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Bandung, April 22, 2010 To: Manager of Credit Mr. Wibowo It is my great pleasure to inform that Mr. Rahman will be Head of Representative Office of our firm here. He has been successfully handling the financial in the head office of our firm in Jakarta. He extremely knowledgeable in the firld of accountin. He has been scheduled to visit our office on may 1st, 2010, accompanied by Mr. Rouland, the manager of marketing. He will start working on the next day. H.R. Manager J. Sebastian

Top of Form

1. What is the announcement about?

  • A. Mr. Rahman's appointment as Head of Representative Office

  • B. Mr. Rahman's plan to visit his new office in Jakarta .

  • C. Mr. Rahman's experience as finance manager.

  • D. Mr. Rahman's appointment as accountant.

  • E. Mr. Rahman's visiting schedule.

2. Who will accompany Mr. Rahman?

  • A. The Credit Manager.

  • B. The Finance Manager.

  • C. The Marketing Manager.

  • D. The Purchasing Manager.

  • E. The General Affair Manager.

3. "He has been scheduled to visit our office on May 1st, 2010 ..." The sentence above means ...

  • A. He will be visited.

  • B. He himself made the plan to visit our office.

  • C. He himself arrange the plan to visit our office.

  • D. He has a plan to visit our office with Mr. Rouland.

  • E. The time of his visit to our office has already been arranged

Activity 2

Bottom of Form

Read the following text and answer the questions

Show That You Care!

All students, please join the “Let’s Clean Our Rivers” program which will be held on

Monday morning, at 07.00. Bring the tools needed to help you clean the rivers in the

city. The prinicipal, himself, will lead the program. Don’t miss it. Show that you care

with the environment.

  1. What does the text talk about?


  1. What do you need to clean the rivers?


  1. Who will lead the program?


  1. Who announces the announcement?


  1. Do you care with the environment?


Activity 3

Choose the right answer based on the text below


To all passengers who leave for Surabaya,

Please wait in line no.4, the coach will arrive

in a few minutes. Thank you.

  1. What Is the purpose of the text?

    1. To invite someone

    2. To persuade the passengers

    3. To entertain the passenger

    4. To give information to the passengers

  2. The following statements are correct, except ...

    1. the destination is Surabaya

    2. the passengers will enter line four

    3. the passenger will go to Surabaya by train

    4. this kind of information is usually heard at the airport


Activity 1

Complete the text below and choose the correct answer based on the text.

To : All badminton players

There will be a badminton ... (1) held on May, 18 to 22.

Due to the fact, you have to ... (2) the intensive training

everyday during this week.

In recent two years, we are always the ... (3) and never

lose it. Keep it win.


Budi Hartono

1. a. action b. exchibition c. match d. performance

2. a. invite b. follow c. arrange d. change

3. a. Winners b. trainers c. players d. supporters

Activity 2

Arrange the sentences below into a good announcement

  1. All class teachers should try hard to succeed this program by by cleaning and neating their class.

  2. You can contact the vice headmaster if you need something.

  3. Our school has been chosen as a representative of Padang Panjang regency for the next Green Area School.

  4. Attention

  5. The headmaster

  6. I will appreciate the effort of the best classes (the first, the second, and the third) by giving reward and certificate.

Activity 3

Complete the sentences with the correct word in bracket (......).

1) Our school football team will (play – plays – playing) against SMP 1this afternoon.

2) It (is – was – will) very interesting match.

3) (What – When – How) time will the match start?

4) Attention! We (is – are – am) supposed to gather in the library at 14.00 p.m.

5) Please (gather – gathers – gathering) in the front yard right now.



Activity 1

Write True (T) or False (F) based on the following messages.

  1. Mom d. Bill,

I won’t be home until 4.30. I’m going to Please pick me up in front of Brown’s

to the library after school with Kim. Dept Store. on Main St. at 4.45 p.m. be waiting outside

Jean Fanya

b. Dear Sally,

Let’s have a drink after the class.

Shall we meet

at the canteen at 11 a.m .


c . Jean,

I’ll be at the office until 5 p.m.

The soup is on the stove.

Please turn the burner on low at 4.30.

See you later


  1. Jean plan to go home at 4.30. ( ... )

  2. Sally and Polly will meet at the canteen in the afternoon. ( ... )

  3. Fanya and Bill will meet in the afternoon. ( ... )

  4. Jean’s mother tells her daughter that she will be at the office until afternoon ( ... )

  5. Sally asks Polly to have a drink at the canteen. ( ... )

  6. Jean is going to the library with Kim. ( ... )

  7. Fanya will wait for Bill inside Brown’s Department Store. ( ... )

  8. Jean’s mother asks Jean to turn the burner on low. ( ... )

Activity 2

Answer the questions based on the text below

Ms. Minda

Mrs. Sung from Apt 14 L next door called at 2 p.m. You sent her the wrong order.

She wants 3 cans of cola & 2 gallons milk. She received 2 cans of cola & 3 gallons of milk. I told her

You’d call her at 555-8797 as soon as you come back.


  1. Why Rani writes the message to Minda?

  2. What did Mrs. Sung order?

  3. I told her you’d call her at 555-8797 … What does the underlined word refer to?

  4. Where did Mrs Sung stay?

  5. You sent her the wrong order. What does the bold type word refer to?

Activity 3

Read the text and answer the questions below

1. Who leave the message?


2. Who wrote the message?


3. What should  Mr. Winfield do ?


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