Influence of celebrity brand endorsement on buying behavior of the indian soft drink consumers Acknowledgment

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1.7 Structure of the Dissertation

This dissertation is segregated into six chapters to follow the proper research process, named as Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Findings and data analysis, Discussion and interpretation of findings and finally Conclusion, implications and recommendations.

Chapter one is of introductory chapter. This chapter will acquaint the reader with the ground of the study. Here the research aims, objectives methods etc. are disclosed. Beginning of the chapter sketches the pertaining scenario of the Indian soft drink industry and celebrity endorsement. Later, the process of the research, its significance and importance are stated.

The second chapter deals with the literature review. This chapter provides details about the previous studies on the concerning topic. Also define the key terms and provide theories required for the completion of the study. This chapter is concluded giving ground to the research.

Research tools and methods used for deriving the objectives of the study are defined here. Complete illustration of the process from data collection to the final data analysis and interpretation is described in this section. Techniques of sampling, sample size, data analysis tools are also given here. It continues with a description of the two research methods and justify the adoption of particular quantitative technique.

Data analysis and findings chapter is numbered four. Here at the initial stage, primary data collected from survey through questionnaire is discussed and analyzed. Also definition of variables used and the survey techniques is given in the early section of the chapter. In this analysis is done using charts and tables for each instance observed from the questionnaire. Chapter is concluded with hypothesis testing and objective derivation.

In the fifth section of the dissertation a detailed discussion of findings is done. Through the discussion, research interpretations are done. These interpretations are further generalized so that results can be implemented for the universe at large.

In the end, all findings of the study are summarized along with the limitations of the study. Finally giving ground to the further research opportunities, dissertation ends.


Intention of a literature review is to provide a snap shot of already carried out studies in the concerned subject along with defining the key terminology of the subject, so that a clear picture of the study can be drawn. Here in this section of the dissertation, we will try to explore the existing theories and scholarly work done previously under the similar headings. A step by step procedure will be here, starting with defining the celebrity concept and Brand endorsement mechanism. Further, we will have an in-depth look in the consumer buying behavior theory and related processes. Afterwards, we will analyze the Indian soft drink industry. Specifically our point of concern will be on Coca-Cola India.

In accordance with the proposed content of the Literature review, this section is divided into four subsections, such as who is a celebrity, concept of Brand endorsement, consumer buying behavior and finally the Indian soft drink industry and celebrity endorsement: Case of Coca-Cola India.

2.1. Who is a Celebrity?

Dictionary meaning of Celebrity word is “a famous person". Celebrity, also known as a celeb in day to day conversation, is one who is well known among the mass for his/her extra ordinary qualities, work, belongings or associations. These persons hold an outstanding profile along with immense public absorption. They influence the day-to-day media. Their distinction in a particular ground is easily acknowledged by the general public. These grounds of distinction can be professional or personal attributes of individuals (Turner, 2010). A celebrity status can be associated with many careers within the fields of sports, entertainment or social work. From sports arena, basketball player Michael Jordan, golfer Tiger Woods, hockey player Wayne Gretzky, former boxer Muhammad Ali, Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, football player Brady and, Tennis star Saniya Mirza, Rofal Nadal and many more, all are well known and enjoyed a celebrity status backed by their eminent performance in their respective fields. Shifting the concern towards the entertainment industry, many famous personalities like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan etc. from the film industry, authors like Arundhati Roy, Chetan Bhagat, Salman Rushdi etc., entertainers like Shekhar Suman, Navjoth Singh Sidhu etc. are also well verse and enjoying a celebrity status.

"A sign of a celebrity is that his name is often worth more than his services.”

- Daniel J Boorstin

Being a celebrity is the state of widely acclaimed and honoured. Celebrities enjoy public recognition due to their work or profession. Attributes like extraordinary lifestyle, attractiveness are just examples and some of the common characteristics of celebrities (Schlecht, 2003).

While some of the people may have gained celebrity status due to their successful career in a particular field (specifically in the areas of sports and entertainment), whereas in other cases, people enjoy celebrity status by grabbing attention of media backed by their overgenerous lifestyle or wealth (Just like Vijay Maliya); for being associated to famous personalities (as may be the case for Gauri Khan wife of Shahrukh Khan) or some may be for their misdeeds (like Rahul Mahajan). The Celebrities may be popular around the world or within a country.

Anyone who has achieved excellence in his/ her field (specifically in entertainment or sports industry) is regarded as a person with something "extra" provided by that "God". He starts getting extra attention by the rest of the world and is looked on as a great figure. People start celebrating all his acts producing success. He would be given special treatment and noticed everywhere. The field may be sports, film, theatre, social life, politics, and science etc. but something incredible. That’s how a celebrity status comes (Inglis, 2010).

Some celebrities of India are as under -

  1. Bollywood celebrities – Amitabh Bachchan, Preity Zinta, Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Pierce Brosnan, Aishwarya Rai etc.

  2. Television figures – Husain, Smriti Irani, Shweta Tiwari etc.

  3. Sports hero – Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, Vishwanath Anand etc.

  4. Entertainers – Shekhar Suman, Cyrus Broacha etc.

  5. Singers – A.R. Rehman, Lata Mangeshkar etc.

Lastly, the celebrities act as spokes persons, in advertising to endorse products and services (Kambitsis et al, 2002, Tom, 1992) a company spokesperson is the celebrity who represents any brand or company over a significant period, whether in electronic media or paper media along with personal appearances (Schiffman and Kanuk, 1997).

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