Indian farmers fertilisers co-operative ltd a shining beacon in the she managemnet

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Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) Aonla operates fertilizer plant for manufacturing Urea at P.O. IFFCO Township, Aonla, Distt. Bareilly (U.P.). It comprises of two Ammonia Plant of 1520 MT per day and four streams of Urea plant each of capacity 1310 MT per day and a captive power plant of 2 X 18.0 MW. Urea silo, bagging plant and other related offsite facilities like - water treatment plant, effluent treatment plant, inert gas plant, cooling towers, naphtha. Ammonia storage and supply of utilities like compressed air, water etc. also exists for smooth operation of plant.
IFFCO Aonla comes under NIC Code No.30 [i.e. Basic Chemicals and chemical Products- a). Fertiliser industry]
Employment of Workers

Average number of workers in the factory are around 1100 & average numbers of contractor employees are around 900.

Safety Performance
IFFCO Aonla evaluates the safety performance by measuring & calculating the following means.

Reportable Accidents and Frequency Rate




Number of accidents “Reportable” under the factories Act, 1948 (including accidents to workers employed by Contractor, Vendors, Transporters and Visitors)








Total Permanent Disability




Non-Fatal (excluding items # 3)




Man- hours worked by all Workers including overtime Worked




Weighted Accident Frequency Rate (WAFR)



{10(items#2+3) + Items # 4}

= ----------------------------------------------- X 10 6

Number of total man-hours worked (as in item # 5)

Man-Days Lost and Severity Rate


Equivalent man-days lost for fatal accidents and total permanent disability cases = 6000 { Items # (2+3)}




Man-days lost due to other non- fatal accidents




Total No. of man-days lost due to accidents [Items #(A+B)]




Number of man-days lost (as in item #C)

Severity Rate =-------------------------------------------------- X 106

Number of total man-hours worked (as in item#5)




Dangerous Occurrences as defined under the Factories Rules

Give a brief description of each occurrence particularly covering cause, damage, loss and impact outside the factory, if any


The Longest Continuous Accident- Free Period worked for the factory in million Man- Hours is 15.6 million man-hours & Number of days are 947
Safety Management
Policy on Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

IFFCO Aonla unit have both well defined Health, Safety & Environment Policy both on unit level and corporate level. Corporate level policy issued on June 04,1999 by Managing Director of the company. Where as unit level policy has been issued by Unit head of IFFCO Aonla Unit.

Objectives of the SHE Policy achieved by:

At IFFCO Aonla unit, the objective of SHE Policy are achieved in various ways like starting with planning and continues through design, Purchase, Stores, fabrication, Construction, Installation, Operation and Maintenance. They are integral parts of each and every job/ operation carried out by any one directly or indirectly attached to IFFCO.

In all business decisions due care taken to minimise both consumption of resources and generation of waste.

All practical steps are taken to identify and access the risk in all sections and safety status periodically for awareness among all employees and public at large by using expert knowledge of trained and educated personnel. IFFCO aonla unit has got ISO:9001-2000, ISO:14001-1996 & OHSAS:18001-1999 certification. Under these various SHE related targets are set in each sections and achieved them in stipulated times in the form of their compliances as well as others .

Top management receives monthly reports on SHE performance for their review from Fire & Safety section. Accordingly new targets, objectives and management plans set in SHE matters and try to achieve them in stipulated time.

Copy of HSE policy is distributed in each section and is made available in each Control Room and in the offices of all higher officials.

OHSAS-18001:1999 Certificate

IFFCO Aonla Unit is OHSAS:18001 certified Company by NQA-QSR, New Delhi under Indian /International Standards : OHSAS : 18001. The written OH&S policy of IFFCO Aonla unit is given below;

IFFCO Aonla Unit is committed for continual improvement and establishing, maintaining the occupational health and safety management system at workplace, by setting and reviewing objectives and targets which focuses at:

  • Compliance of applicable statutory rules and regulations at workplace environment like Factories acts, EPA acts, Electricity Rules, Boiler Rules, etc.

  • Strive for risk minimisation due to hazards by effective identification and control

  • Emergency preparedness for safety of plant and concerned personnel.

  • Create awareness on Occupational Health and Safety matters among employees, contractors and other team members and to ensure their involvement.

OHSAS-18001:1999 OHS policy was distributed to every one i.e. employees, contractors, vendors etc .at Aonla unit and OH&S procedures focuses at identification of the hazards and risk assessment which was carried out by each section of iffco aonla unit including Township. Each section measured the risk level and made operational control procedure and then corrective & preventive actions were made, While taking performance criteria for each procedure.

Every section set their own objectives and targets to control the risk and minimise the hazards. All documentation and records regarding OHS were completed and got the above certification

In this context to create awareness among employees, contractors, vendors, drivers and transporters on OH&S and environment issues, training was given to 1600 peoples since from April 2004 to March 2005 on these following topics,

  1. First Aid

  2. Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.

  3. Road safety.

  4. Handling of hazardous chemicals.

  5. Introduction to Environmental Management System (EMS).

  6. Case studies of Fire and Safety.

  7. Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series(OHSAS).

  8. Fire Fighting theory and it’s application.

  9. Emergency preparedness in fertiliser industry.

  10. Industrial Safety and Health.

  11. ISO-14001(Environmental Management System).

  12. Waste water Management.

  13. Workshop on positive health options.

  14. Practical demonstration and training of all fire and safety equipment like fire extinguishers and use of PPEs .

  15. Fire Hydrant Network system.

  16. Hazardous Installations of IFFCO aonla unit.


(From the period April-2004 to March-2005)
OHSMP-I : 60% of all the employees shall be imparted training on OHS awareness aspects till march ,2005

Achieved Value-74%

OHSMP-II : 100 Nos. of employees shall be imparted First Aid training till March-2005.

Achieved Value-123

OHSMP-III : Developing awareness on OHS aspects in 50% of contractors, IFFCO township residents and vendors in shopping complex.

Achieved Value-60%

OHSMP-IV : Medical check up of all the employees in the age group of 45 years and above in 2004-05.

Target Value-223 ,Achieved Value-223

OHSMP-V : Medical surveillance of all employees for occupational health directly involved in plant operation in the fiscal year 2004-05.

Target Value-252 Nos , Achieved Value-252Nos

ISO-9001: 2000 Certificate

IFFCO Aonla Unit is ISO-9001: 2000 certified company and its policy is given below;
Quality Policy of IFFCO Aonla

IFFCO Aonla Unit is committed to achieve satisfaction of its cooperative societies, farming community and customers by manufacturing and supplying specified quality product, by pursuing:

  • Improvement of Technology for enhancing/maintaining productivity and growth.

  • Creating safe & healthy working conditions and eco-friendly environment.

  • Continual improvement of effectiveness of it’s quality management system.

  • Co-operation and team spirit.

  • Development of human resources.

Quality Objectives
Following ware the quality objectives and achieved at IFFCO Aonla Unit for the year 2004-05.


Unit of Measure

Target Values

Target Achieved

Action Plan was

1. Specific Energy Consumption

G Cal/Ton Urea



1. Reducing the CO2 suction temperature.

2. Controlling NH3 in C-3.

3. Reducing specific steam consumption.

4. Optimization of parameters

2. Urea spillage




Preventive Maint. Of Belts/skirt & Idlers

3. Cotton Waste Consumption




Creating awareness and reduction in oil leakage by preventive Maint.

Activities undertaken by Line Managers to achieve SHE objectives in their Departments/ Sections
Line Managers gives their best efforts to achieve SHE objectives in their Departments/sections by participating in by;

  1. keeping the good housekeeping,

  2. conducting internal audits,

  3. Strictly complying the observations made by Housekeeping and safety committee visits, etc.

  4. Motivating staff and inspecting their behavior,

  5. Co-operations and by helding meeting with staff, etc.

In IFCCO Aonla unit Safety & Health performance of individuals and their Departments taken into accounts while considering career advancement
Safety and Health performance are made very important factors for career advancement. Safety & Health performance of individuals are incorporated in their Appraisal form, which is strictly consider during their career advancement. The Ultimate Boss or Senior person inspected the jobs of follow person in many methods and give ranking accordingly in Safety & Health matters for their performance appraisal form.
Structure and Composition of Safety Committee(s) in our factory:
At IFFCO Aonla unit, both unit/central and individual plant level safety committees are actively working. In these committees, equal representation from workers and officers taken. Unit level central Safety committee is having total 12 members, out of which, one is Chairman of Safety Committee, from top management and one is Secretary which manager level person from fire & safety section. Remaining ten members having equal representation from both officer and workers level from all plant/sections.
The frequency of Central safety committee meets is quarterly. But because of many Safety and emergency reasons, it calls more than it’s schedule frequency. During assessment series, total 13 nos. of meeting hold.

We are giving the 10-important issues discussed in central safety committees and their improvements done are given below number wise,

Sr. No.

Issues/Improvements discussed in committee meets



Persons working at height more than 2meters must wear safety belts to avoid falling hazards.

Proper action has been taken to supervise job from contractor and IFFCO person.


Wind sack should be provided on other tall structures of Ammonia-2 plant such that in case of gas leakage people can know the wind direction.

Windsock provided at HRU unit.


It was requested by members to hold more safety related lectures to cover more employees

Frequent training lectures conducted and cover mostly all employees from all grades.


Percentage of grass fires in plant as well as township increased, so all contractors meet be carried out to tell them to educate their persons in this regard and also IFFCO fire &safety section must do in this regard.

Meeting with contractors and training of contract personnel has been started


Road Safety sign boards to be provided at various places in Township.

i.. Speed limit 30 Km/hr

ii., Turning indication boards at turning points

Proper boards fabricated and grouted in plant area as well as in Township.


To avoid dangerous haphazard movement of Truck drivers in Bagging area. Proper entry system be develop to maintain safety

Entry Token system has been developed and accordingly Trucks are allowed to enter in factory premise in queue. C.I.S.F has been engaged in this matter. TREM Cards on safety issues were given


It has been observed that some persons who were entering plant area by driving two wheelers, don’t wear Crash helmets. Though same had been issued to all by management second time.

C.I.S.F personnel engaged in this matter and results achieved.


Lane dividing reflectors and zebra crossing provided in plant & township found got faded.

Repainting was done.


Emergency meeting of central safety committee will be engaged to assess the situation before start of coming annual shut downs.

Meetings held & discussed all safety-related matters.


There should be explicit provision in the tender document for all jobs involving labour relating to safety regulations like non use of loose clothing, use of safety helmets, safety shoes, etc.

All done.

Other activities designed to promote workers’ participation in SHE management.
Workers are permitted to give their Safety, Health & Environment suggestion, views through ; the members of safety committees and through suggestion boxes kept at designated locations, seminars, in-house meetings, etc. Besides this, the best selected slogans of workers are also displayed at plant and township hoarding. At the same time, workers are given full freedom to approach any officer at any level in this regard.
Besides this, Following SHE promotional activities are carried out in IFFCO aonla unit.:-

  1. SUGGESTION BOX installed at designated locations.

  2. Annual sport meets are conducted at unit level.

  3. Aonla unit having well equipped Gym, swimming pool, sport ground, etc.

  4. AONLA JYOTI unit level quarterly published magazine , is full of SHE

related topics and the activities conducted at unit during the period

  1. IFFCO ANNUAL REPORT, also highlights the important SHE activities

  2. At unit level , National Safety Week, National Fire Service week, World

Environment Week and World Health Week celebrated with full participation

and enthusiasm of employees

  1. During these types of celebrations various SHE related competitions

organished to develop and promote the interest in SHE.

  1. All the winners and the runners have been awarded with fabulous prizes.

  2. Competition like Quiz, slogan, essay and debate are organised for all

employees. Also Drawing competition on the SHE poster for children


  1. During whole celebration week ,SHE poster displayed all over the factory and

township departments, section, notice boards, etc. for public

  1. During these celebration period concern SHE related documentary movies or

film displayed on cable TV all over the township.

  1. External experts or renowned personalities called for delivering lectures and

to motivate the employees time to time.

  1. Free Medical camps are regularly organished for the economically back ward

employees and for local community by factory Medical officers, etc.

  1. For overall better plant safety performance, a token gift will be given to each employee during National Safety Week celebration.

  2. Workers and their family members are being well trained in general safety practices.

  3. Recognition of individual’s safety awareness.

  4. Ensuring the participation of workers in the practical demonstration of Fire fighting & safety equipment.

  5. Every worker is being well trained about his role, responsibility and

accountability in safe working procedures.
Special campaigns undertaken at IFFCO-AONLA factory (e.g. National Safety Day/Week, World Environment Day and Fire Service Week/World Health Day)
At IFFCO Aonla unit, every year National Safety Week, World Environment Day & Fire Service Week are celebrated at grand level and in each years it proved a great boost in the promotion of awareness. During all these celebration various competitions were organised. Persons from all grades participated in big margins in each competitions. Children of employees also enthusiastically participated in drawing safety & environment competitions. All the winner & runners given fabulous prizes to boost participants morale. During National Safety Week closing ceremony, awards for best housekeeping plants and token gifts to winner plant employees are also distributed. During such celebration a unity level gatherings are conducted in which Unit head and fire & safety heads reads the corresponding SHE track records and urge employees to maintain it even better for future.

IFFCO –AONLA unit got several awards and certificates from various agencies ,foundations, government bodies and institutes. Details and copies of awards and certificates are enclosed

SHE related Awards recently won by IFFCO Aonla Unit

Sl. No.

Name of Award


Year of receipt


“Runner Up” in National Safety Awards

Ministry of labour & employment ,

Govt. of India

07 September 2005


NSCI Awards-2004 “Yogyata Praman Patra”

National Safety Council of India

Award declared yet to be received


“Golden Peacock” Special Commendation of Environment Management award-2005

World environment Foundation

11th June 2005


“Certificate of Participation” Corporate Environmental Awards-2002/03

TERI Corporate Environmental Awards

05th June 2004


NSCI Awards-2002 “Prasansha Patra”

National Safety Council of India

27th Dec’ 2003


“Certificate of Merit” National Energy Conservation Award-2003

National Energy Conservation in Fertiliser Sector by Ministry of Power, Govt. of India

14th Dec’ 2003


“Certificate of Merit” National Energy Conservation Award-2002


14th Dec’2002


NSCI Awards-2000 “Prasansha Patra”

National Safety Council of India

10th Dec’2002

Innovative approach/measure in SHE management practices beyond the scope of statutory requirements and the benefits achieved by virtue of its implementations.

  1. House keeping committee

  2. Visual Inspection of Hazardous Installation Committee

  3. Flange explosiveness checking, etc.

  4. Distribution of literatures on Hazardous chemicals to concern external handling agencies,

  5. Training of Outer involved agencies on SHE matters

Because of such activities, IFFCO Aonla unit is continuously achieving impressive HSE objectives.

Standard / Safe Operating Procedures
The Titles of Standard and Safe Operating Procedure Adopted in Aonla Unit are as below:--.

A. Safe Operational Procedure

  1. Plant Start up Manual

  2. Plant Shut down Manual

  3. Plant Operating Manual, for each process of section

  4. Safe Maintenance Procedure incorporated under ISO documentation

B. Work Permit.

  1. Work Request Permit

  2. Cold Job Work Permit

  3. Hot Job Work Permit

Other: Documents prepared for

  1. Periodic Flange check for leakage control

  2. Regular explosiveness/ Toxicity checked

  3. Sample analysis by Lab

All records are formatted and kept in all sections/ departments and The implementation of above safe operating procedures is ensured by filling checklists and carrying out jobs in presence of senior personnel. Proper records and log books are maintained.

Safety Manual

Safety Manual has been prepared in local language of all workers i.e. in Hindi as well as in English language. Every workers and officers are given one copy of Safety Manual.

Brief description of the Fire Prevention and Protection System

Following are the silent features of Fire Prevention and Protection System provided at IFFCO Aonla unit:-

        1. Full fledged Fire & safety staff with well qualified, experience & skilled persons.

        2. Under Ground Fire Hydrant system all over the plant as well as water and foam monitor system in crucial area.

        3. Automatic Fixed Foam System – for Naphtha Storage Tanks.

        4. MV water spray system for 10000M3 cap. Naphtha storage tank.

c) Fire Hydrant & Raiser system with Hose boxes – for empty bag storages.

        1. Carbon dioxide system – Turbo Generators( 2nos.) at Power Plant and GT in Ammonia-2.

        2. Smoke detectors - at all Control rooms and buildings.

g) Various Fire & Safety Appliances like Foam Tenders, DCP Tender , Fire Jeep, Single Headed Ground, Double header ground hydrants, Internal hydrants points, Water Jet Monitors, Foam Monitors, Fire Pumps(Elect.),Fire Pumps(Diesel),Jockey Pumps and Air Compressors

Under Ground Fire Hydrants System :

Total Pipe length of closed loop system 20 Km. Approx.

Pressure in Hydrant System 8.8 Kg/cm².

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
In all plants, hazards and risk are identified time to time by using modern techniques. IFFCO Aonla unit is OHSAS –18001 certified company. So in all departments /section risk and hazards are find out by proper risk assessments. During this severity at various level matched with probability level. And find out the case of intolerable, substantial, moderate and tolerable risk. Accordingly control measures at the place checked. Documentation done and records are maintained.

In plant already, Safety committee, house keeping committee and plant management level Visual Inspection committee formed. These committees regularly carried out the visual inspection allover the plant and suggest proper corrective and preventive measure. Plant management level Visual Inspection committee specially formed to take the inspection of all hazardous installations quarterly and submitted it report for further rectification.

House keeping committee composed of equal representatives from management and workers side. This committee quarterly carried out total plant visit with one surprise visit to find out the unsafe acts and the unsafe conditions prevailing in the plant which may lead to the hazard/accident in future. The observation of this committee circulated to concern department/section for corrective action before the forthcoming visit. Also the copy of this given to unit head for his knowledge.

Safety committee formed by unit head also carried out quarterly inspection in plant as well as in township. It regularly conduct Minutes of Meeting. There reports also given to unit head for his reference. The correction of first meeting ensured in second meeting for its implementation.

Allover above at IFFCO Aonla unit, HAZOP, HAZAN study, Dow index, Risk Analysis, FMIA, Fault Tree Analysis are carried out at its inception level.

System for Safety Inspection

At IFFCO Aonla unit safety has been given the top most priority. Under this system various safety inspection activities are carried out and their documentation prepared and records are maintained. Following ways does the safety inspections;

1] Housekeeping committee,

2] Central Safety Committee,

3] Plant level safety committee,

4] Visual Inspection of Hazardous Instillation committees,

5] Issue of Safety Work Permit and follow-up checking,

6] Activities done by plant inspection section,

7] Continues supervision of production supervisor and fire and safety persons, etc.
Brief description of action taken on the reports and consequent

Improvement achieved.
The copies of all external audits already submitted to government bodies. Compliances of these audits regarding the current status and action taken also send to government bodies for their full satisfaction. By all these compliances a very OHS performance found improving.
Contractor Safety
Safety clause in contractor’s work order’.

Proper safety related clauses are added in contractor’s work order according to the nature of job involved in work order. Also only reputed and experience contractors are approved by IFFCO, Aonla unit & allowed to bit for particular contract.

Supervision of worksite by contractor’s supervisor and departmental supervisor/engineer.
At IFFCO aonla unit, for every work to commence, a safety work permit must required. During it’s issue contract supervisor and departmental shift Engineer first check the area and arrangement for safety of work. One copy of that work permit also handed to Fire and safety section, which also check the proceed of job continuously or as and when required along with departmental shift engineer.
Inspection of worksite by factory safety officer

Factory Safety Officer took daily plant round. He also inspects those jobs which are considered hazardous like vessel entries, big jobs, working at heights, etc. and submitted his opinion in-front of management. In case any accident or emergency occurs, he investigates the cause & prepares reports.

Safety Meetings with Contractors

Time to time management do safety meeting with all contractors to discuss with them the Do’s & Don’t in plant area. Discussed with them their problem regarding jobs, safety, health & benefits of their workers.

Personal protective equipment given to contractor or badli workers.
It has been clearly mentioned in the worker order that contractor has to bring their own Personal Protective Equipments required on job. In case if they shorts or some additional personal protective equipments required, management has provision to provide it to carry the job safely and accident free.
Material Safety Data Sheets
Material Safety Data sheets are prepared for all chemicals in prescribed format of Schedule 9 under MSIHC Rules 1989. Copies of it have placed at all locations where they are used and handled. Also the copies are put in plant library for general awareness purpose.
Give a summary of the process of disseminating information about these chemicals to the workers concerned.
Concerned workers are given continues training about the possible types hazards may rises from chemicals they are handling and also trained them how to protect themselves by using of personal protective equipment. All this has been done by continues training and training. Proper hoarding made and grouted in sensitive areas regarding hazards and use of Personal protective equipments.
Labelling hazardous chemical containers
All chemicals are labelled according to standard practice and placed at their earmarked locations. In their labelling various safety points included like nature of chemical i.e. fire/explosion hazards & index, corrosive, flammable, toxic, flash point, etc. In case leak occurs how to prevent or mitigate etc.
Emergency Management Plan
On-site Emergency Plan

IFFCO Aonla Unit is comes under First schedule of Factories Act, 1948 (i.e. Sr. No. 7 Fertiliser Industries- Nitrogenous). So, Factory have prepared it’s “On-site Emergency Plan to mitigate the assess hazard in plant systematically”. Latest Onsite emergency plan is prepared in seeing the catastrophic failure on 10000MT capacity Liquid ammonia tank and/or mass level chorine gas leakage on the site. In this all resources of IFFCO aonla will be utilised. Care also taken about neighbouring village peoples and time to time trained them about how to act when willingness siren heard. After every six months one mock drill has been conducted and in that all surrounding local communities and government authorities involved. In this, response time to act and observation made and proper changes are made.

Updating and Testing of “On-site Emergency Plan”
After every six months, mock drill has been conducted. Prior information about this sends in well advance to all legal authorities and local communities for their reference and seek their witness. In mock drill, wailing siren has raise for 5 minutes in up and down pitches. And all action are carried out as per written checklist of “On-site Emergency Plan”. All clear Siren raise in continues pitch for 5 minutes when emergency over. During this all observations made and recorded and any correction incorporated if involved. Then Report of this send to legal authorities in proper filled form.
Medical facilities
Ambulance Room (First Aid Post) and /or Occupational Health Centre have well equipped Plant Medical Dispensary/ Ambulance / First Aid Post in plant. One well qualified and experience male nurse and one ambulance is there round the clock to attend any medical or surgical emergency along with necessary equipment like oxygen cylinders, stretchers and life saving drugs.
At Township hospital (1km away from plant dispensary), there are three factory Medical Officers, five female nurses, two male nurses and two pharmacists. All are well qualified and experienced as per Factories Act 1948.
Medical Checkup of Employees
Medical examination of employees working in plant is being done every six months. Purpose of this examination is to detect medical and occupational diseases at early stages. IFFCO employees have being checked routinely for any occupational and other illness. So far no employee has been found suffering from any occupational illness. If they are found suffering from some other medical problems, they are investigated further and treatment is given accordingly. There is no specific trend different from general population is there as far as diseases in over employees are concern. All employees are covered under group insurance coverage.
Health Awareness Programmes
Various training programmes like training on First Aid, Yoga Shibir, Good hygiene & Health, etc are being regularly conducted for employees and their family members. Talks are held on health related issues in Technocrat Forum. Employees are sending for external training to take advantage from health topic organished by different foundations. During other training and development programmes medical experts are invited to deliver talks.
Major Accident Hazard (MAH) Installations
IFFCO Aonla unit comes under “major accident hazard installation” as per the MSIHC Rules-1989 so, possible major accident identified and the steps taken for their prevention.
In Plant, already major accident hazards identified, they are may be due to catastrophic failures/ major fires and these are namely for:

  1. Two Liquid Ammonia Storage Tanks of Cap of each 10000MT.

  2. Major use of Chlorine stored in tonner in Cooling Tower areas and maintain

stock is around 12 MT

  1. Major storage of Naphtha tanks three with capacity of around 2x 6000KL

and 10000 KL, etc.

  1. Disaster management Action plan prepared for onsite emergency.

  2. For checking the reliability of Disaster management action plan, regular

mock Ammonia/chlorine leakage scenarios planned with prior information

to all local and district authorities.

  1. IFFCO aonla unit has Mutual Aid with mostly all local authorities.

  2. For awareness among neighbors about hazard, Safety manual in Local

language distributed to their key personnel. Also IFFCO aonla unit employed most of its work force from neighboring villages who inturn spread awareness.

  1. At plant it self, Proper preventive installation and protective measure taken

more than the legal requirements.

  1. Their safety related parts routinely checked.

  2. Detector and alarm Systems checked properly and if any discrepancy found

prompt action taken to rectify it.

  1. All Fire and Safety Equipments regularly checked for their reliability.

  2. Management level Visual Inspection committee setup which quarterly

carried out Hazardous Installation Inspection at these places.

  1. Various internal and external safety audits, Plant Safety committee, House

keeping committees formed which conducted their audits regarding OS&H

and demand time bound compliance.

  1. Hazardous areas already barricaded and separated from other operating

units by proper separation distances.

  1. In such area, other equipments used are flameproof and intrinsically safe.

  2. Safety Hoarding grouted near such zones, indicating the possible hazard and

the cause.

14. Various PPES , Fire extinguishers, water showers, First aid boxes (filled) &

on line air masks are provided at various. Hazardous installations. All employees wear these all for handing and controlling the leakages.

15. All fire tenders & fire & Safety team are kept ready for any eventuality

  1. Factory’s involvement in preparation of “off-site emergency plan

IFFCO Aonla management has provided all necessary data to District Authorities for preparation in Off-site Emergency Plan. In this, data about factory’s resources and the possible hazards has been given to them. Time to Time persons from other authorities and Gram pradhans of surrounding local communities are trained at our site to make them familiar with the associated hazards and mitigation methods. Plants personal are always in touch with district authorities in this regard.

Steps taken by factory to inform the person outside the site who are likely to be in area which may be affected by a “major accident” on our site
Informations on Disaster Management Plan are distributed to the local authorities and are advised to act accordingly. Gram pradhans of surrounding local communities are trained at our site to make them familiar with the associated hazards and mitigation methods. At entry gate to plant, proper entries are made and proper instructions are given regarding Do’s & Don’ts. In plant and plant entry gate, safety boards with pictures, data and instructions are displayed to make outer person aware of the hazards there and to act accordingly. Hoarding regarding actions to be followed in emergency also displayed in plant areas.
Safety Report ( As per Rule 10 of the MSIHC Rules)
IFFCO Aonla unit recently submitted Safety Report as per Rule 10 of the MSIHC –1989(rev2000) Rules regarding all required data with complete Annexures. In this identified hazards and mitigation procedures, list of resources and monitoring frequency are given with full details. Report has been submitted to Director of factories, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Environmental Management

IFFCO Aonla Unit is obtaining Water consent, Air consent and Authorization for handling hazardous wastes from U. P. Pollution Control Board, Lucknow and getting these renewed every year. We comply all the conditions of these consents and Authorization.

We are regularly submitting the Environment Statement to the Statutory Authorities every year. The latest Environment Statement for the year 2004-05 has been submitted to the Statutory Authority on dated 16th May,2005.
Frequency of ambient air and stack monitoring and the other parameters monitored in our factory.

  • The quality of Ambient Air, stack monitoring and prill tower dust emissions

are being done regularly on weekly basis.

  • SPM, SO2, NO2, and NH3 are being done in Ambient Air in four stations, one in plant and three around the factory premises.

  • SOx, NOx &CO are monitored in stacks of Primary Reformer of Ammonia plant and stacks of Power Plant.

  • Urea dust emission is being monitored in the Urea Prill Tower.

  • The treated effluent (factory discharge) is being analyzed daily for pH ,Total ammonia & Free Ammonia .

Temp. , Conductivity, Total-NH3 , Free-NH3 , TKN , PO4 , Cl , COD, BOD

Zn , Oil & Grease.

Measure taken to comply with the stipulated conditions in the Consent Order or Authorisation issued by the State Pollution Control Board.

  • All the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) ,recycle and reuse facilities, pollution control measures to control air pollution are kept operational and maintained properly.

  • Solid wastes are kept in LDPE lined pits / containers in factory premises to avoid any contamination in ground water.

  • We comply all the conditions of CREP responsibilities.

  • The ph and ammonia is being monitored regularly in factory discharge.

  • The stacks have on line analyzers for NOx, SOx & CO analyzers.

  • 80 to 250 meter wide green belt has been developed in and around the factory and township premises. We regularly replacing the dead trees as well as tree plantation is continuing in the vacant spaces in plant and township.

  • More than 80% of the treated effluent is utilized for horticulture purposes.

IFFCO Aonla a ISO:-14001:1996 certified company
IFFCO Aonla Unit is ISO: 14001 certified unit. The accreditation is being done by M/s BVQI(UK) and the certificate is valid upto 14th January,2007.

Environment Policy of IFFCO Aonla Unit
IFFCO Aonla Unit is committed for continual improvement and protection of environment by setting and reviewing the objectives and targets through environmental management system focussing at:

  • Compliance of legislation related to environmental statutes and legislation.

  • Monitoring and conserving natural resources.

  • Effluent and waste minimisation by way of recycling and reuse.

  • Developing awareness and competence on environmental issues.

  • Emergency Preparedness for safety of concerned personnel and plant.

EMPs, Objectives & Targets achieved during 2004-05
Following were the objectives & targets achieved in the year 2004-05

  • EMP 1 : To reduce Urea spillage by 4% considering the base value of year 2003-04 i.e. 659 M.T./Month

- Average Urea spillage achieved for the year 2004-05 was 537 MT/month.

  • EMP 2 : To reduce water consumption below 7.8M3/MT of UREA Production

in the year 2004-05.

- The average consumption of water during 2004-05 was 6.50 M3/MT of Urea.

  • EMP 3: To plant approximate 15000 trees in the year 2004-05.

-During 2004-05 total 19,440 trees have been planted.

  • EMP 4: To keep suspended particulate matter (SPM) below 200 microgram/m3

- SPM level found 164.48 microgram/m3 during 2004-05.

  • EMP 5: To bring awareness among the new/transferred employees, township residents and new contractors on environmental issues.

-During the year 2004-05, total 422 persons imparted training on Environmental Awareness.

Re-assessment and Up-Gradation for ISO 14001:2004
Re-assessment and up gradation for ISO 14001;2004 from ISO 14001;1996 will be completed in the month of Nov.2005

Contribution in Promoting Exchange of SHE information & Experience
IFFCO Aonla unit carried out following activities to promote safety practices among its Suppliers, Transporters and Users

  1. TREM cards given to the transporters.

  2. Visitors are given emergency related Do’s & Don’t’s related glamorous pocket

size cards.

  1. Official letter pads are embedded with SHE awards, like National Safety

Council, Greentech award and ISO certificates

  1. Product bags also embedded with SHE related headings and ISO Certification.

  2. In tenders and bids, SHE related clause specially highlighted.

  3. External drivers and cleaners trained time to time.

  4. For uniform entering into the factory premises token system is implemented

  5. For loading and unloading of toxic/flammable /hazardous material proper

Precautionary measures always taken and displayed. Ensure all vehicles/tankers system for hydro test reports, safety devices and purging status, all will be ensured during loading and unloading, etc.

Collaborative efforts with other industries (in the neighborhood) in respect of HSE activities & Mutual-Aid membership and the activities undertaken.
IFFCO aonla unit is having collaboration with mostly all local authorities for police service, Fire and rescue services, medical services etc.
Under this cooperation, IFFCO aonla fire services usually help Bareilly Fire Brigade in extinguishing all types of fires i.e. normal and petroleum fire in less time.

With IOC depo fire service and Bareilly fire service, IFFCO fire and safety section played marvelous role in controlling rail tankers and other fires, etc.

With collaboration/ singly IFFCO medical staff carried out free medical camps for local area people and time to time provide their medical expertise and manpower to Government, local and NGO medical centers whenever required and demand.
Conclusion :With all above mentioned efforts and achievements IFFCO-AONLA stands as a shining beacon in the SHE matters in the industrial sector. IFFCO-AONLA always strives for accident free and cordial working atmosphere .

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