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Activity 4 Read the text and answer the questions below

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Activity 4

Read the text and answer the questions below

To: Sandra,

I can’t go to the course today because I’ll go to Bukittinggi to see my uncle. He has got accident. He has broken his leg and arm. I’m very worried of his condition. Permit me to the teacher, and tell to Bimo that I will come to his house tomorrow morning.


1. What is the type of the text above?

2. What is the relationship between Sandra and Indra?


4. Why does Indra send Sandra a message?


5. What happen to his uncle?


6. What will Indra do tomorrow morning?


Activity 6:

Read the message below to answer the questions!

Dear Riko,

I’m really sorry that I have to cancel our plan to visit the museum this weekend. There’s something urgent. My mother has been hospitalized because of diabetes. Perhaps we can reschedule it. What about the following week?

Please let me know. Thank you.



  1. What is the text about?


  1. Why does Ariel send the message?


  1. What actually they have planned before?


  1. What happened to Ariel’s mother?


  1. What does Ariel promise to Riko?



Activity 1

Fill the text below by using appropriate words.


Please (2)… school at four pm. We’ll practice (3)…..............ceremony.

Be on (4)............................

Activity 2

Please write a short message. Choose one of the following situations

  1. You have promised to your friends to go camping this weekend. Unfortunately you have to go to your village because your grandmother has passed away.

  2. You have promised to your friends to study together at your house but you have to cancels it because you have to accompany your mother to the airport. Your father will come from Singapore.

  3. You have promised to your friend to come to his/her house but you will not do it because you have another appointment (think about your own reasons)


The Functions

1. To send an important message to other people

B. Some Tips to write a short message

1. Clear addressee (someone who receives the message)

2. Straight forward

3. If it is an instruction state it clearly.



Activity 1

Listen and complete the letter by numbering the words provided in the text.

Dear Aunt Kartini

I am almost ... years old and studying at junior high school.

I am interested in ... and often take part in sport ... Last month I ... the first

prize of swimmimg ... I want to become an exercise ... but my mother wants

me to ... school soon and get married. I think it is wrong to get ... now.

Please advise me. I will be most greatful for your kindness.



Sports won teacher competition

Contest leave sixteen married

Activity 2

Listen and complete the letter by using the words below

1. permission 2. village 3. attend 4. visit 5. news

Padang Panjang, Juli 11, 2011

Dear Mss.Annisa

I have got(1)…….that my uncle is sick. My family and I have to (2)………….. him immediatelly.

My uncle lives in a distance (3)………….e. Therefore, I can’t (4)………………your class today.

Thank you for your (5)…………




Activity 1

Answer the questions about the email

Ingga, your mom looked very tired during Mrs Dewi’s funeral.

Is she allright now? If she needs any help, tell her that she can

call me anytime.


Uncle Wid

  1. Who worte the email?

  2. What is the subject of the email?

  3. Who did send the message to?

  4. What did he think about Ingga’s mom?

  5. When did the writer meet Ingga’s mom?

Activity 2

Read the e-mail. Match Rosa’s information with the following questions

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