incorporating the Year Eleven and Twelve programs) Principal

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Belmont High School


H a n d b o o k


(incorporating the Year Eleven and Twelve programs)


Mrs Sandra Eglezos

Enrolment Officer

Mr Scott Hucker

VCE Coordinator

Mr John McAndrew

Pathways Coordinator

Mr Nick Masters

VCAL/VET Coordinator

Mr Darren Lynch


Rotherham Street Belmont Victoria 3216 Tel: +61 3 5243 5355 Fax: +61 3 5243 2420

Email: Website:



General Information about Belmont High School 1 - 3

Later Years at Belmont High School 3

Pathway Planning and Careers Information 4 - 5

VCE General Information 6 - 7

VCE Attendance Policy 8

Assessment at Belmont High School 11

VCE Studies Offered 12

Vocational Education and Training (VET) 13 - 19

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) 20

School Based Apprenticeships (SBA’s) 21

Acceleration 21 - 22

Distance Education 22

Gap Year 22

The Tertiary Selection Process 23

Summary of Courses – Sequencing of Years 10-12 courses 24 - 26

Year 11 and 12 Subject Selection – Guidelines and Unit Descriptions

(Note: Index on page 28) 27 – 124

A Guide to Acronyms used in this handbook

VCAA Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority TAFE Tertiary and Further Education

ATAR Australian Tertiary Achievement Rank VCAL Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

ICT Information and Communication Technology VCE Victorian Certificate of Education

MIP’s Managed Individual Pathways VET Vocational Education and Training

SAC School Assessed Coursework VSL Victorian School of Languages

SBA’s School Based Apprenticeships VTAC Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre

Belmont High School

– a centre for learning, excellence and performance –
Our Mission
At Belmont High School, our overriding purpose is to provide an environment that nurtures the wellbeing of all students, and provides successfully for their ongoing learning and variety of academic needs. Our innovative and extensive co-curricular programs challenge and engage all students. Our technology facilities and commitment to students ensures learning environments where students are well equipped for the challenges of the 21st century.

Our motto, Strive for the Highest, underpins our approach to working with young people.

Our School

With a student population of around 1220, Belmont is a large secondary school south of the Barwon River in the City of Greater Geelong. The majority of the enrolment is drawn from the Belmont/Highton area, however there is significant demand for places from the wider Geelong area, in particular for our VCE and VET Programs, and the academic acceleration and enrichment opportunities provided for students. The school has developed an excellent reputation within the State for the high quality teaching and learning programs it provides. Belmont High School has excellent student retention rates and outstanding VCE results that ensure that a significant proportion of VCE students gain post school placements in further education or training.
Extensive educational, sporting and recreational facilities including a gymnasium, Library, Computer Labs, Music Centre, courts and ovals are provided in spacious, landscaped grounds. Construction for the provision of buildings and facilities that will enhance the learning of students is ongoing. Three of the stages of the school’s Master Plan have been completed and include outstanding new Learning Centres, Science, Technology, Computer and Arts facilities. The BioLAB (Victorian BioScience Education Centre), has been constructed on our site and is a centre for science and mathematics excellence for students and teachers from around Victoria, and features partnerships with Deakin University, the City of Greater Geelong and the Geelong Football Club.
The House System and Student Wellbeing

The school operates a strong and successful House based system that caters for the pastoral, welfare, social, leadership and academic needs of all students. Eight Houses, with one year level each, conduct a range of activities for students throughout the year. Students develop strong loyalties to their House, and it provides an important point of contact for students and parents.

The school is also well served by Welfare and Counselling staff, and a Nurse who is based in the Health Centre each day of the week.
Information and Communication Technology and Multimedia

Belmont High School has led the way with the provision of significant infrastructure, teacher training and innovation in ICT. Our investment in information technology has been significant as all students now work in a 1:1 computer learning environment. Our students are well equipped for the workforce they will enter. VET Information Technology is an increasingly popular program that complements the full range of structured ICT and Multimedia learning in the school.

Enrichment and Academic Acceleration

In recognising that many students’ skill and academic levels are above that of their age group, both in general or in specific areas, we have in place a range of programs to enrich and/or accelerate these talented and gifted students. A teacher coordinator manages this program in order to ensure that all students’ needs are met. Through identification of students and the provision of programs, competitions and activities, all students are challenged appropriately. Belmont also offers each year a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program that places 25 students into one group, who complete the first four years of their education in three years. This is the only registered program of its kind in Geelong for both boys and girls.

Academic Support Program

Belmont recognises that from time to time students at all year levels may require additional academic support to bring them to the levels required at their stage of schooling. Operating out of the Learning Support Centre, students are able to be referred to a number of staff who are available to work intensively with them in all curriculum areas. Houses also offer academic support programs such as Homework Groups, and parents at any time can request additional testing of students and support for their children.

Performing Arts

Outstanding opportunities are available for students to extend their interest and talents in the Performing Arts. The school annually sees students, staff and parents involved in Rock Eisteddfod, Production and a range of other performances. Our Rock Eisteddfod record is impressive having competed in many State Finals in past years.

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