Islamic Essay Topics In a well-crafted, formal essay, explore one

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Islamic Essay Topics
In a well-crafted, formal essay, explore one of the following topics:

  1. Snow/Turkey: Using Snow as your primary resource, and supplementing this information with outside research, explain how Snow exemplifies Turkey’s position as a nation encompassing multiple dualities: east/west, religious/secular, non-westernized/westernized, etc.

  1. Snow/Turkey: Explore Ka’s religious positions and evolutions throughout the course of the novel. A strong essay will be, of course, centered on an arguable claim and will be backed by textual evidence.

  1. Afghanistan: Using at least three poems, essays, or short stories from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (, explore the idea of what it means to be a woman in present day Afghanistan. You will likely want to use Daughters of Afghanistan and class notes to supplement your ideas and help prove your thesis.

  1. Iran: Pick a theme that runs through the three Iranian pieces we read/viewed (this may be the same theme as your presentation or a different theme). Write a theme essay exploring this theme and relying on all three sources to prove your thesis.

  1. Syria: Explore the present situation in Syria as evidenced by the blog postings of Big Al Brand ( A strong essay will provide some background information regarding the conflict, and will then present a claim regarding what life is like in present-day Syria for residents. This essay must include quotes from a minimum of three blog postings as evidence and at least one of the three must be one not covered in class.

  1. Islam: Explain how the bastardization of the original Qur’an has been demonstrated in at least three of the pieces we have studied in this unit. To produce a strong essay you must be able to explain the original ideas as presented in the Qur’an, explain how they have been twisted and manipulated by specific groups, and give textual evidence from different pieces we’ve read/seen to prove this.

  1. Islamic Women’s Garb: Explain the paradox of liberation as it applies to different forms of Islamic Women’s Garb (the headscarf, the chador, the burqa. Etc.) To write a strong essay you must a) be able to distinguish between, and speak appropriately about, different forms of Islamic garb; b) explore the idea of what does it mean to be liberated in different contexts; and c) use at least three different sources from this unit to defend/prove your thesis.  (over)

Due Dates:

Outline (topic chosen, thesis drafted, and rough quotes/examples picked): Friday, January 4th

Full, typed draft: Monday, January 7th
Final copy: Wednesday, January 9th

Texts and Films in our Islamic Unit

Central Asian Muslim Countries Power Point (available on our class website)

Islam Power Point (available on our class website)

Decoding the Past: Secrets of the Koran –film



Hidden Turkey—film

The Afghan Women’s Writing Project:

Daughters of Afghanistan –film


Excerpt from “Suri and Co.”

Excerpt from Veils and Words: The Emerging Voices of Iranian Women Writers

Thoughts and feelings of a Syrian freedom fighter—Blog by Big Al Brand (

Various News Clips—similar information can be found by watching the evening news or searching the web

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