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The key points of your piece.

  • What is the topic of your issue?
  • What is your contention (for or against)
  • What are the key arguments you will be making?

What does TEEL stand for?

  • What does TEEL stand for?

T = Topic sentence.

  • T = Topic sentence.
  • What is the paragraph about?
  • Write one short sentence giving a basic idea of what your paragraph is going to talk about.
        • Eg. Students need a vending machine at school so that they can keep their energy levels up.

E = Evidence/example

  • E = Evidence/example
  • Use a persuasive technique or explain your argument.
        • Eg. Students need to be able to purchase snacks at various times throughout the day to ensure that their energy levels do not flag. 64% of kids get tired in the afternoon and need more energy. Do you want to deny kids the opportunity to get that energy quickly and easily?

E = Evaluation/Explanation

  • E = Evaluation/Explanation
  • You must sum up your argument. Why is this an important point?

L = Linking sentence

  • L = Linking sentence
  • Write a sentence to link your paragraph back to the main question/contention.
  • Remind the reader why your paragraph is important to your argument.
        • Eg. Energy levels are extremely important to kids at school and having a vending machine will ensure that everyone has access to quick and easy snacks.


  • Introduction
  • This paragraph introduces your topic and your contention. Be clear about what your point of view is. E.g “It is essential that we have a vending machine at school.”
  • Your introduction should give a brief look at what the main arguments of your piece will be. E.g Having a vending machine at school will make it easier for kids to keep their energy levels up. It will also improve the moods of teachers and it will take the pressure off parents who might not have time to shop and cook.


  • Conclusion
  • Provide an overview of the ideas that you have discussed in your essay.
  • Summarize the points you have made in the essay.
  • Link what you have written back to the main question.
  • Don’t introduce any new ideas.

Conclusion continued…

  • Conclusion continued…
  • Remind the reader how your arguments link to your contention.

Putting it all together

  • Now it’s your turn!
  • Download the TEEL graphic organiser and work together as a group to create your own piece of writing.

Have Fun !

  • Have Fun !

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