In this assignment you will create a music autobiography. A music autobiography is a look at how music plays a role in

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My Music Autobiography

In this assignment you will create a music autobiography. A music autobiography is a look at how music plays a role in your life. During your presentation, please share with us how music plays a role in your life by discussing the three main ways listed below:

  1. Music in your DAILY life

  2. Music in your FAMILY life

  3. Music in your ETHNICITY/CULTURE


Your project must include a 1-page essay answering the three questions above. The essay should be 12-pt font, and single or 1.5 spacing. You do not need to write an opening or closing paragraph; you may answer each point using a paragraph response. Your essay is not the only component of your project, so please read on.

Ideas for Visual Component/Presentation

In addition to your essay, please include a visual component. You can make a collage, create a music magazine for yourself, write a song or a poem, create a CD of your favorite songs, bring in music from your culture, or play a musical instrument. The more creative you are, the better! The visual should be exactly that, it should visually represent you, your family and your culture. This is intended to support your essay. Yes, you will be presenting this project in front of the class.

Today: You are going to

  1. Brainstorm about yourself.

  2. Open Pages

    1. Daily Life

      1. Create a list of words that describe you, you can include the following:

        1. Musicians

        2. Countries of Origin

        3. Genres of music that you like, or that describe you

        4. Songs that you like

    2. Family Life

      1. Create a list of countries, artists, genres or instruments that describe your family

    3. Ethnicity/Culture

      1. List the countries that your family is from.

        1. Search for artists, genres and instruments that describes your family’s heritage

  3. After you have created a brainstorming list of artists and songs, begin to write a 1 page essay answering the following questions

    1. What kind of Music Do I Like/what music artists do I listen to? Where do I listen to them? How does music affect my life?

    2. What kind of Music does my family like/what music artists do they listen to? Where do they listen to them? Does music affect my family? How?

    3. How does music affect my culture? Is my family influenced by music of my culture? What important instruments come from these countries?

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