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UNIV 1101. 012: First Year Seminar

Pre Nursing Section 012 Fall 2014

Instructor Information

Instructors: Dorothy Duncan, DNP, RN, ACNP-BC, CCRN, CEN

Office: Nursing Simulation Center, MB 3180A

Phone: 432-552-2569


Class Time: Tuesdays and Thursday s 12:30 PM – 1:20 PM

Classroom: TBD

Course Overview

Course description:

First Year Seminar 1101 is designed to help smooth our students’ transition into the university environment.

Required Materials:

  • Notebook /Binder

  • Loose-leaf notebook paper

  • UTPB Student Planner, or planner of your choice

  • Supplemental handouts from Bookstore

Statement of Purpose:

It is the intent of the instructors of this course to provide the students with the keys to academic success and help them learn how to use them. Thus, our mission is:

  • To create an environment that facilitates student growth

  • To develop and promote educational persistence and academic achievement

  • To assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their personal abilities and goals.

  • To encourage self-reliance and independence as integral elements of student development in fulfilling their academic goals.

Course Objectives:

Enhance Social and Cultural Behaviors:

  • Students connect to an ongoing learning community.

  • Students develop negotiation skills with faculty, staff, and peers.

  • Students effectively collaborate in study groups.

  • Students understand and employ resources available on the campus to support their academic success.

Develop Academic Behaviors:

  • Students understand their own learning styles and learn how to apply those styles in a variety of academic settings.

  • Students manage time effectively and organize their academic materials appropriately.

  • Students master the Cornell note-taking system, including writing effective summaries.

  • Students develop higher-level inquiry skills as well as problem solving ability.

  • Students improve their ability to read critically and access challenging texts.


A grade will be earned in this course on a traditional A-F basis. Your instructor will explain the particulars on the first day of class:

  1. Attend ALL class sessions. Any student who is absent more than three times will need to contact his or her instructor. If the instructor gives permission, the student will then contact Dr. William Harlow (, the Dean of Undergraduate Success, to arrange a make-up session. If the make-up sessions are not completed by the end of the semester, the student will have to retake the course. The ability to attend make-up sessions is optional at the discretion of the course director, and students should not miss class planning to attend a make-up session which may or may not be granted.

  1. Students must also satisfactorily complete each of the following assignments:

    • Registration and development of a profile at

    • Development and upkeep of an organizational system

    • Joining a university club or organization

    • Use of Cornell Notes in courses

    • Web based module & forward email

    • Library assignment

    • Filing of an official degree plan

    • Documentation of three visits to the University Success Center

    • Documented attendance at two university events. A list of possible events is provided below.

    • Additional assignments given by the instructor.

  1. Possible University events: The previous section of this document mentioned that you will have to attend at least two university events. Your instructor will give further guidance.

Weighting of Grades

Attendance 10%

Profile on 10%

Joining a club 10%

Filing a degree plan 10%

3 visits to success center 10%

Attendance at two university events 10%

Common reader project 10%

Cornell Notes Assignment 10%

Library Assignment 10%

Other Assignments 10%

Course Grading










59 & below

Changes to the course:

This syllabus is accurate to the best of the knowledge of your instructor. However, from time to time your instructor or the First Year Seminar Course Director will make changes to meet the needs of the course. If changes are made to this syllabus, they will be announced to you.

Important University Dates

Classes begin

August 25

Labor Day Holiday (Classes Dismissed/ Offices Closed)

September 1

Last Day to drop* a Course with a 100% Refund

September 10

Last Day to Drop without Creating an Academic Record 

September 10

Last Day to drop a course or withdraw

October 30

Open Registration for Spring 2015 and Summer 2015

November 3

Thanksgiving Holiday

November 26-28

Last Regular Class Day

December 4

Study Day (no classes/exams)

December 5

Final Examinations

December 8-11

Semester Ends

December 12


December 13

Course Policies

Communication: Students should expect to receive a response to their e-mails and within 48 hours during the regular workweek (Monday – Friday). The best way to contact your instructor is via e-mail.
Attendance: UTPB policy is that students should attend every class for which they are scheduled and should be held responsible for all work covered in courses taken. Therefore, attendance at all class sessions is required of ALL students.

Each section of this course is scheduled for approximately 30 sessions, fifty minutes in length. Students should make arrangements to be in class on time and to stay until the class is dismissed. Make-up sessions, if granted, are at the discretion of the instructor and the Dean of Undergraduate Success.

Academic Integrity: The integrity of a university degree depends on the integrity of the work done for that degree by each student. The University expects a student to maintain a high standard of individual honor in all scholastic work (Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents).Scholastic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, collusion, the submission for credit of any work or materials that are attributable in whole or in part to another person, any act designed to give unfair advantage to a student, or the attempt to commit such acts. Detailed information on scholastic dishonesty, along with disciplinary procedures, is outlined in the Handbook of Operating Procedures, Part 5, Section 1 and the Student Guide.
Course Civility: All students are expected to exercise self-discipline and a respect for the rights of others at all times. Behavioral disruptions that interfere with the business of the classroom or with an individual’s ability to learn may be referred to the Vice President of Student Services for resolution. Please be sure that cell phones are OFF or silent. If you expect to have to get up, please select an inconspicuous position to minimize disruptions. Courtesy to others is important. That means respecting the opinions of others, and in general, doing your part to make this a positive learning environment for all students. Food or beverages, while acceptable, should be consumed as quietly as possible, and you must clean up after yourself.
Americans with Disabilities Act: Students with disabilities who are admitted to UTPB may request reasonable accommodations and classroom modifications as addressed under Section 504/ADA regulations.  Students needing assistance because of a disability must contact Leticia Madrid, Director, Programs Assisting Student Study (PASS) Office, 432-552-2630, by the end of the first week of class.  The PASS office can provide further advice as to what constitutes a disability under the act and the accommodations which can be made for the disability.
Late work: Your instructor will not accept late work. That will result in not earning any credit for the assignment, and that in turn will impact your grade in the course.

End-of-Course Evaluation & Instructor Evaluation:

Every student is asked to complete an end-of-course evaluation provided by the instructor.

Disclaimer & Rights:

Information contained in this syllabus was to the best knowledge of the instructor considered correct and complete when distributed for use in the beginning of the semester. However, the instructor reserves the right, acting within the policies and procedures of UTPB to make changes in the course content or instructional techniques without notice or obligation. The students will be informed about the changes, if any.

Student Support Services:

ADA Accommodation/Support Leticia Madrid, Director

Programs Assisting Student Study (PASS)

Admissions, Registration, and Transcripts (432)552-2605

Blackboard Technical Support 1-866-321-2988 (toll-free)
Bookstore 432-552-0220
Counseling/Advising 432-552-2661
Financial Aid and Scholarship Jennifer Taveras, Director
UTPB Library (432) 552-2370
Student Services

UNIV 1101 Course Schedule

Fall 2014

Week Starting

Topics to Cover

August 25

Welcome to the course. Campus support centers.

September 1 (Labor Day)

Communicating with your peers and professors. Email etiquette.

September 8

Campus clubs and organizations (change to whenever club day happens to be).

September 15

Organization and binders; time management. Academic Honesty and ethics.

September 22

Cornell notes

September 29

Critical reading

October 6

Financial Literacy I

October 13

Risky behaviors—invite Penney Nichols. Midterm grade checks.

October 20

Degree mapping and myedu./UTPB Catalog

October 27 (Spring registration opens Nov. 1)

Setting advising appointments

November 3

Cornell notes II

November 10

Financial literacy II

November 17

Working with career services

November 24 (Thanksgiving)

Campus Safety-Police Dept

December 1 (last day of classes Dec. 5)

Preparing for final exams

December 8

Final exam week—No UNIV 1101 meetings

UNIV 1101 Course Schedule

Fall 2014




Week 1: August 25th

  • Welcome to the Course

  • Introductions

  • Campus Support Centers

  • Survey questions

  • Introduction of the Common Reader

  • Introduce Dr. Dorothy Jackson, Director, Nursing Program, UTPB

  • Introduce available faculty/ staff

  • APA: What is it?

  • Answer few survey questions

Week 2: September 1 (Labor Day)

  • Communicating with your peers and professors.

  • Email etiquette

  • Answer a few survey questions

  • In-class writing activity: One page essay: Nursing as a Profession: What it Means to Me as an Individual and as a Member of Society.

Week 3: September 8

  • Professionalism in Nursing

  • Discussion (incl. essays).

CLUB DAY: September __, 2014

10:00 am to 2:00 PM

Week 4 September 15

  • Organization and binders;

  • Time Management

  • Organization, continued

  • Time management, cont.

  • Honesty and ethics

Week 5 September 22

  • Cornell Notes I (lecture):Success Center

  • Cornell notes con’t.

  • Film & Discussion: Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now (pt. 1)

Week 6 September 29

  • Critical Reading & Discussion: Institute of Medicine- The Future of Nursing

  • Library Tour with journal article retrieval assignment

Week 7 October 6

  • Financial Literacy I

  • Film & Discussion: Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now (pt. 2)

Week 8 October 13

  • Risky behaviors: Guest speaker: Mr. Penney Nichols

Week 9 October 20

  • Degree mapping and Myedu:Success Center

  • Discussing advising appointments. What do you really want?

Week 10 October 27 (Spring registration opens Nov. 1st)

  • Setting advising appointments

  • Advising appointments, continued

Week 11 November 3

  • Cornell Notes II (Application): Article Homework

  • Review of Tuesday’s article homework assignment

Week 12 November 10

  • Financial Literacy II

  • Wrap up of Course: Discussion

Week 13 November 17

  • Working with Career Services: Tony Love, Director, Career Svcs., UTPB

Army Recruiters here with


Week 14 November 24th (Thanksgiving)

  • Campus Safety (PD)


Week 15 December 1nd (Last day of classes December 5th)

  • Preparing for final exams

Holiday & End of Semester Celebration

Week 16 December 8th

Final Exam Week:

NO UNIV 1101 Meetings

Final Exam Week:

NO UNIV 1101 Meetings

Possible nursing guest speakers: Chad Dunavan, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Medical Center Hospital; Levi Stone, MSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Odessa Regional Medical Center; Panel Discussion with nurses representing different backgrounds and roles from the Permian Basin

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