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Computer Science (CS) &

Information Technology (IT)

Academic Reform Activism

Consolidated Blog Document

Ravi S. Iyer

Software Consultant

Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India

Version: 1.0, 6th Sept. 2014



Introduction 9

Improve the Practice of Software Development in India by Having a Software Development Career Track in Indian CS & IT Academia 12

Ten Computer Science (CS) & Information Technology (IT) higher education policy changes to improve practice of software development in India 34

Wrote to Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, on improving practice of software development in Indian CS & IT academia 36

Suggestions to Improve CS & IT Education in India sent to Think India - A Public Policy Advocacy Think-Tank 37

Poor software development skills Indian CS graduates - Google Search Results 39

Comments on Software Development Career Track Paper 43

Concrete Suggestions for Measuring Teaching Quality in Practice-Oriented Computer Science/Information Technology streams 45

CS & IT Academia: Serious Systemic Problems? 51

CS & IT Academia: How To Relieve Suffering of Students, Parents and Employers 61

CS & IT Academia: Inform Students About Software Contribution Record of Faculty 64

Publicly Funded Higher Education Institutions should put up Detailed Course contents on the Internet 68

Holistically Elite CS/IT Education vs. Technically Elite CS/IT Education 70

The Software Development Professor! 73

Is (Seoul Accord) Accreditation using Outcome Based Assessment methods the way forward to improve teaching standards in Indian CS & IT academia? 77

NBA India: World Summit on Accreditation - Themes include Bridging Academia & Industry and Outcome Assessment Tools 83

Discussion on Concrete Suggestions for Measuring Teaching Quality ... 85

CS & IT Academia: Profs. May Not Like Idea of Software Contribution Record 89

Prof. Stroustrup: Software development is a potentially noble profession like medicine or classical engg. disciplines but long way to go 91

US CS PhD student's Comparative View of US and Indian Academia 92

A Tough View of US & UK CS Academia 99

Education and IT related parts of President Mukherjee's address to Parliament 102

Education and IT related excerpts from PM Narendra Modi speech in Lok Sabha on June 11th 2014 105

Education Related Parts of US President Obama's State of the Union 2014 Speech 110

USA - Student Right to Know Before You Go Act 113

Judge me by my work - Terrific response by new non-graduate HRD minister, Smriti Irani 115

Indian HRD Minister of State, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Writes Newspaper Article on Indian Academic Controversy 118

First Question in 2nd US Presidential debate: Student asks about employment after graduation! 120

Transparency is the way to differentiate between good and bad deemed universities 123

For-profit Corinthian Colleges goes for orderly dissolution of company; One of the largest USA higher education closures; Lessons for India 126

Prof. Yashpal Committee: Renovation and Rejuvenation of Higher Education Report (2009) - Extracts related to private higher ed. providers and capitation fee 129

Private study (informal data): (Illegal) Donation/Capitation fees in India from KG to PG of Rs. 48,400 crores (US $ 8 Billion) per year 134

Is Brazil blazing a new path for low-cost and high-capacity higher education that countries like India can follow? 135

Tough talking articles about USA Higher Education's 1200+ percent tuition fees increase over past 30 years and Student Debt Trap 142

Two Hindu articles on Radically reforming higher education, Student loan procedures and concerns; Aspiring Minds employment linkage to edX MOOC courses 144

Recent articles in The Hindu arguing for and against privatisation of (professional) higher education (in India) 148

Flip-Flop Trauma for 44 Deemed Universities and Lakhs of students, parents, faculty and others associated with them 152

Private Deemed Universities - A model for excellence in Indian technical education? But what about its high costs to students, and so, social impact? 156

USA Higher Education Bubble? What about Indian Higher Education Bubble? 168

2013 Milken Institute Panel Discussion - The Future of Higher Education in America 179

Decline in USA Higher Education - PBS Documentary dated 2005; What about Indian Higher Education? 181

Think India Education Debate on Indian National English TV Channel 191

For-profit college in California, USA, faces lawsuit from Attorney General for Systematic Deception of Students 196

Some Serious Dangers of For-Profit Education Schools (Colleges) For Poor and Naive Students 198

How Online Education challenge is shaking up US academia 200

Napster, mp3 music industry disruption and MOOC 204

Tough Times for US Academia; Lessons for India? 206

Nature News, April 2011, Articles on PhD System Challenges 208

USA: The Student Loan Debt Disaster! Update: Income Based Repayment Plan Seems to be a Superb Solution 210

Affordable Subject-Wise Certification from Govt. Recognized Academia 214

NPTEL - IIT Madras - offers online course and certification in Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms 217

Georgia Tech, Udacity and AT&T offer Online MS degree in CS under $7000 220

CS & IT: Internet Based Learning 224

Wall Street Journal article on "Higher Education's Online Revolution" 228

NYT article on Massively Open Online Courses 231

Prof. Sebastain Thrun's experience of teaching 160,000 students AI for free! 233

A Princeton Sociology Professor's Online Teaching Experience 239

CS & IT Academia: Use Stanford Engineering Everywhere to Teach Programming 240

Online Programming Courses: Use MIT's OCW or IIT's NPTEL or Stanford's SEE 243

The Brains Behind Aakash, the Rs. 3000 (aka $35) Tablet 247

CS & IT Academia: The PhD Glass Ceiling 252

CS & IT Academia: A Bureaucratic POWER structure 255

The very strange case of 20th century era Department(s) of Mathematics and Computer Science in Indian academia in today's early 21st century world 258

Mainstream Indian newspaper article on Delhi University's Academic Council - "Everyone is terrified ..." 259

Delhi University Four Year Degree Program Mess! Do Indian university administration mechanisms promote dictatorial tendencies? 263

Dictatorial Powers of VC in Indian Central Universities 268

UGC scraps Research-linked appraisal for appointments! 269

Supreme Court rules that AICTE can only advise but not impose sanctions on universities/colleges 271

Indian Engineering Colleges: General Info. and Graduate Employability 273

Private study claims: Less than 9% of Indian engineering students have required programming and algorithm skills for IT product company jobs 274

GATE and UGC NET CS & IT exams can be employability measures if they include practical knowledge assessment 278

The Hindu's higher education student guidebook - thenxt.step 2013 - CS & IT picture 279

2014 National (India) Employability report - Poor Employability of Andhra Pradesh Engineering Graduates 284

Andhra Pradesh (India) Engineering Colleges - Half Empty! 286

An "educated guess" analysis of Large no. of Seats in Andhra Pradesh (India) Engg. Colleges Going Empty 288

Programming: Practical Solution Mindset vs. Scientific Mindset 292

Does a Teacher of Programming Need to Know Turing Machine? 300

Comments on Stroustrup's paper, "Software Development for Infrastructure" in IEEE Computer, Jan. 2012 302

Texas A&M University's Approach to Teaching Programming in (US) CS Academia 308

CS & IT Academia: How to Teach Programming? 310

CS & IT Academia: Some Comments on Teaching Programming 321

US CS & IT Academia: Usually TAs/RAs Teach Programming 327

CS & IT Academia: Should 'Customize' Instead of 'Build' be Taught? 329

Improving Indian Academic Research and Teaching: Have Separate Research-Intensive Universities and Teaching-Intensive Universities 333

Is Academic Research Grant Money Corrupting Academic Teaching Ideals? 337

CS & IT Academia: Is Teaching Excellence Important? 341

Is a PhD in CS/IT Necessarily a Good Teacher? 344

Suggestion of Separate University Rankings for Research Excellence and Teaching Excellence 349

CS & IT Academia: Research vs. Teaching 353

A Defense of The CS/IT PhD Teacher 358

Nature and Science 2011 Articles on Lack of Importance Given to Teaching Nowadays 362

Suggestion of Separate Tracks for Teaching and Research by US Academics 363

India (and Other Emerging/Developing Countries) Should Not Obsess about Higher Education Rankings 364

Should M.Tech.(CS) Project be CS Research Oriented Or Software Engineering Project Oriented? 367

Pursuing CS/IT Research Individually - Ph.D. Possibility? 382

CS & IT: Pure vs. Applied Reseach 386

Google's Hybrid Research + Development Model 389

Prof. David Parnas' views on Corruption of (Academic) Computer Science Researchers/Scientists by Publication Counts 392

Oct. 2013 Economist article on Problems with scientific research - How science goes wrong 395

Ground Rules for Sending Scientific Papers for Publication 398

Grad-Student. What does it really mean? 400

Open Access Journal Scams 402

Off-Campus PhD Degrees - Assam State Government to reduce pay of teachers with such degrees! 404

UGC seeks details on Ph.D. candidates in state universities 407

Great article about Fields Medal winner Manjul Bhargava and his blend of Maths, music & poetry (incl. Sanskrit poems) interests 409

Nature April 2014 article - Policy: Free Indian science by Dr. Mathai Joseph et al. 412

Jayant Narlikar, famous Indian astrophysicist, on Dr. Joseph's Nature article about Indian science policy problems 416

A Hard Look at the Indian Scientific Establishment 419

Whistle-blowing on the Internet - Solution for problem of Science Fraud? 421

Suspended jail sentence for scientific fraud for South Korean scientist 422

The Without Warranty Wild West Software Industry 428

A Debate on Warranty for Software 434

Miscellaneous 444

Illegal wealth case registered by CBI against former Vice-Chancellor of an Indian university 445

Mumbai college principal arrested over charge of demanding donation for admission to XIth standard Science class 447

Information Technology - Products vs. Services 449

Srinvasan Ramani - First Indian perhaps in Internet Hall of Fame; Not Agriculture vs. IT but both Agriculture and IT 451

Dr. Ramani's blogpost about students not formally complaining about illegal fees and Dr. Joseph's Hindu article (mainly) on R&D in Indian software service companies 454

Content of Programming Courses shared on Blog For Free Access To Anybody 457

Will wake up the world to the urgent need for professionalism and accountability in software development? 460

Book Summary: Digital Republic, India’s Rise to IT Power by Mathai Joseph 462

Ethics Policy for Sharing Content of Mail Exchanges on This Blog 474

Truth Telling - A Tough Job 476

Free Coaching for CSIR-UGC-NET Exam in AP University 477

Safe Path for Budding Academics in India 479

Steve Jobs: One of The Greatest Tech. Revolutionaries of Our Times 482

Steve Jobs: The iPhone Introduction (2007) 489

Steve Jobs: Some Criticism and Some Defense 498

Dennis Ritchie, a Truly Great Software Guy 503

IT Finishing Schools 506

More on IT Finishing Schools 509

Pageviews of this blog cross 10,000 over nearly 3 years; Top ten audience countries & posts 512

Eminent Indian computer scientist-cum-administrator Dr. S. Ramani writes: this Indian CS & IT academic reform activism blog is interesting 515

Contributors 516

About Me 517

God is One 519

Top-Level Categorization Links At A Glance

  • Introduction

The posts on this blog (document) have been categorized as follows (you may click on the category to jump to the list of posts in that category):

  • Improving the Practice of Software Development in Indian CS & IT Academia

  • Top Leaders (Country Presidents/Prime Minister/Ministers/US Senators) Views on Education

  • Academic Reform, Higher Education Bubble, Student Loan Problem & Private Universities

  • Online Higher Education; MOOCs

  • Academic PhD Club & Bureaucratic POWER structure

  • Indian Engineering Colleges: General Info. and Graduate Employability

  • How to Teach Programming?

  • Research vs. Teaching

  • CS & IT Research

  • Science Research

  • Software Warranty

  • Miscellaneous

  • Steve Jobs

  • Dennis Ritchie

  • IT Finishing Schools

  • About This Blog, Stats. and a Small God Post

Some of the above categories are divided into my articles/viewpoints and discussion/informative posts. The month and year of the post are mentioned at the end of the post link.

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