Instructional Strategies

The Unit Understanding (what the teacher wants students to learn)

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The Unit Understanding (what the teacher wants students to learn):

Failure to acknowledge serious economic problems emerging in the 1920’s left America unprepared for the Great Depression.

Information Source: Text, Chapter 14, Section 3 – The Economy in the Late 1920’s

1920’s –Economy Appears Healthy

Economic Danger Signs
(Why didn’t experts see trouble coming?)

Stock values high ($27 bil, 1925) and rising fast. Wages rising more than 40%, unemployment below 4%. High Confidence, higher living standards
Uneven prosperity (mainly the rich getting richer), 71% made less than $2500; high levels of personal debt; high levels of stock market speculation, including “buying on margin”; overproduction(not enough damand for all the goods produced); low process for farm goods, hard lives for factory workers

Americans seemed very optimistic about the economy in the 1920s because everything seemed to be going well. The rich were getting richer most people had jobs. But underneath, there were danger signs such as consumer debt, overproduction, and uneven wealth.

Definition Poem

What is it?
A Definition Poem is a format that students can use to synthesize their learning about a person, place or event in social studies.

How Does It Work?
Students work independently or in collaborative small groups and use their knowledge from a unit of study to complete the Definition Poem.

Why use it? It allows students to create a verbal composition in order to convey knowledge, ideas, or emotions in an imaginative way.

Name ________________________________________


Name it


Describe it, Rename it


Tell where it would be found


Tell more about it


Use emotion words to tell how you feel about this


Explain why you used the emotion words on line 5

An Example:


Our national bird

Soaring near mountains and trees

King of the air

Awesome predator

Respected and feared by all

Diamante Poem

What is it?
A diamante poem is a 7-line poem in the shape of a diamond. It does not have to rhyme but each line uses specific types of words like adjectives and –ing words. It can be about one topic or two opposite topics.

How Does It Work?

Line 1:

one word
(subject/noun that is contrasting to line 7)

Line 2:

two words
(adjectives) that describe line 1

Line 3:

three words
(action verbs) that relate to line 1

Line 4:

four words (nouns)
first 2 words relate to line 1
last 2 words relate to line 7

Line 5:

three words
(action verbs) that relate to line 7

Line 6:

two words
(adjectives) that describe line 7

Line 7:

one word
( subject/noun that is contrasting to line 1)

An Example:
Small-minded, Hateful,
Disliking, Ignoring, Hurting
Ignorant, Resentful, Open-hearted, Worldly
Learning, Inviting, Loving,
Brilliant, Moral

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