Introduction: Home Alone

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Model Paragraphs for Essay 2


Home Alone is one of America’s favorite holiday movies. It’s a funny film about a boy whose family leaves him behind when they go on Christmas vacation. Kevin is in conflict with his family in the beginning of the film, but then he must face two antagonists---two hair-brained characters who try to rob his home. The structure of the film Home Alone helps us understand that if we face our fears we might be surprised by what we can do.

Body Paragraph #2: Climax

One turning point in the movie happens when Kevin meets the old man who lives next door to him in church on Christmas Eve. This man is all alone, just like young Kevin. And earlier in the film, we learn that all of the neighborhood children fear him because he is quiet and rather spooky looking. Kevin gets the courage to talk to him and even advises him to reunite with his family. The old man listens to the young boy, and we see that Kevin has grown quite wise through his experience. Being home alone has made him understand what family is all about. He decides he wants his family back, and he returns to his house to confront the robbers.

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