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Read the passage below and then answer questions that follow. (20 marks)

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Read the passage below and then answer questions that follow. (20 marks)

On January 2007 , Africa’s largest, oldest political party- the African National Congress was having her centenary celebrations. This was to be a gigantic milestone for former South Africa Nelson Mandela’s party and it my passionate prayer he was to be in a good shape to attend the momentous event.
The main event of the celebrations was the presidential centennial gala dinner at Vista University in Free State to be hosted by President Jacob Zuma on January 7.
This was to be a spectacle to behold Media reports have it that Zuma had extended official invitations to Kenya’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his deputy Uhuru Kenyatta to attend the January 7 event.
The ANC events provide us with an opportunity to reflect on the significance of our parties in shaping our country’s political, economic and social landscape. It would be prudent to ask ourselves whether our own political parties are anywhere in comparison to ANC. Have our parties fulfilled their mandate or have they only operated vehicles to ascend to power?
Raila Odinga sits at the helm of ODM, which was then Kenya’s largest political party while Uhuru was the chairman of Kenya’s oldest political party, Kanu. The two were therefore important in Kenya’s political landscape and deserved the ANC invitation. Kanu was by then re-inventing itself while ODM had just concluded its grassroots election in compliance with the new Political Parties Act.
ANC was formed on January 8, 1912 in response to perceived injustices against black South Africans at the hands of the then white South African Government and had remained strong to date.
ANC basically delivered its original mandate when it led South Africa in ending apartheid after the successful and fully-representative multi-democratic elections in 1994.

This was a big plus for ANC and will remain etched in the minds of South Africans and the world in general for a very long time.

Kanu is also credited with leading Kenya into independence; however, its leadership later took a completely different path which was nowhere near her original vision. After assuming power, it immediately engaged itself in an amazing plunder of national resources through mismanagement, tribalism, cronyism and political patronage.
Today, Kanu cannot boast of the kind of exploits ANC was to be parading on January 8 that year. ODM was also measuring itself against ANC.
Let this be an opportunity for Kenya’s political parties to learn and reflect on what it means to exist for posterity.

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