Implementation of the international covenant on economic, social and cultural rights

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EHP -- Early Harvest Program

EO -- Executive Order

ETEEAP -- Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program

FIC -- Fully Immunized Child

FLEMMS -- Functional Literacy Education and Mass Media Survey

FNRI-DOST -- Food and Nutrition Research Institute-Department of Science and Technology

GAD -- Philippine Development Plan for Women

GDP -- Gross Domestic Product

GNP -- Gross National Product

GSIS -- Government Service Insurance System

GTI -- Group’s Global Technology Index

HDI -- Human Development Index

HDMF -- Home Development Mutual Fund

HGC -- Home Guaranty Corporation

HIV/AIDS -- Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

HLURB -- Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board

HSRA -- Health Sector Reform Agenda

HUCs -- Highly Urbanized Cities

HUDCC -- Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council

ICAM -- Institute for Cultural and Arts Management

ICC -- Indigenous cultural communities

ICCPR -- International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

ICESCR -- International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

ILC -- International Labor Organization Convention

IMR -- Infant Mortality Rate

IRA -- Internal Revenue Allotment

LBH -- Local Health Boards

LBP-- Land Bank of the Philippines

LGU -- Local Government Units

LLDA -- Laguna Lake Development Authority

LTHEDP -- Long-Term Higher Education Development Plan

LTI -- Land Tenure Improvement

LUC -- Local Universities and Colleges

MBN -- Minimum Basic Need Approach

MMAQISDP -- Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program

MMDA -- Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

MMR- Maternal Mortality Rate

MO -- Memorandum Order

MPEX -- Manufacturing Productivity Extension Program for Export Promotion

MPPE -- Multigrade Program in Philippine Education

MSTAP -- Municipal Science and Technology Advisory Program

MTPDP -- Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan

NCC -- National Credit Commission

NCCA -- National Commission for Culture and the Arts

NCDPC -- National Center for Disease Prevention and Control

NCMB -- National Conciliation and Mediation Board

NCR -- National Capital Region

NDHS -- National Demographic and Health Survey

NEAP -- National Educators Academy of the Philippines

NEDA -- National Economic and Development Authority

NESSS -- National Epidemic Sentinel Surveillance System

NFA -- National Food Authority

NGOs/POs -- Non-government and people’s organization

NHA -- National Housing Authority

NHI -- National Historical Institute

NHIP -- National Health Insurance Program

NHMFC -- National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation

NIA -- National Irrigation Authority

NLRC -- National Labor Relations Commission

NNS -- Nationwide Nutrition Survey

NSCB -- National Statistical Coordination Board

NSCB-FBS -- National Statistical Coordination Board – Food Balance Sheet

NSED -- National School Enrolment Day

NTRL -- National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory

NWPC -- National Wages and Productivity Commission

OFW -- Overseas Filipino Workers

OTOP -- One-Town-One-Product Program

PARC -- Presidential Agrarian Reform Council

PBD -- Program Beneficiaries Development

PCEP -- Philippine Cultural Education Plan

PCFC -- People’s Credit and Finance Corporation

PCHR -- Philippine Commission on Human Rights

PCUP -- Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor

PEPT -- Philippine Education Placement Test

PESO -- Public Employment Service Office

PHC -- Primary Health Care

PHIC -- Philippine Health Insurance Corporation

PHSA -- Philippine High School for the Arts

PLEB -- People’s Law Enforcement Board

PMS -- Presidential Management Staff

PNAC -- Philippine National AIDS Council

PNP -- Philippine National Police

POEA – Philippine Overseas Employment Authority

PPAN -- Philippine Plans of Action for Nutrition

PPD -- Permanent Partial Disability

PPGD -- Philippine Plan for Gender Development

PSHSS -- Philippine Science High School System

PSLMC -- Public Sector Labor Management Council

PTFWM -- Presidential Task Force on Waste Management

PWDs -- Persons with Disability

RA -- Republic Act

RDA -- Recommended Dietary Allowances

RENI -- Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes

RHU -- Rural Health Units

RITM -- Research Institute for Tropical Medicine

ROPOA -- Real and Other Properties Owned and Acquired

RTI/STD -- Reproductive Tract Infection/Sexually Transmitted Disease

RTWPB -- Regional Tripartite Wage and Productivity Boards

RuMMEPP -- Rural Micro-Enterprise Promotion Program

SARED -- Sustainable Agribusiness and Rural Enterprise Development

SEF -- Special Education Fund

SHEI -- Special Higher Education Institutions

SHFC -- Social Housing Finance Corporation

SHNP -- School Health and Nutrition Program

SILCAB -- Social Infrastructure and Capability Building

SME -- Small and medium enterprises

SPES -- Special Program for Students

SRA -- Social Reform Agenda

SSCD -- Social Services and Counseling Division

SSS -- Social Security sstem

STEVPP -- Science and Technology Experts Volunteer Pool Program

SUC -- State Universities and Colleges

SWS -- Social Weather Station

TAWAG -- Tuloy Aral Walang Sagabal Project

TBA -- Traditional Birth Attendants

TEEP -- Third Elementary Education Project

TESDA -- Technical Education and Skills Development Authority

TFR -- Total Fertility Rate

TTD -- Temporary Total Disability

TULAY -- Tulong Alalay sa Taong May Kapansanan

TVET -- Technical-Vocational Education and Training

TWC --TESDA Women’s Center

UDHA -- Urban Development and Housing Act

WHSMP -- Women’s Health and Safe Motherhood Project

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