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Activity 1

Discuss the following questions with your partner.
1. What is your favourite advert at the moment?

Why do you like it so much?

2. Have you ever bought anything just because

you saw it advertised on TV?

3. What famous advertising slogans can you

remember? Why are they so memorable?

4. What is the aim of most adverts these days –

to persuade you to buy the product, to inform

you about a new product or to remind you

about a well-known product? Give examples.

5. Do you think there are too many

advertisements on TV? How many do you

think there should be?

6. Which adverts annoy you the most and why?

7. What influences you the most when you are

shopping: the price of a product, its

appearance or the advertising promoting it?

8. Do you believe ‘before and after’

advertisements? Why (not)?

9. How much do you think children are

influenced by adverts they see on television?

10. Do you ever find that the adverts are better

than the programmes?

11. What do you think are the good and bad

parts of working in advertising?

Activity 2

Look at the pictures below and tell in front of the classroom about the service / product

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