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Activity 1

Match the ads and the pictures

    1. Find the correct spelling and pronunciation of more than 80,000 words with this electronic dictionary! Made of strong plastic. Comes in two colors - dark grey or light blue. $ 104.50.

    2. Problems with a crossword puzzle? Try with this crosswors puzzle solver. Simply key the letters you know and a “?” for the ones you don’t know. In seconds, the gadget fills the blanks. Has a database of 130,000 words. Great value at only $49.95

    3. Watch your favorite baseball game at work or at school! This TV fits in your pocket, only 6” x 1” ( 15 cm x 2 cm ). Gives an excellent picture. Yours for only$299.50.

    4. Use the electronic addressfor the name and addresses of all your friends. Takes up to 400 names, addresses and phone numbers. Plastic case included. Regular model $59.95. Desktop model available for $64.65.

Activity 2

Check (√ ) True or False


  1. The electronic dictionary comes in many colors

  2. The crossword puzzle solver can find the answers

  3. The pocket television is about $300

  4. The desktop model of the electronic address book is

more expensive than the regular model

Activity 3

Read the text below and write (T/F)

Plenty of profits:

  • Find 1000 limited editions special first card with a gift 1 million Rp 1 million for 3 months usage. Your lucky will know after 2 times refill.

  • 50 % talk time jackpot for each refill after 3 months.

  • Free download 5 wallpaper & ring tones for 1 month.

  • Free service content sms jokes, astrology, and information about film in 10 days for each month for 3 months.

  • Free non stop sms to esia / wifone for a week.

All jackpots will be accepted in 24 hours after registration

For more information : or 021-9288 9288 and 022-91109288







The price of the first card is Rp. 30.000.

The subscriber of esia will get a jackpot of free talking for 3 months.

The subscriber will not get any benefits from Esia

Free download ring tones will be gotten for a month.

The jackpots will be accepted before 24 hours registration.

One benefit of getting Esia is 45% talk time for each refill

The subscriber cannot get information about Esia through internet.

Free service content SMS can be accpeted for each month during 3 months.






Activity 4

Read the following text and answer questions 1 – 5

Text 1

Make Apartment Casablanca your family home

Apartment Casablanca offers 5 – star luxury and facilities, including a playground

and the beach pool to keep your children happy.

As for parents, Apartment Casablanca is only minutes away from the Central Business District. Bought safety is ensured by state-of-the-art security systems and

low profile guards.

There is a wide selection of comfortable and spacious apartment sale or lease.


1. What does the advertisement talk about?

a. Making apartment c. Apartment for Casablanca

b. Casablanca’s Apartment d. Casablanca Apartment facilities

2. The location of the apartment is _______ from the Central Business District.

a. far c. next to

b. near d. Behind

3. How many playground does ‘Casablanca’ have?

a. 1 b. 2 c. 5 d. 6

4. The word ‘spacious’ in the last paragraph means ________

a. narrow c. cozy

b. roomy d. Quiet

5. From the last sentences we get the information that the apartment can be bought or ________

a. sold c. visited

b. rented d. occupied

Text 2

Read the following text and answer questions 6 – 10

Always leading

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