International Baccalaureate

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International Baccalaureate


Deadline Calendar

IB16/DP1 (Exam May 2019)

Fall 2017 and Spring 2018


51 (2017) English Lit. (Individual oral)

7 (2018) Extended Essay form I. Subject and, if possible, topic chosen.

10 Extended Essay form II. Handed in to supervisor with

Research question and a few sources

16 Psychology IA Proposal/Outline

Economics IA # 1 due

18 Theory of Knowledge Presentations due
18 Business & Management IA 1st draft due

19 Biology and Chemistry IA Proposal/Outline

20 Psychology IA due

21 Extended Essay. May 22 Hand in to supervisor with

Research question, sources, lit. list, method and outline.

21 English Lit. Written Task HL/SL handed in

21-22 Mini Mock Examinations (May 21-May 30)
23 Extended essay: First reflection session

23 Swedish Language & Lit. Further oral activity, Written Task 1

Swedish Lit. Oral presentation

23 Math HL/SL Exploration, Topic, Math SL Studies Project Topic

The dates above are deadlines. Essays, projects etc. can of course be handed in earlier. Try to get your projects, portfolios etc. handed in earlier! Read the school site policy regarding late work for internal assessment
IB15/DP2 (Exam May 2018)

Fall 2017/Spring 2018

August 27 Theatre: “Director’s Notebook” draft

September 7 Extended Essay. First draft to supervisor

September 8 Theatre: “Director’s Notebook” final

September 21 Economics IA #2 due

Week 40 Math Exploration planning doc.

October 3 Bus./Mgmt 2nd draft due

October 5 Swedish Lit. Written Assignment HL/SL

October 6 Theatre: Collaborative project performance

October 12 Psychology 1st draft due

Week 43 Swedish B Interactive oral

October 20 Extended Essay. Second draft to supervisor handed in.

October 20 Theatre: Collaborative project draft

October 27 Biology IA First draft due

Week 45 Theory of Knowledge Title selected/ 1st interaction

November 3 Theatre Collaborative Project Performances

November 6 Env.Systems&Soc. IA first draft due

November 8 Theatre: Collaborative project final hand-in.

November 9 Psychology Final draft due

November 10 Chemistry IA First draft due

November 10 Mathematics detailed outline

November 21 English Language & Lit. Written Task(s) handed in.

November 23 Business & Management IA Final draf

w. 46-48 TOK: Outline/plan and 2nd interaction

December 1 Extended Essay. Final deadline for complete essay.

December 4 Economics IA #3 due

December 8 Theatre: Solo, Dress rehersal

December 15 Mathematics Draft

December 15 Theory of Knowledge essay (a complete essay handed in)

Dec. 20 Theatre: Solo, performance

Spring 2018

January 10 Theatre Solo, draft

Week 2-5 Theory of Knowledge 3rd interaction.

January 21 Env.Syst&Soc. IA Final draft is due.

January 26 Biology and Chemistry Final IA handed in.

January 26 Theatre Solo, final hand-in

February 1 Economics IA #4 due

February 5 Mathematics Project & Exploration Due

February 15 Theory of Knowledge Final essay draft upload on IBIS/ManBac

Swedish Language& Lit HL Written Task Completion

February 16 History IA draft

Weeks 9-10 Mock Examinations

Week 10 Swedish B Indiv. Oral

March 1 Internal Assessment, portfolios, projects

and other work for assessment

March 22-23 Theatre Research presentations mock

March 30 CAS concluded

April 5-6 Theatre Research presentations final

April 13 CAS Upload in ManBac deadline

Week 11-12 Swedish Language & Lit. Further oral activity, IOC

Directory: wp-content -> uploads -> 2015
2015 -> Tropicana Evansville Project 21 2016 Poster/Essay/Video Scholarship Application
2015 -> Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law a two-year LL. M. (Master of Law) Program about the school
2015 -> Nujs law review & ficci symposium on privacy, free speech and technology event Transcripts
2015 -> Current affairs for upcoming ibps po exam
2015 -> 1st Quarter
2015 -> Essay Tittle, Times New Roman, Size 16 Author(s)
2015 -> Private Scholarships local may have to cut and paste some sites into your browser
2015 -> Charting a course to Medical School: The amsa map for Success
2015 -> The Tenth Annual Association of Adaptation Studies Conference
2015 -> Syllabus for the session: 2015 – 16 class: XI english language

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