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MIO SOUL The Spirit of Indie Childishness serves no more entertaining. It is not a matter of age, but the soul, free your soul. Best design, best performance, best endurance. Economical, stylist, fashionable, and more ....

1. Who are the most suitable people to ride motorbike?

    1. young people c. children

    2. old people d. anyone

  1. How many categories is Mio Soul considered the best?

a. 2 b. 3 c. 6 d. more than 6

  1. ‘Childishness serves no more entertaining’

The word ‘entertaining’ has similar meaning to ________

a. fun b. luxury c. boredom d. recreation

  1. ‘free your soul. The underlined word refers to ...

    1. a. young people c. children

    2. old people d. Anyone

  1. ‘fashionable’ has opposite meaning to, except ...

a. chic b. nice c. neat d. Messy

Activity 5

Look at the storyboard for the Citrus Shine Advertisement.

Answer these questions in full sentences:

  1. What is the girl doing in the first picture? How does she feel?


  1. Where is the girl going in the second picture?


  1. What is the girl doing in the third picture?


  1. Who is the boy in the fourth picture? Does he know the girl?


  1. What do the boy and girl say to each other in the fifth picture?


  1. How does the boy feel when he drinks from the can in the sixth picture?


  1. The boy and girl hold hands in the seventh picture. Where are they going?


  1. What are they going to do now?


  1. What is the slogan for Citrus Shine? Do you think it is good?


  1. What kind of music should go with this advertisement?


Read the texts below and answer the questions

Text 1


Why not

discover it


At Michelin we know no boundaries when it comes to perfecting our energy range.

That way, it deliver the finest level of driving comfort, and still offers optimum grip and quiter ride.

By supplying our tyres to NASA’s Space Shuttle Spacefor the past 17 years,

We’ve been able to test our latest innovations in an arena which few dreamed possible.

Whilst back here on earth, we test drive our tyres for an amazing 1.8 billion kilometers every single year.

It all amounts to an exhilarating, new driving experience.

Answer the questions :

    1. What product is promoted by the advertisement above?

2. We know no boundaries when it comes .... What does the bold type word refer to?


3. Where were the tires supplied for the past 17 years?


4. How far the test drive can be done every single year?


5. What is the new of the product?


6. Why not discover it today? What does the underlined word refer to?


7. Whilst back here on earth .... What does the oposite meaning of the underlined word?


8. ..... we’ve been able to test our latest innovations in an arena which few dreamed

possible. The antonym of the underlined word is ....


Text 2

Answer the questions based on the advertisement below

Connecting People

Nokia 1208

Sharing many comfortable things with your

family and your friends. Nokia designs hand phone with easy features which are easy to be used, can be relied on and long lasting.

Easy to be used

  • Enjoy simple Nokia menu with short button to sms, calendar, telephone book, loudspeaker, and center lamp.

  • Menu in Indonesia Language

  • Local calendar to remind your important dates

Can be relied on

  • 65 thousands color screen

  • Centre lamp flames in emergency condition

  • Dust resistant keypad to protect your mobile

  • Skid resistant at behind

  • Power Saver Clock to keep the mobil in using

  • Dual band SGM ( 900/ 1800)

  • SMS, MMS,LMS are available

  • Ring tone or volume can be adjusted

  1. What is the type of Nokia advertised above?


  1. Sharing many comfortable things with your family and your friends.

What is the synonym of the underlined word?


  1. Local calendar to remind your important dates.

What does the bold type word refer to?


  1. How many color screens are available in the mobile phone?


  1. What part can keep the hand phone when we use it?



Activity 1

Fill the table below.


Places where advertising can be found

My most favourite ad

My least favourite ad



Reason Like or Dislike Ad

Technique used in advertising

Create an advertisement. Imagine you are going to advertise the soft opening of your business.

Opening :

a burger shop

a coffee shop

a chicken shop




Activity 1

Listen and complete the letters into some words, then answer the questions

S_______ M________ C ________

S_______ P________

  1. What is the announcement about?

  2. What classes are supposed to come?

  3. When will they are supposed to come?

  4. Who announces the announcement?

5. What is the purpose of the announcement?
Activity 2

(1) .................. to Surya Rahadi from Suka Maju. You are (2) ................... to come to the

(3).................. in the (4) ..................., next to (5) ..................... Your mother is waiting for you.

Thank you.

Activity 3

Listen and complete the announcement below, then answer the questions
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hanuman Airlines Flight 250 to Denpasar. We are preparing for (1) ................. in a few minutes. Please put your seat in (2) .................... position. Then fasten your seatbelt, and (3) ..................... the no-smoking warning during taking off and (4) ..................... Please read the card of the passenger (5) ................. in the pocket of the seat in front of you. Regulations require that we call your (6) ................... to the exits from the aircraft in case of (7) ........................ Thanks a lot for your attention and .................. your flight.”

1. Where can you find the above announcement?


  1. Who announces it?


  1. If you were the passenger what would you do after hearing the announcement?


  1. What should/shouldn’t you do while flying?


  1. When do you hear the announcement before taking off or landing?


Activity 4

Listen to your teacher. Choose A, B, C or D for the correct answer.

1. We may hear the announcement

________ the movie begins.

A. when

B. during

C. after

D. before
2. Which one is allowed to do in the cinema?

A. Watch the show.

B. Do piracy.

C. Take pictures.

D. Disturb others.
3. The announcement is for ________.

A. people in general

B. the cinema’s owner

C. the movie’s goers

D. people around the cinema building
4. “The movie will start in some minutes.”

The underlined word has a similar

meaning to ________.

A. end

B. begin

C. finish

D. continue.

5. The light is ________ when the movie


A. turned off

B. turned on

C. turned back

D. turned left

Activity 5

Listen to your teacher. Decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).

1. ______ We may hear the announcement in a railway station.

2. ______ The train from Jakarta to Solo will be 15 minutes late.

3. ______ The train will come late because of technical problems.

4. ______ The late of the train is a nuisance for its passengers.

5. ______ The departure of a train may affect its arrival

Activity 6

Listen the announcement below, then answer the questions

  1. Who announces the announcement?

  2. Where does such announcement take place?

  3. What is the purpose of that announcement?

  4. What is the lost boy’s name?

  5. Where did the boy shop assistant find the lost boy?

  6. How does the boy look?

  7. Where can the parents get their lost boy?

  8. Do you think his parents are worry?


Announce some events that will be held at school!


1) You announce to your classmate to practice English Speech on Friday at 14.00 p.m.

2) You announce to your friend to go hiking on Sunday at 7.30 a.m.


Activity 1

Read the text below and and choose the correct answer A,B,C or D

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