India set to become water scarce by 2025: report

Typhoon Soudelor kills 14 in China

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8.Typhoon Soudelor kills 14 in China

Typhoon Soudelor killed fourteen people in eastern China after parts of the country were hit by the heaviest rains in a century, state media reported on Sunday.

Twelve of the casualties were reported in and around Wenzhou city, where downpours caused mudslides and several houses collapsed on Saturday night, Xinhua news agency said.

Wencheng county saw downpours of 645 millimetres in 24 hours — the heaviest rains in 100 years — after the typhoon made landfall on Saturday night, it said.

About 1.58 million people in the city were affected by the typhoon by Sunday afternoon, the agency said, estimating direct economic losses at 4 billion yuan ($644 million).

Billed as the biggest typhoon of the year earlier in the week with winds of up to 230 kilometres (140 miles) an hour, Soudelor has since weakened. — AFP


1. Individuals to come under terror ban list

The government is all set to amend the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) to bring in a clause that would pave the way to “designate individuals” along with terror organisations under the “banned list of entities.”

Presently, there is no provision for an individual, suspected of having terror links making it to the list of terrorist entities banned, maintained centrally by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

Under Section 35 of the UAPA, there are 38 groups in the list of banned terrorist organisations, the latest one to have been added being the Islamic State (IS).

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