Instructions for proper completion of copied essay

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Instructions for proper completion of copied essay:
*Use regular lined paper *Leave a neat margin on both sides

*Use only pencil, blue or black ink *Can NOT be typed, must be hand

*Use only your best writing or printing written
Copy everything that is written below the line:

I am copying this essay because something I said or did makes my teacher think I am confused about why I am in school.
Evidence has shown that a country in which everyone gets educated is a country that will be a better place to live in. Educated people have a better chance of being happier, earning more money, and making more intelligent decisions during their lives than do people who are not educated. These things don’t seem very important to me while I am in middle school. That is why the law is used to make me do something that I will appreciate later. Since I am required to be here, I should use my time wisely so that my time is not wasted.
School is not always fun. School is not here to entertain me. The teachers are not hired to show me a good time. Good teachers try to make subjects more interesting whenever they can, but I have no excuse for not cooperating when I don’t think something is interesting enough. I understand that teachers are responsible for many things. They need to plan lessons and help students understand material.
To help students learn, the teacher needs to maintain a productive learning environment in the classroom. Too much talking about things unrelated to science or even any talking that is too loud can distract others from learning. This talking and loud volume destroys the learning environment. The teacher needs cooperation from all students to keep a productive learning environment. If I disrupt this learning environment, then I am being selfish and rude to the teacher and other students.
I should contribute to the learning environment by coming to class on time, being prepared, staying seated, participating in class assignments, and tutoring others when appropriate. If I finish my class work early, I should quietly work on any incomplete assignments from science or other classes, or read. I should not be talking and or doing nothing. A good teacher cannot allow me to be disobedient, create disturbances, or show displays of poor attitude. He/she has to maintain an atmosphere that makes it possible for all students to learn, and I do not have the right to interrupt that.
So, why am I here copying this essay? I am copying this essay because my behavior was not acceptable. I understand that right now I could be learning, but instead of learning I am copying this essay. I understand that I made a decision to behave unacceptably in class. I understand that I have the power to make good decisions and bad decisions. When I make good decisions, I am rewarded. In school, this means getting a good education and feeling good about myself as a student. I understand that I need a good education and I have the power and responsibility to make this happen.

Written Detention

It is the student’s responsibility to return this to the teacher without being asked!

  • This paper and your hand-copied essay are due the next day you return to class at the beginning of class. You and your parent must sign it or it is considered incomplete.

  • If the detention is not complete on time, then you must copy the essay twice and it is due the next day you return to class at the beginning of class. Your parent will be contacted by phone

  • If you fail to complete this detention, then a referral will be sent to the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Name____________________________ Per.___________ Date_____________

  1. Write exactly what you did wrong. (classroom disruptions,not being prepared to learn, and being disrespectful by wasting supplies are common examples)

  1. How could your actions (in #1) disrupted the learning environment?

    1. If you were wasting supplies, how is this disrespectful to both your teacher and the other students?

  1. What can you do to stop yourself from doing this again?

  1. In the space below, write a note apologizing to Mrs. Davis

Student Signature_____________________________________________
Parent Signature__________________________________________
Download 12.27 Kb.

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