Influence of celebrity brand endorsement on buying behavior of the indian soft drink consumers Acknowledgment

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4.2 Findings

Coke is found to the most popular soft drink brand among the Indian soft drink consumers. All though the consumption of soft drinks in India is not that frequent as it was the case in the western countries. Yet soft drinks are a content of weekly or daily consumption basket of the Indian consumers. Soft drinks are quite popular in India. Among Indians, soft drinks are the means of satisfying the quench and maintaining status. Soft drinks are too consumed as an add-on to food or alternate of water.

There lies a significant spending habit difference in the Indian consumers. This disparity of spending is due to the income and living status differences among the consumers. Also difference exists because of the demographic factors. The most enticing factor for consumer’s purchasing a soft drink is the taste and the brand name. Celebrity endorsement is not their concern. Price is another factor which effect consumer’s buying decision.

Indian consumers do not perceive that products endorsed by any celebrity are of high quality. Also by introducing celebrity endorsement product become more costly. Celebrity endorsement is proved to be the strategy for reaping higher revenues in the consumer’s views. Only few purchase decisions are driven backed by a celebrity endorsement. It is found that for a small value product the impact of celebrity association is not much on the purchase decision. Consumers believe that the celebrities themselves do not use those products which they endorse.

Cricketers and film stars are the most appreciated celebrities for influencing the purchasing decision of the consumers.

Before making a purchase decision of high valued products like white goods, automobiles etc, brand name and the associated celebrity endorser are the two factors that people consider. But it is not the case for food and beverages articles. The most alluring factor for purchasing such products is the taste. Although there exist a high involvement of general public with the celebrities but at the same time value for money is one of the key concerns. Majority of respondents believe that celebrity endorsement is an efficient mean of influencing i.e. it helps conveying the message to the targeted audience with clarity about the product offerings and convince them to purchase.

In country like India where Cricket is treated like a religion and the cricketers are adored as God. Sports stars are found to be much admired by people as better celebrity character than the bollywood actor or actress.

The results of brand recall were surprising as most no. of people were able to recognize the celebrities endorsing the given advertisement. So it showed that celebrity endorsement is a source of developing brand recognition.

Most of the respondents were found to be impressed by their favorite personalities being in the television ads and the impact was fairly high. There exists a relationship between the age of the consumer and choice of endorsers they like most. Attractiveness of a celebrity is the most influencing factor for the success of the particular advertisement. Young consumers are to a great extent interested watching sports personality endorsing in TV commercials. Celebrity endorsement is a source of glamour. The TV commercials are the most effective means of media for the celebrity endorsement strategy.

A sheer relationship has been observed between the soft drink consumer’s buying decision and the celebrity endorser fot the drink in India. Also from the analysis, It is evident that different factors influence consumer’s buying decisions like the brand name and image, the taste, etc.

As a result of the current study, it is clear that the Indian soft drink consumer has an overall affirmative attitude for celebrity endorsements, and it assist in increasing the product awareness and it supports the brand recall frequency. The demographic factors such as age, gender and family income has an impact on the consumer purchasing behavior. It is observed that the celebrity endorsement strategy is just a mean of recognition and recall a product.

This study has found that celebrity endorsement augments product information and creates awareness among consumers. It helps them to recall the brands which they endorse. The purchase attitude is inequitable by the celebrity endorsement factors, brand recognition and product evaluation. It keeps the brand image on the consumers. Only a less number of consumers have a preference of using products by seeing celebrities. It just increases the consumer’s concentration and grasps their notice towards the ads. The consumers buying behavior also get influenced by multiple celebrities endorsing a single brand. Finally the celebrity endorsement has the direct constructive effect towards the advertisement and the brand image.

In views of the respondents, increasing sales and profit plus creating brand image are the two main motives of the marketers behind celebrity endorsement. Attitudes of consumer’s towards different brand endorsers employed for Coca-Cola’s products, is positive. Aishwariya, Hritik and Asim are the most loved endorsers by the consumer group. Imran Kan is the least appreciated endorser of Coca-Cola. Sachin Tendulkar is the most appreciated endorsers among the sports stars by the Indian soft drink consumers.

Among different brands of Coca-Cola, Minute maid Nimbu Fresh has gain the most popularity in the shortest time. Coca-Cola is the oldest and the most loved brand. Mazza Milky Delite is the least appreciated brand among the respondents. Burn has no recognition among the general Indian consumers.

Brands should carefully make sure the probabilities of the success of celebrities towards endorsing the product. This will be the best approach to match the product type with the probable celebrity field. The Multiple celebrities use for the advertisement, sometimes, confuses the consumers and presents negative impact. So the organization must be careful in adoption of multiple celebrity endorsement strategy. The chief decisive factors for the selection of Celebrity Endorsement are Credibility, Attractiveness and match up. These are the most important aspects of consideration for the success of an advertisement. Celebrity endorsements are more effective when consistently used over time for creating the link between the brand and the celebrity. They would be more effective when using a celebrity who is not strongly associated with another product or service. Celebrity endorsement strategy enhances product knowledge and creates awareness amongst the consumers.

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