Inference is using observation and background to reach a logical conclusion

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Making inferences

Literacy Unit – Secrets 8b

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May / June 2015

Inference is using observation and background to reach a logical conclusion.


Activity / Form


Introduction – Must Complete

Marion’s Story

Notebook Lesson

Note on Making Inferences

True Movie

PSA Video from Viet Nam

Q + “why made” paragraph

Ocean Maker

Short Film

Graphic Organizer + Storyboard


Short Film

Graphic Organizer

Optional Activities

Matthew Effect

Essay –Blue Duo Tangs

Q + radio or video rant

10,000 Hours

Essay –Blue Duo Tangs

Q + radio or video rant

Easter Island / Mummy /

My Secret Place

Poetry – Nelson Reader

Q + Poem poster or Rap/Song

My Secret Camera

Photo Essay –Nelson Reader

Q + Photo essay (slideshow or poster)

Ghazala’s Secret

Create a Comic – Nelson Reader

Q + comic book

Big Buck Bunny

Video – on line

Q + create a video (Frames/iMovie)


Article – Yellow Duo Tang

Q + media campaign

Culminating Activities

Another World

Notebook Story

Create a “who am I” notebook file


Reading Poetry

Read Poems on Pages 8 and 9 of Nelson Literacy 8B – Secrets.

Answer the Easter Island and Mummy questions on the worksheet.

Read Poem on Pages 38 and 39 of Nelson Literacy 8B – Secrets.

Answer the My Secret Place questions on the worksheet.

Writing Poetry

You may choose any of the projects below. You may choose to do more than one. You may also come up with your own idea or modifications…let’s chat!

  1. Find pictures of some ancient wonders that you would like to write about (for example, the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal, or Stonehenge). Write a collection of poems about the secrets of each chosen wonder. You could write a poem similar in form to those in the selection, you could write one that consists of questions you would like to ask the wonder, or you could write one in the wonder’s voice. Final copies of the poems should be displayed along with the pictures on a poster.

  1. Write your own “My Secret Place” spoken word poem and perform it for the class. You may choose to record their poem in either audio alone or as a music video. Below, is a template you may choose to use as a starting point.

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