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More on IT Finishing Schools

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Last updated on 4th September 2014 A very interesting article in Dec. 2009. [Update: This article seems to now be behind a login wall] Some notes from the article:

Dr K R V 'Raja' Subramanian, CEO of Radix Learning, a finishing school with a focus on IT and a former BITS Computer Science professor says 'We need outcome-based learning,' as that translates to 'job-ready' students
It is important for students to know their "unemployability quotient" and then (if that is high) focus on doing something about it.

--- end Notes ---

Here is a BBC article in March 2010, "Finishing school for Indian IT graduates":

Jul, 2009, Education Plus, Hindu article, "Applications invited for IT Finishing School":

Here is the IT Finishing school mentioned in above article: Claims, "The concept of IT finishing school was pioneered in India by 3Edge in 2006." .E-learning (online) course:
Mode : eLearning
Duration : 3 Months
Eligibility : Graduate/PG (Eg: BE/B.Tech/M.Tech, BCA, B.Sc., MCA, M.Sc. etc)
Fee : 4500 + Free TechnoFIRST Career Magazine (6 Months)


    * Programming Fundamentals
    * User Interface Design
    * C Programming
    * HTML Basics
    * LINUX OS Concepts
    * Software Testing Basics
    * Basics of UNIX
    * OOPS Concepts
    * Database Concepts (RDBMS, MS SQL Basics)

Placements: We have a 100% placement assistance program and you will also become a part of our extensive recruitment database after undergoing our 6 months industrial training.

Eklavya Sai: Sounds like a pretty good deal. Wonder how good their placement record is? May not be great - sounds too good to be true.

Well, the IT Finishing School concept seems to have become quite established in India. So looks like the division of labour is that AICTE/UGC governed CS & IT departments focus on the theory & research stuff and also impart some weak programming skill set, and the market-forces-created private "IT Finishing Schools" step in the "gap" to provide "job oriented skills" to those CS & IT graduates who could not land a job. Of course, some of these finishing schools are open to all graduates not just CS & IT graduates - but clearly many CS & IT graduates are not able to land a job without the help of such "IT Finishing Schools" or private training institutes.

About This Blog, Stats. and a Small God Post

Pageviews of this blog cross 10,000 over nearly 3 years; Top ten audience countries & posts, August 2014

Eminent Indian computer scientist-cum-administrator Dr. S. Ramani writes: this Indian CS & IT academic reform activism blog is interesting, July 2014


About Me

Sabka Maalik Ek - God is One

Friday, August 22, 2014

Pageviews of this blog cross 10,000 over nearly 3 years; Top ten audience countries & posts

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Last updated on 23rd August 2014

Period: The posts (excluding first post not related to academia) are from Sept. 2011 to now (Aug. 2014) i.e. around 3 years

Total published posts: 127

Total pageviews: 10,006 [My guesstimate is that Reference spam accounts for 15 to 20 percent of this count]

The total pageviews is not a large number given the number of posts and the period. However there are some visitors almost every day, if not every day, viewing some post or the other. The typical monthly pageviews in the recent past is above 300 views. So I think the objective of sharing my views and the contributions from various contributors and mail correspondents with interested people out there on the Internet has got met to some extent. Around 10 percent of the pageviews are referred by search engines like Google.

Audience - top ten countries



United States










United Kingdom










Interestingly the highest pageviews are from USA and not India. Viewers from other countries like Russia, Germany and Ukraine also have shown some interest in the blog.

Top ten posts

Steve Jobs: The iPhone Introduction (2007) - 218 views

CS & IT Academia: Serious Systemic Problems? - 140 views
Programming: Practical Solution Mindset vs. Scientific Mindset - 137 views
Off-Campus PhD Degrees - Assam State Government to reduce pay of teachers with such degrees! - 130 views
Comments on Stroustrup's paper, "Software Development for Infrastructure" in IEEE Computer, Jan. 2012 - 123 views
CS & IT Academia: How to Teach Programming? - 114 views
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Online Programming Courses: Use MIT's OCW or IIT's NPTEL or Stanford's SEE - 102 views
Georgia Tech, Udacity and AT&T offer Online MS degree in CS under $7000 - 99 views
Should M.Tech.(CS) Project be CS Research Oriented Or Software Engineering Project Oriented? - 90 views
Important pre-print academic paper (external link) related to this blog

A pre-print paper of mine titled, "Improve the Practice of Software Development in India by Having a Software Development Career Track in Indian CS & IT Academia", put up on hosted by Cornell University, USA, (Pdf:, is shown as the top/first result in Google search (from incognito Chrome window on my PC on 23rd August 2014) for the following terms:

  • poor software development skills Indian CS graduates

  • poor software development skills Indian Computer Science graduates

  • improve software development skills Indian CS graduates

  • poor practice of software development Indian CS graduates

  • poor practice of software development Indian Computer Science graduates

  • improve practice of software development Indian CS graduates

  • improve practice of software development Indian Computer Science graduates

It is the 2nd result for this Google search term:

  • improve software development skills Indian Computer Science graduates

As does not show the number of views of the abstract and paper I do not have any idea of how many people viewed the abstract and/or paper.

Though it is a pre-print paper, i.e. not published in a peer reviewed publication (journal/conference proceedings/academic magazine), it has received one citation as listed by Google scholar:

I wrote to the editor (perhaps it was editor-in-chief) of the famous international computing field publication, Communications of the ACM,, many months ago, perhaps over a year ago, who responded that while I was welcome to submit the above paper to the peer review process of CACM, he wrote something to the effect that his view was that it would be of limited appeal (as it dealt only with Indian CS/IT academia, I presume). I then decided not to invest my time in that peer review process.

Some months ago I wrote to the editor of a well known and high-level (in terms of policy debate) publication, I believe, of India dealing with a variety of fields like politics, economics, sociology etc., Economic and Political Weekly,, wondering whether they would be interested in considering this paper for review and possible publication. I got no response from them.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Eminent Indian computer scientist-cum-administrator Dr. S. Ramani writes: this Indian CS & IT academic reform activism blog is interesting

Net url:

Dr. Srinivasan Ramani (well known as Dr. S. Ramani), one of India's eminent computer scientist-cum-administrators, first director of National Center for Software Technology. NCST (now CDAC-Mumbai,, significant contributor to India's academic network, ERNET,, first director of HP Labs. India, and 2014 Internet Hall of fame inductee,, has put up a post on his blog titled, Regulating private educational institutions,, which refers to this Indian CS & IT academic reform activism blog. He writes, "Ravi Iyer runs an interesting blog titled the Indian CS & IT Academic Reform Activism" (blog) and then goes on refer to discussions on this blog about profit-oriented private sector education.

I view this reference as an important and honourable one which encourages me in my efforts to improve the practice of software development in Indian Computer Science and Information Technology academia (higher education) in particular, and improve teaching standards in Indian academia (higher education) in general. I am very thankful to Dr. S. Ramani for these encouraging comments.


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Last updated on 1st September 2014

A few friends have made significant contributions to this Eklavya Sai blog. I would like to put on record my appreciation for their contributions. One friend chose not to have his name/pen-name mentioned. Thanks guys.

The contributors/friends are:

  1. Anakin (pen name)

  2. Rajendra Chittar

  3. Picard (pen name)

  4. LiveSriOrDie (pen name)

  5. Hemanth

The pen name contributors do not have their pen name mentioned in the blog posts. Instead they are usually referred to as simply, friend, in the posts.

All the above mentioned contributors have agreed to use of CC-BY license for their content on this Eklavya Sai blog including content provided as blog comments. Of course, I also agree to use CC-BY license for my content on this Eklavya Sai blog.

Besides the above mentioned contributors some other email correspondents, which includes some leading international Computer Science academics & industry figures, have also contributed to this blog by agreeing to me sharing some of their email responses on this blog. I would like to put on record my appreciation for the contribution of these correspondents too.

About Me

Net url:

My name is Ravi S. Iyer and I am using this blog to play a part-time, peaceful and amicable, Indian CS & IT academic reform, Internet-based activist role. Actually my focus is on improving the practice of software development in Indian CS & IT academia. But I think that it is such a vital part of the CS & IT field and that it is so poor in many parts of Indian CS & IT academia, that I feel it is appropriate to refer to my efforts as Indian CS & IT academic reform efforts.

I started this blog with the pen-name of Eklavya Sai Maalik as I was not sure about how my views may be received by the academic community. Now, I am very happy to state, they are quite tolerant about my views even though some of them may disagree, perhaps vehemently, with my views, and so I do not need to use a pen-name.

I am a Physics Graduate (and Physics Masters drop-out) who was industry trained and later self-taught in software development.

I worked in the international software industry (US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India etc.) developing systems as well as applications software (CS & IT) for over 18 years after which I retired from commercial work.

Later, mainly as a "visiting faculty", I offered free service of teaching programming courses (lab. courses) and being a "technical consultant" for student projects in a Maths & Computer Science department of a deemed university in India for 9 years. has course material (including links to external US university sites) of some of the computer programming (software lab.) courses taught by me in the aforementioned Mathematics & Computer Science department of a deemed university.

I was pursuing, in a part-time capacity, "Service to Society" Free and Open Source IT software development, especially aimed at rural Indian society but have suspended that activity due to lack of time.

For bio-data and work experience details, please visit

My spirituality and religion blogs is a humble exploration of and views on the God & Science conversation (done after August 2011), and little more. When teachings of religions or miracles mentioned in Holy Scripture are referred, as far as I recall, no mention is made of any contemporary or near-contemporary religious leader/founder - the attempt is to emphasize spiritual teachings/paths/philosophy/knowledge which may be viewed as universal though the Hindu way of expressing them is used. It must also be mentioned that a few posts are specific to Hinduism. is a blog about Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and other spiritual & religious matters.

My Google+ Posts

My Twitter Account

Sunday, August 14, 2011

God is One

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Last Updated On 21st April 2013

Various realized persons and saints have, across faiths and across ages, declared that the Ultimate Divine Power is One.

The Great Shirdi Sai Baba used to say, "Sabka Maalik Ek" i.e. The Master (owner/boss/father) of All is One.

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