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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Illegal wealth case registered by CBI against former Vice-Chancellor of an Indian university

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Some sad, but at the same time, good news on corruption in Indian academia front. Today's The Hindu carries a report stating that the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) which plays a roughly similar role to the one that Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) plays in the USA, "has registered a case against N.S. Gajbhiye, former vice-chancellor of Harisingh Gour Central University at Sagar in Madhya Pradesh, for allegedly amassing illegal wealth worth over Rs.2.54 crore." [Rs. 2.54 crore is Rs. 25.4 million which is approx. US $ 0.423 million i.e. US $ 423,000.] It also states, "According to the FIR, Mr. Gajbhiye was in possession of disproportionate assets amounting to Rs.2.54 crore in his name and his family members’ during the period under scrutiny, March 2009 to May 2014." Source:

Dr. Gajbhiye obtained his Ph.D. (in Chemistry it seems) from the prestigious Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc) in 1981 and is with the Department of Chemistry of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur, His Vice-chancellor stints seem to be like deputations from IIT Kanpur, after which he returned back to IIT Kanpur.

The sad part is that CBI had to register a case of corruption/disproportionate assets against an academic from the prestigious IISc and IITs. However, Dr. Gajbhiye is innocent until proven guilty - it remains to be seen whether CBI will be able to prove its case in a court of law. The good news part is that CBI is willing to probe corruption charges against top academic administrators like vice-chancellors even if they hail from prestigious academic institutions like IISc and IITs. This will send a clear signal to those top academic administrators as well as other academics who indulge in malpractices and corruption that they could face the full force of Indian law which may result in them being sent to jail and their career getting completely destroyed. That should act as a deterrent for such corrupt actions.

If you would like to read more about complaints made against Dr. Gajbhiye, here is another report dated 28th October 2013 from a mainstream media outlet, It states, "The university vice-chancellor N S Gajbiye is allegedly embroiled in a scam involving siphoning off Rs 1000-crore of Central funds and committing irregularities in recruitment of professors over five years." [Rs. 1,000 crore = Rs. 10,000 million which is approx. US $ 166.67 million using exchange rate of Rs. 60 for 1 US $.]

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mumbai college principal arrested over charge of demanding donation for admission to XIth standard Science class

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Perhaps this is the first time I am reading about a Mumbai college principal getting arrested, and that too for demanding donation for admission! For more see: Here's a related article:

Corrupt, illegal and unethical practices are, very unfortunately, quite common in many parts of Indian academia today. Law enforcement stepping in and arresting guilty academic administrators and guilty academics may be the only way to stem the rot. Mumbai/Bombay police have a reputation of taking on criminal offenders even if they are highly placed in society.

In a way it is a sad development. But on deeper thought, it is such action that will send fear shockwaves among those Indian academics and Indian academic administrators who indulge in corrupt and illegal practices. They will realize that they are not above the law of the land and that they too can be arrested and sent to jail if they violate the Indian Penal Code. That then will reduce such corrupt and illegal practices (including record-tampering which is a criminal offence under the Indian Penal Code, and which I have had some unhappy and blood-pressure-raising-furious experience of) in Indian academia. However, it may not do anything to hamper unethical but not illegal practices of Indian academia.

BTW I did my half-year or so of M.Sc. (Physics-Electronics), before dropping out (due to financial problems), as a student of Khalsa college (for lab. work), Mumbai, in 1983-84. The lab. work was at Khalsa college with the theory classes being held in the University of Bombay, Kalina campus. In the short time I spent in Khalsa college I did not hear of such stuff but that does not mean that they did not happen. I must also say that the electronics lab. at Khalsa was managed by the very reputed Prof. Mohinder Singh (if I recall the name correctly). He took care of the lab. like his own child and we students had to be sensitive to his loving concern towards the lab. At that time, for M.Sc. electronics, due to Prof. Mohinder Singh mainly, Khalsa college lab. was reputed to be one of the best labs. in the University of Bombay (now Mumbai).

On a personal note, I must say that Prof. Mohinder Singh was also a good man and I was told that he felt quite pained that I had to quit M.Sc. due to my financial problems - I could not bring myself then, as a student caught up in a very difficult situation, to tell him directly about me quitting. Maybe I was worried about him convincing me to continue - I wanted to simply start earning decent money by getting a job instead of struggling to do M.Sc. with financial problems. In hindsight, my decision to quit M.Sc. and take up a job instead was one of the best decisions of my life.

Monday, May 5, 2014

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