Though Karana wasn’t sensitive, for when somebody died she didn’t cry. Julie though was lost in Alaska when Karana was alone on the island. Karana doesn’t rely on wild dogs (wolves) to survive, when Julie does.

As I concluded there are more things alike about the books. Also their situations relate to each other. Now you know the differences and the similarities between Island of the Blue Dolphins and Julie of the Wolves.

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