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IAIN McLEAN: curriculum vitae

Date of birth 13 September 1946
Citizenship UK and Irish
Present positions Senior Research Fellow in Politics, Nuffield College, Oxford, and Professor of Politics, University of Oxford, 1993--. Fellow of the British Academy 2008 (Vice-President for Public Policy 2012-16). Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 2012.
Previous positions Professor of Politics, University of Warwick, 1991-3.

Fellow & Praelector in Politics, University College, Oxford; Lecturer in Politics, University of Oxford, 1978-91.

Lecturer in Politics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1971‑8.

Research Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford, 1969‑71.

Visiting positions Fellow, International Center for Jefferson Studies, Monticello, Va, USA, Oct-Dec 2010

Professeur étranger invité, Séminaire d'Histoire du Calcul des Probabilités et de la Statistique (EHESS, Paris), May-June 2009

William H. Orrick Visiting Professor, Program in Ethics, Politics & Economics, Yale University, fall semester 2001.

Academic Visitor, Director’s Section, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University 1996 and 2002.

Visiting Professor of Politics, Universities of Warwick and Newcastle upon Tyne, 1993-6; Stanford University, 1990-1; Washington & Lee University, 1980.
Public service Chair, Section S5 (Politics and International Relations), British Academy 2016-

Vice-President for Public Policy, British Academy, 2012-16.

Member, Independent Expert Group on Finance, [Calman] Commission on Scottish Government, 2008-09.

Specialist Adviser, Treasury Committee, House of Commons, 2002-05; Reform Committee, 2009.

Member and group leader, Oxford City Council 1982—6.

Member, Tyne & Wear Metropolitan County Council 1973—9; chairman, Economic Development Committee 1976—8.

Degrees held (all Oxford University) D.Phil 1972. Title of thesis: The Labour Movement in Clydeside Politics 1914‑22. B.Phil (Politics) 1969. BA (first class honours in Modern History) 1967.
Education Nuffield College, Oxford, 1967‑9. Christ Church, Oxford, 1964‑7 (Exhibitioner 1966‑7). Royal High School, Edinburgh, 1951‑64.
Research interests

Most of my research is on UK public policy. Since 1997 my long-standing interest in devolution in the UK, which goes back to my time on Tyne & Wear County Council, has revived. I wrote the ESRC Programme on devolution in the UK. Several projects touch the allocation of public expenditure to the nations and regions of the UK. These include the Leverhulme and DTLR projects listed under “Research grants and contracts awarded”. The DTLR (later ODPM) contract was a large 18-month project on “Identifying the flow of domestic and European expenditure into the English regions”. The final report has been highly commended by HM Treasury, for instance in the 2004 Budget reports. Other work is for HM Treasury and the Treasury Committee of the House of Commons. The work aims to examine the existing funding mechanisms, both for the non-English territories of the UK and for England, and to suggest possible alternatives. Work on the defects of the UK’s property taxes and possible alternatives has aroused a great deal of interest in government circles.

My research on the Aberfan disaster (21.10.66) aimed to compare the official reaction to Aberfan with that to more recent disasters. In July 1997 the Secretary of State for Wales returned £150,000 to the Aberfan disaster funds, which I argued had been unlawfully taken in 1969. He paid tribute to me for bringing this result about. The research has covered administrative collapse; the management of trauma; the right management of a charitable disaster fund; health and safety regulation; and how governments react when a government agency fails.
I work on the properties of electoral systems and appropriate measures of proportionality. I helped the Cabinet Office draft the electoral provisions of the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2010 and of the House of Lords Reform bill 2011. I have been a consultant and expert witness for Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, City of Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, Wansdyke District Council, Norwich City Council, Lambeth Borough Council and Southwark Borough Council on parliamentary boundary proposals affecting them. My work was cited by both front benches during the Commons debate on the 4th Review. I was a member of the expert group for the Jenkins Commission on the Electoral System on the properties of electoral systems in 1998. I have given evidence to numerous Select Committees and related bodies, including the Nolan (Neill) Committee on Standards in Public Life and to the Wakeham Commission on the UK second chamber. The last has generated work on church establishment.
Outside public policy, I have worked for many years on the history of social choice. I have uncovered previously unknown documents dating from between 1283 and 1896 which show that there was a prehistory to social choice before Borda and Condorcet; that Condorcet wrote far more than his Essai of 1785, most of it easier to understand; that Condorcet proposed the axiom of Independence from Irrelevant Alternatives; that a practical Condorcet method was tried (but failed) in Geneva in 1794. These works, which I have translated with colleagues, alter our understanding of the history of the subject, and contribute to still current issues such as whether a practically computable Condorcet-extension scheme exists. Kenneth Arrow agrees that the works we have republished foreshadow his Independence axiom. My work on Adam Smith is at the intersection of public policy and social science history.
Duncan Black, the co-founder (with Arrow) of social choice, died in January 1991, I helped to save Black's papers (now in the University of Glasgow). Black's book on Lewis Carroll and proportional representation was published in a version completed and edited by myself and colleagues in 1996, and the second edition of his Theory of Committees and Elections in 1998.
Other academic work applies the rational-choice paradigm to UK political history, with particular focus on the Peel (1841-6), Gladstone (1886, 1892-4), and Liberal/Coalition (1906-22) administrations.
Administrative experience:

I have served on two local authorities: Tyne & Wear County Council (1973--9) and Oxford City Council (1982--6). On Tyne & Wear CC, I chaired the Economic Development Committee, served on various regional quangos, and took part in negotiations with central government on behalf of the authority. On Oxford CC I led my party group throughout. I am Vice-Chairman and Appeals Director of the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway Preservation Co. Ltd., a charitable guarantee company (Director of the company 1978-92 and 1999--; qualified steam and/or diesel locomotive driver 1976- ). In that capacity I secured a large grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the railway’s Centenary Appeal, and have acted as consultant to other preserved railways preparing applications to HLF. My success rate for HLF applications is 100%. I have held office in Oxford Local Meeting (Treasurer, 1995—9, 2010-15; elder 2000-2) and Oxford & Swindon Area Meeting, both of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). I advise the Recording Clerk (=CEO) of Quakers in Britain on issues relating to lobbying for equal marriage legislation. I am Chair, Cherwell Singers.

I have been Investment Bursar (Property) for Nuffield College, in charge of managing (with professional advice) a real estate portfolio of about £40 million. I created, and served as the first Director of, the Public Policy Unit in my Department. I was Director of Graduate Admissions, Dept of Politics & International Studies, University of Warwick, 1992—3; Director of Graduate Studies in Politics, Oxford University, 1994—6; Director of Research Training in Politics, Oxford University, 1996—9.
Editorships and peer reviewing
Joint Editor, Electoral Studies 1993--99. On boards of Electoral Studies, and British Journal of Political Science. Member of Council, Institute of Fiscal Studies. General editor, Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics.. Review papers for above; and for Democratisation, Journal of Public Policy, JRSS-A; West European Politics, Political Studies, American Political Science Review, Political Geography, Regional Studies, Journal of Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, Theory and Decision, 20th Century British History and for numerous academic publishers. Proposal reviewer for ESRC, Leverhulme Trust, Nuffield Foundation; National Science Foundation (USA); Social Science Research Council (Ireland); The Academy of Finland. Reviewer, End-of-Award Reports, ESRC.
On selection committees for Chairs in Politics at Newcastle, York (x2), Oxford; Special Adviser on promotions, Dept of Government, LSE; referee for tenure reviews, U. of Illinois, Stanford and Claremont; for Professorships Above Scale, University of California, Irvine, San Diego, and Los Angeles; for Academy Professorships, Academy of Finland. Deputy chair, ESRC Advanced Course Recognition Panel, Politics and International Relations, 1996/7; chairman, 1998—2000. Examiner, ESRC Research Studentship competition 1997--9 (senior examiner 1999). External Examiner, York, Dublin, Southampton; for Ph.Ds at various universities including EUI Florence. Member of Executive Committee, Political Studies Association of the UK, 2009-11. Member, Sub-Panel 21, Research Excellence Framework 2012-14.
Teaching interests
Specialist Public choice; social choice, esp. theory of voting; political economy.
General Political sociology; voting behaviour; classical political theory; UK politics; research methods.
Leisure interests
Mountaineering; ski‑ing; choral music; narrow‑gauge railway preservation.

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Book reviews for Albion, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, Australian Journal of Public Administration, Democratization, Economica, Economic History Review, Electoral Studies, Journal of Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, Journal of Legislative Studies, Parliamentary History Yearbook, Party Politics, Political Quarterly, Political Studies, Public Choice, Scottish Historical Review, Science, THES, TLS, and Welsh History Review.

Frequent radio and TV commentator on UK politics

Research grants and contracts awarded:

£499,996 by the Nuffield Foundation 2017. For ‘The history of UK public spending control 1993-2015’. PI Christopher Hood.

£144,000 by ESRC 2007, topped up to £250,000 from Gatsby Foundation, Gwilym Gibbon Fund, John Fell Fund, and Oxford University Department of Politics & International Relations. For ‘Options for Britain II’.
£4,990 by the Committee on Standards in Public Life 2006. For a research report on ‘The Electoral Commission and the boundary drawing function’ in connection with the Committee’s Eleventh Inquiry, The Electoral Commission.
£45,000 by ESRC 2005 (Public Services Programme). For ‘The correlates of Comprehensive Performance Assessment’.

£ 176,520 by the Department of Transport, Local Government, and the Regions 2002. For ‘Identifying the Flow of Domestic and European Expenditure into English Regions’.

£56,000 by the Leverhulme Trust 1999 (research started in 2001). For ‘Attitudes towards the Union’, a project in the Programme ‘Nation and regions in the UK’ directed by the School of Public Policy, University College, London. The main output of the project won an award for the best book in political science published during 2005 (see Books above).

£9,000 by the ESRC 1998. For ‘Preparation of programme bid on Devolution and Regionalism in the UK’

£40,908 by the ESRC 1998. For 'Corporatism and regulatory failure: government response to the Aberfan disaster'. End-of-Award Report classed as ‘outstanding’.

£3 549 by the Cabinet Office 1997. For ‘Departmental function transfers: completion of electronic version’.

£4,000 by the British Academy 1997. For ‘The Aberfan disaster and its aftermath’.

£4,500 by the British Academy 1996. For ‘A second edition of The Theory of Committees and Elections by Duncan Black’

£122,360 by the ESRC 1995-7. For ‘A history of the organisation of central government departments since 1964’, a project grant under the Whitehall Programme. End-of-Award Report classed as ‘outstanding’.

£1,000 by the British Academy 1994 and £1 500 by the ESRC 1995. For conference on 'Boundary determination in the UK Parliament'.

£2,000 by the Nuffield Foundation 1994. For research assistance on 'Divisions in the House of Commons between 1832 and 1886'.

£20,710 by the ESRC 1993-4. For 'Selection and cataloguing of papers in the Duncan Black Archive'. End-of-Award Report classed as ‘outstanding’.

£1,809 by the Nuffield Foundation 1991-2. For collaborative research with Professor Arnold Urken on voting procedures in 18th-century scientific academies.

£2,627 by the Nuffield Foundation 1989-90. For research assistance on 'Newly discovered primary documents for the theory of voting'.

£2,200 by the British Council 1989. For collaborative research with Professor Arnold Urken on Condorcet.

£39,000 (two grants) by the Leverhulme Trust 1988‑90. For 'A translation of Borda and Condorcet on elections'.

£22,336 by the ESRC 1984‑5. Personal Research Grant to work on 'Political applications of public choice theory'.

£3,590 by the SSRC and £250 by the University of Newcastle‑upon‑Tyne Research Fund, 1976‑7. For 'Labour Elites and Electorates in Glasgow 1922‑74'.

Prof. Iain McLean, CV, page

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