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Participation in youth festival

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Participation in youth festival

  • Personality development programs

  • Mimicry, classical dances, one act play fashion show at the time of social gathering.

  • Nutrition Counseling

    These activities positively impact students' emotional, intellectual, social, and inter-personal development. By working together with other individuals, students learn to negotiate, communicate, manage conflict, and lead others. These programmes sensitize the student volunteers to the social issues and challenges of the lesser privileged sections of society. This training equips them for real life situations and makes them more responsible citizens. Taking part in these extension and outreach activities students understand the importance of critical thinking skills, time management, and academic and intellectual competence.

    Involvement in activities helps students mature socially by providing a setting for student interaction, relationship formation, and discussion. Working outside the classroom with diverse groups of individuals allows students to gain more self-confidence, autonomy, and appreciation for others' differences and similarities.

    These activities help them to become good leaders.

    Budgetary details for co-curricular, extension and outreach programme









    3.6.5 How does the institution promote the participation of students and faculty in extension activities including participation in NSS, NCC, YRC and other National/ International agencies?

    Our institution is keen on extension activities to the neighboring villages. Therefore, the students are motivated to actively participate in NSS, NCC, related activities. Servicing to the neighbouring villages is actually the service to the families of our students too.We have different organized bodies and teachers incharge for extension activities. Many SRC members serve as volunteers. Their contributions of the faculty and students who are actively involved in extension programmes are adequately recognized and considered for awards.

    These provisions help to motivate students to participate in these programmes.Special prizes and awards are given to students for their outstanding contribution to extension programmes with certificate of merit. Students involved in extension activities, are also recommended for NSS special award based on the norms given by the University/National/State. The college encourages students to take part in NCC, NSS and other extension activities through:

    • Advertisement on the notice boards.

    • Announcements about the upcoming events in the college assembly.

    • Honoring the Student Achievers of N.C.C., NSS and other extension activities in the College Assembly.

    • Awarding certificates at the end of NCC course to motivate the students.

    • Awarding ‗Certificate of Merit’ to Student Volunteers in recognition of the services rendered.

    • By inviting eminent social workers, representatives of NGOs, and NCC Officers for discourses / interactive sessions with students.

    • Faculty Members extend their expertise for the benefit of society by organizing exhibition, lectures, counseling, and awareness.


    As part of our mission to actively respond to the momentous issues and to reach out to the less privileged and deserving sections of our society, the college has one units of NSS in which comprehensive projects are undertaken by the students in collaboration with the community. There are 250 students registered for NSS along with two lady programme officers. The National Service Scheme aims at the involvement mainly of under graduate students on a voluntary basis in various activities of social service and National development which while making a contribution to socio-economic progress would also provide opportunities to the students to understand and appreciate the problems of the communities, awaken social consciousness and inculcate in them a sense of dignity of labour. The NSS Unit of our college has good number of enthusiastic volunteers. The sincere and dedicated student organizers work under the able guidance of our teachers. The department of NSS adopts a village and at regular intervals they render all possible service to the villagers. One week camp is organized in the adopted village once a year, Extension service is part of the curriculum and all U.G. and P.G. (volunteers) students spend seven days in the village adopted by their department.


    The college has a unit of NCC. The NCC unit of our college has 55 cadets under various categories from Senior Cadet Officer to Cadets. Part from the routine NCC activities, the cadets are also involved in different extension activities and community services. They organize and participate in different extension activities like AIDS awareness rally, Vigilance Awareness, Anti- Dowry programs, Tree -Plantation and Blood Donation.

    The college is flexible with regard to attendance for those cadets who are selected for Republic Day Parade held in New Delhi. The NCC Cadets who attend the National Level special camps are recognized during the Annual Prize Distribution function with a certificate of merit.

    • RDG is the first college to enroll girl cadets for NCC in the 11th Maharashtra Girls Batalian.

    • The institution encourages girls to enroll them selves in NCC. The college has provided infrastructure, office, store and range of NCC.

    • The institution fully supports the cadets who go for camps. They are not levied any fine and the lectures are condoned. Extra classes are arranged for them to help them complete their syllabus.

    • NCC cadets participate in State level Republic Day and Independence Day parade held at New Delhi.

    • NCC students also go for national level camps and win many laurels.


    Saplings of Rotary Club organizes a number of activities viz.:

    • Spreading message of Keep your City Clean & Green‘

    • Drive against Female Foeticide.

    • Daughter – The Pride of the Nation.

    • Plant more trees

    • Save the Environment

    • Save the Girl Child



    The students in collaboration with various NGO‘s like Rotary, organize many events like Tree Plantation, Blood Donation, Traffic awareness seminars, female foeticide awareness rallies, Say no to drugs campaign and many other programmes. These activities encourage interpersonal interactions that are good for building a strong civil society. (Same as given in answer to question 3.6.2)

    3.6.6 Give details on social surveys, research or extension work (if any) undertaken by the college to ensure social justice and empower students from under-privileged and vulnerable sections of society?

    Committed to the cause of women empowerment especially the under-privilegedand vulnerable sections of society, the college undertakes social surveys and extension work to ameliorate the lot of women under the aegis of NSS, GandhianStudies Centre. The following surveys were undertaken by NSS unit in Adopted Village with the aim of ensuring social justice to women.

    1) Study of the source of income and employment of women in the village Kanheri Sarap Dist. Akola

    (1) 5.79% of women are self-employed. 42.56% of women work as labour 45.04% of women is house wives and 6.61% work as service providers. Mostly women are working as labours.

    (2) Study of the literacy rate of women in the village: 31.33% of the population is educated whereas only 3.33% of the population has acquired graduation degree. 38.67% has done matriculation and 20.67% have studied up to 10+2. The findings show that literacy rate is quite less in the village. Very few have access to higher education. The study revealed that illiteracy was the prime reason for women‘s low status as laborers.

    Literacy Drives were organized to improve the status of women. Vocational skills were imparted to ensure self-employment during the camp. Also special training in skill-oriented courses was organized with a view to empower women.

    (3) Majority of the population is in the working age group i.e. between 15-50Years.

    3.6.7. Reflecting on objectives and expected outcomes of the extension activities organized by the institution, comment on how they complement students’ academic learning experience and specify the values and skills inculcated.

    The extension activities/community experience followed by guided reflection enhances their social commitment together with personal, civic and academic learning. The Foundation Course incorporating Women‘s Studies, Human Rights Education, Environment & Society and Value Based Courses exposes students toissues of Gender equity, Eco-consciousness and self-esteem which inculcate a sense of social responsibility among students.

    • The first important aspect is that students learn to think beyond themselves. They have an urge to do something productive for others in the Society.

    • The classroom studies more or less being theoretical, the students get wonderful opportunity to apply these things practically.

    • Teamwork, Leadership Skills, Time Management, Effective Communication Skills, and Effective Decision Making is just a few things students learn while participating and organizing various projects and programmes.

    • The students get wonderful platform to mingle with each other and learn about culture, traditions and values of people.

    • ECA help students to imbibe national values and skills. Some activities are particularly suited for inculcating national values in our youths. For instance, students participate in community programmes to promote civic responsibility. National Education activities like heritage trails help student. Develop a sense of belonging to the country. Essential skills like civil defence and first aid are also taught through ECA.

    • ECA helps to promote social integration. ECA provide avenues for students from different social and racial backgrounds to engage in the same activities and in the process get to know one another better. This enriches students‘social experience and enables them to have a better understanding of the entire cross-section of society.

    By working together with other individuals, students learn to negotiate, communicate, manage conflict, and lead others. Taking part in these out-of- the classroom activities helps students to understand the importance of criticalthinking skills, time management, academic and intellectual competence. Involvement in activities help students mature socially by providing a setting for student interaction, relationship formation, and discussion. Working outside of the classroom with diverse groups of individuals allows students to gain more self-confidence, autonomy, and appreciation for others' differences and similarities.

    3.6.8. How does the institution ensure the involvement of the community in its reach out activities and contribute to the community development? Detail on the initiatives of the institution that encourage community participation in its activities?

    The institution organizes Awareness programmes, Health Care programmes andenvironment friendly initiatives to ensure the involvement of the community inits reachout activities and contribute to the community development:

    • Awareness Programmes: Medical officers from Civil Hospital invited for awareness programmes on HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer etc.

    • Health Care ProgrammeTeam of doctors from Local hospitals participate in Health care programmes organized by the college.

    • Environment friendly Initiatives: Environmentalists invited for tree plantation drives. Bank and NGOs sponsor Tree Plantation Drive.

    • Blood Donation Camps: NGOs sponsor Blood Donation Camp.

    • Community participation in extension work:

    • In NSS Camps, students work with the Community in infrastructural developmental work for the village.

    • Medical camps are organised at rural sites to ensure that the students work together with the community.

    • Professionals like doctors, lawyers, social activists and NGO representatives share their experiential knowledge about community service through invited lectures and workshops to our students.

    3.6.9. Give details on the constructive relationships forged (if any) with other institutions of the locality for working on various out reach and extension activities.

    Local colleges are entimated regarding various competitions and the rallies to participate outside participants are also invited for debate competitions and given certificates.

    3.6.10. Give details of awards received by the institution for extension activities and/contributions to the social/community development during the last four years

    • Jagar Janivancha was conducted in the college for 15 days a scheme of Maharashtra government and the various activities related to women upliftment was carried out and college has got a second cash prize of Rs. 50000 and certificate from the government of Maharashtra.

    • Principal Mrs. Dr. V V Mohod was honoured at Shri. Shivaji College, Akola for her contribution for the development of Women College.

      1. Collaboration

    • Nutrition department is collaborated for the purpose of research work with PDKV, Akola

    • Nutrition department is collaborated with physician’s organization for the scale of madhumeh MODEM.

    3.7.1 How does the institution collaborate and interact with research laboratories, institutes and industry for research activities. Cite examples and benefits accrued of the initiatives – collaborative research, staff exchange, sharing facilities and equipment, research scholarships etc.


    • Youth Awareness

    • International Mother Day –celebrated in collaboration

    • Game Show organised in collaboration with Dainik Bhaskar Group

    • Diabetes Awareness Drive in collaboration

    3.7.2. Provide details on the MoUs/collaborative arrangements (if any) with institutions of national importance/other universities/industries/Corporate (Corporate entities) etc. and how they have contributed to the development of the institution.

    3.7.3.Give details (if any) on the industry-institution-community interactions that have contributed to the establishment / creation/up-gradation of academic facilities, student and staff support, infrastructure facilities of the institution viz. laboratories / library/ new technology /placement services etc.

    Placement cell of the college is in contact with the differenct industries in the local areas and the community interactions are satisfactory. When conferences are held they are asked to publish their advertisement in the soveniour of the conference.
    3.7.4. Highlighting the names of eminent scientists/participants who contributed to the events, provide details of national and international conferences organized by the college during the last four years.

    Following personalities have greced the different events in the college

    1. Honorable Smt.Pratibhatai Patil Ex.President of India, event Social Gathering

    2. Honorable Shri. Ganesh Thakur Commissionar, Amravati Region, event Social Gathering

    3. Honorable Shri. Rathod Saheb DIG of Police, Amravati Region, event Social Gathering

    4. Honorable Shri. Bipin Bihari DIG of Police, Amravati Region, event Social Gathering

    5. Dr. Miss. Kamal Singh, Scientist and Ex.Vice Chancellor of SGBAU, Amravati, event Social Gathering

    6. Spiritual Guru Maa Saraswati, Lonawala, event Social Gathering

    7. Honorable Shriman. Arun Chaudhary, Justice Mumbai Highcourt, Nagpur Bench, event courtesy visit

    8. Shrimati. Sindhutai Sapkal, Renowed social worker, event special program

    9. Dr. Bhupendra Prasad Modi, Vice Chancellor, International Hindi University, Wardha (as a guest) Gandhian Study Lecture series organized by the college.

    10. Shri. Arunkumar Sinha, Editorial Head, Lokmat Samachar, Hindi day celebration

    11. Shri. Anandkumar Tripathi, M.D, BSNL, Hindi day celebration

    12. Dr. Shri. N.K. Jain Joint Secretory UGC WRO, Pune, event enougaration of girls hostel

    13. Honorable Shri. Manmohan singh Ex. Prime Minister of India, Addressed Public Rally at ground of the College.

    14. Sant Shri. Morari Bapu, event preach on The Ramayana.

    3.7.5. How many of the linkages/collaborations have actually resulted in formal MoUs and agreements? List out the activities and beneficiaries and citexamples (if any) of the established linkages that enhanced and/or facilitated –


    3.7.6 Detail on the systemic efforts of the institution in planning, establishing and implementing the initiatives of the linkages/collaborations. Any other relevant information regarding Research, Consultancy and Extension which the college would like to include.

    The following efforts are made by the institution in this respect.

    1. Industrilist are invited to give there guidance and share there experience with commierce students.

    2. For research work in Chemistry the link is setup with local science colleges.

    3. Link is setup with SAIF IIT Pawai, Mumbai.

    4. Extension activites are carried out by NSS student at adopted village.


    4.1 Physical Facilities

    4.1.1 What is the policy of the Institution for creation and enhancement of infrastructure that facilitate effective teaching and learning?

    The college has a well-defined policy of augmenting infrastructural facilities as a catalyst for ensuring academic excellence. New infrastructure is created and existing upgraded to enhance academic standards and increase efficiency. Constant and proper monitoring of infrastructure has helped the optimal usage of the existing facilities. The following initiatives have been taken to meet the growing needs of the college.

    UGC Network resource centre:-

    The college has set up UGC network resource centre with the financial assistance of the UGC in the 11 plan period. It is air conditioned and is provided with seven computers having internet connectivity with printing facility. It remains open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the working days of the college. Centre is useful for staff in network searching.

    Electronic Lab

    Electronic lab is developed with the help ofseed money provided by the management and is utilized by the students of career oriented courses.

    Science Laboratories

    The science laboratories are well equipped to cater to the students and research scholars. The following laboratories are very much in demand and cater to the special needs of the student body namely Computer laboratories, Physics laboratory, Chemistry lab, Biochemistry lab, Food &Nutrition lab, Psychology laboratory.

    Smart Classrooms:

    LCD Projectors

    Language Lab: proposal of an-automated language lab system having the facility of voice recording, playback, and one-on-one interaction etc. for language learning and enhancement of effective communication skills is under consideration.

    • 12 class rooms have been constructed with the help of seed money provided by the management they utilized for UG Classes.

    • Extention of Reading room has been completed with financial assistance of UGC to cater the need of the students.

    • Ladies toilet is constructed on the first floor.

    • One electronic lab was added in COC Department.

    • One computer lab with 60 computers is set up.

    4.1.2 Detail the facilities available for Office & Class Rooms

    The institutions provide basic facilities for the class rooms. The available class rooms and their seating capacities are as follows:-


    Name of the building /Rooms

    Area in sq. ft.


    Principal’s Cabins/ Office



    Vice Principal’s Room



    MCVC Office



    PG Office - 1



    Commerce office (HOD)



    Management office and meeting hall



    Store Room


    Class Rooms.


    Room No.


    Area in Sq. ft

    Seating Capacity

    Ground Floor. Main Building



    Class room





    Class room





    Class room





    Class room





    Class room





    Gandhian Study Center





    Class room





    Music 1













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