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فوائد الصلاة
An insightful look at prayer
An insightful look at prayer Prayer is the second pillar upon which Islam rests, the first pillar being the testimony of faith. Islam stresses this act of worship and sternly warns against neglect of it. Prayer is the central pillar of faith. It is the key to Paradise. It is the first thing to be accounted for on the Day of Judgment. It is also the first of the religious obligations brought by the Prophets after faith in Allah. Allah says, addressing Mûsâ (Moses, peace be upon him): “Verily I am Allah. There is no god but Me, so worship Me and establish prayer to celebrate My praises.” Allah relates to us the supplication of Ibrâhîm (Abraham, peace be upon him): “My Lord, have me and my descendants establish prayer. My Lord, accept my supplication.” Likewise, Ismâ`îl (Ishmael, peace be upon him) used to order his family to pray. Allah says: “He used to order his family to pray and pay Zakâh (alms), and he was pleasing to his Lord.” The Messiah (peace be upon him) mentioned prayer when he was in the cradle. Allah relates his words: “And He enjoined prayer and Zakâh (alms) upon me as long as I live.” Allah, in the Qur’ân, orders the Seal of the Prophets – Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) – to pray. Saying: “Recite what your Lord reveals to you of the Book and establish prayer.” The effects of prayer 1. It enriches the soul and fulfills its yearning to connect with its Lord. This gives the soul peace and *******ment. 2. It purifies the heart from the effects of indolence and sin by providing a continuous opportunity for communication with Allah and for repentance. The Messenger (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) indicated this when he said to his Companions: “Consider if one of you had a river by his door in which he bathed five times a day. Would any filth remain on him?” They responded in the negative. He said: “Likewise, Allah wipes away sins with the five daily prayers.” This stresses the meaning of Allah’s words: “Verily prayer forbids licentiousness and wrongdoing. And the remembrance of Allah is the greatest thing.” 3. It emphasizes the proximity between religion and daily life. Life, from an Islamic standpoint, is to be directed to Allah. Life is an opportunity for worship and the remembrance of Allah. Praying repeatedly throughout the day, interrupting the daily activities, brings about the realization of this concept. The believer, through prayer, acquires a spiritual awareness that he takes with him throughout all of life’s endeavors. 4. It teaches a Muslim to respect time and to manage it wisely. Prayer shows how important time actually is. Allah says: “Prayer is enjoined upon the believers at prescribed times.” 5. It teaches the Muslim the virtues of constancy and perseverance while opening the door to greater effort and competition. Allah’s Messenger (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The best of deeds with Allah are the ones performed most regularly, even if it is small.” 6. It cultivates brotherhood, equality, and humility between the Muslims.



أخلاقيات الإسلام والعالم الحديث (الجزء الأول)
Islamic morality and today’s world Part one
Islamic morality and today’s world: Part one Morality is both an individual and social phenomenon. It tells you how to be happy. It's a kind of a secret a key that guides you to get the maximum joy, pleasure, meaning, satisfaction, peace of mind, and many other good things out of life. And Islamic morality teaches the Muslim how to win the never-ending battle royal of good vs. evil. Western civilisation scoffs at the very mention of words such as morality, decency and modesty. These are regarded as old-fashioned and incongruous with today’s culture of liberalism and unfettered freedom. Immodesty, immorality, shamelessness and fornication are regarded as progressive and fashionable. Yet this has been the very cause of the destruction of today's family. Too many a happy home has broken due to infidelity, leaving in its trail misery, heartache and an unstable society. Fornication also leads to illegitimate and unwanted children who become a massive problem unto society due to lack of proper parental supervision. Immorality is truly a curse on mankind and society. The country that prides itself in being the superpower of today’s world and the leader of present day civilisation, the United States of America is reeling under the impact of immorality. Today every other child in the U.S. is born out of wedlock. Thirty-eight percent of children now live without a biological father; 6.6 million children live with divorced single parents, mostly mothers whose ex-husbands tend to fade away from their children. This is family life in USA. "Something is wrong with the entire American family," writes Martin Marty, professor at the University of Chicago, in the Los Angles Times. "One has the weird sense that America is a country with many children but without adults." This gruesome picture is the direct result of the absence of morality, decency and modesty in the U.S. and, unfortunately most of the Western world, and parts of Eastern societies. Today, adultery and fornication are no longer viewed as the deadly crimes and sins they really are and are in fact commonplace. Married men are expected to have several mistresses in some places. Premarital sex is now considered quite acceptable, normal, well within the bounds of morality, and indeed desirable. It has been this way for a long time and you can say it has become part of the "American Way". Dating begins at a very young age and every socially well-adjusted youngster is expected to have several girlfriends and boyfriends by a certain age. Couples are expected to live together. Those who grow up in the West are weaned on sex in both subtle and not so subtle ways. It is quickly learned through T.V. shows, commercials, movies, advertisements, songs, you name it, that being sexy is a desired goal and aim in life. Even comic books abound with superheroes and heroines with fantastically well-proportioned bodies and they lead sexually active private lives where little is left to the imagination. Animated cartoon characters from Betty Boop to Jessica Rabbit make the message crystal clear about what makes a female desirable. The top selling video and computer games feature female characters with sexy bodies whose biggest audiences are adolescent boys and young men. Females are intensely focused on being sexually attractive and are conditioned to be so from the time they get their first Barbie. This is what makes the fashion, cosmetic and entertainment industries thrive. Countless young girls admire and aspire to be 'superstar' beauty queens, models, singers, or actresses. There is a phenomenal proliferation of ‘fan’ or entertainment magazines that feature the hottest entertainment stars who are known precisely for their sex appeal. The highest rated T.V. talk shows are those that commonly feature people who expose their most intimate and outlandish sexual behavior. Moreover, homosexuality has now become accepted by a large number of people particularly in the West as well as in other circles that are "westernized". An indication of this changed attitude is the fact that homosexuals are no longer portrayed as abnormal. Apparently homosexuality has become largely accepted by Americans and Europeans even if some of them personally do not practice it. Accepted in so much as no one will report or condemn or discriminate against a homosexual in most areas unless they are flagrantly offensive in their mannerisms and behavior. Pornography of all types and levels is a multi-billion dollar industry having increased in leaps and bounds within just the last decade. Despite these realities, the entertainers and their producers, advertisers, writers and the like will claim that they do not adversely affect the habits of people at all. They insist that they don’t negatively influence society in any way. At the very same time most of them will say that one of the most gratifying rewards of their professions is the effect they have upon people! After all that liberation, a woman's worth is still tied to her level of physical attractiveness which is still considered her only asset and one to be exploited in the worst and most demeaning way. Males are increasingly judged in this way but not to the degree as are females. Even the modern ‘super-woman power-executive’ who is supposed to be respected for her intellect and authority still wears a mid-thigh skirt. She expects... no demands, to be viewed as absolutely equal to her male counterpart, yet does she really believe that when dressed this way her worth is not at all being judged based on her looks by even the unemployed vagrant she passes by on the way to work? Even in the face of this staggering toll in human suffering and degradation, the disbelievers and doubters in Islam still ask: You Muslims say that Islam orders women to be all covered up (veiled)?! They can't wear whatever they please shouldn't go out perfumed?! You're not supposed to go out on dates? You shouldn't listen to sexually explicit songs!? No swimming or visiting the public beaches in the summer (for women)?! Not even the same sex should see each other in scanty, skin-tight, or see-through clothing or even shower together at the gym?! You really place great value on chastity, modesty and virginity until marriage?! You encourage that men be jealous for and protective of their wives?! Premarital sex is a punishable crime and adultery is a capital offense?! No sex unless you are married to your partner?! You can marry up to four women?!! Islam sets the highest possible standard of morality. This is bound to provide limitless avenues for the moral evolution of humanity. By making Divine revelations as the primary source of knowledge it gives permanence and stability to the moral standards which afford reasonable scope for genuine adjustments, adaptations and innovations that make everyone obey the moral law even without any external pressure. 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أخلاقيات الإسلام والعالم الحديث (الجزء الثاني)
Islamic morality and today’s world Part two
Islamic morality and today’s world: Part two Islam does not minimize the importance of the well-known moral norms, nor does it give exaggerated importance to some and neglect others without cause. It takes up all the commonly known moral virtues and with a sense of balance and proportion it assigns a suitable place and function to each one of them in the total scheme of life. It widens the scope of man's individual and collective life - his domestic associations, his civic conduct, and his activities in the political, economic, legal, educational, and social realms. It covers his life from home to society, from the dining-table to the battlefield and peace conferences, literally from the cradle to the grave. In short, no sphere of life is exempt from the universal and comprehensive application of the moral principles of Islam. It makes morality reign supreme and ensures that the affairs of life, instead of dominated by selfish desires and petty interests, should be regulated by norms of morality. Moreover, Islam lays down a system of life which is based on all good and is free from all evil. It invokes the people, not only to practice virtue, but also to establish virtue and eradicate vice, to bid good and to forbid wrong. Those who respond to this call are gathered together into a community and given the name "Muslim". And the singular object underlying the formation of this community ("Ummah") is that it should make an organized effort to establish and enforce goodness and suppress and eradicate evil. Purity in morals is regarded by Islam as a cornerstone of a stable and healthy family and society. Anything that threatens to destroy the moral fiber of society and the family life is regarded as seriously offensive in Islam. For example, fornication, whether it be premarital or extramarital, is an act that undermines a stable family life. No wife accepts the fact that her husband is cheating on her or vice-versa. Therefore, Islam has declared adultery as strictly forbidden. Adultery is regarded as a very serious offence; the fornicator has been strongly condemned. In an Islamic state, it carries the maximum punishment available under the law. Not only has Islam condemned adultery. Anything that is deemed to stir the passions or that may ultimately lead towards temptation and thus the sin of adultery has also been condemned and declared unlawful in Islam. In this way, the door to evil and vice has been effectively closed. It is a case of removing the hay far away from the bonfire rather than trying to control the bonfire and hoping wishfully that the hay would somehow not burn. This analogy sums up the Islamic outlook on morality as compared to that of the West. Some of the other measures adopted by Islam to protect and promote morality is the prohibition of lustful gazes from either male or female towards each other. Another measure is the emphasis on covering parts of the body that evoke lustful feelings and emotions. This is encompassed in Islam’s dress code. The Muslim woman has been ordered in Islam to cover the whole of her body except her hands and her face. This covering not only discourages undesirable attention towards her, but also accords her a degree of respect, honor and dignity and of being in charge of her body and experiencing a sense of power over herself. Males are also required to cover certain parts of their bodies.(what's between the belly and the knees). The one and only way of reverse the rot, previously mentioned, in our world and restore the lost dignity to mankind is to return to the path of morality and modesty given in Islam. This will grant us the peaceful pure life we all need, and make us feel that we were brought to life as human beings not animals. Indeed Islam is a religion for all ages.



حياة المسلم
La Ellah Ela Allah–A way of life for Muslims
La Ellah Ela Allah–A way of life for Muslims "La llaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah" -"There is no god except Allah" - is the first part of the Islamic declaration of faith, meaning that there is no one to be worshipped except God; "Muhammad Rasul Allah" - "Muhammad is the Messenger of God"- is the second part, meaning that this worship is to be carried out according to the teachings of the Prophet - peace be upon him. A believing Muslim is one whose heart has been penetrated completely with this declaration, as the other pillars of Islam and articles of faith are derivatives of it. Thus, belief in angels, God's Books, God's Messengers, the life hereafter, al-Qadr (the measurement of good and evil), praying (al-Salat), fasting (al-Siyam), almsgiving (al-Zakat) and pilgrimage (al-Hajj), and the limits set by God of permissible and forbidden things, human affairs, laws, Islamic moral teachings, and so on, are all based on the foundation of worship of God, and the source of all these teachings is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Allah (swt) says: (Whoever obeys the Prophet obeys God) [Qur’an 4:80] The declaration of faith provides the foundation for a complete system of life for the Muslim community in all its details. Thus, a Muslim community must sustain a practical interpretation of the declaration of faith and all its characteristics; and the society which does not translate this declaration into practice is not a true Muslim society. This way of life cannot come into being without securing this foundation first. If the system of life is constructed on some other foundation, or if other sources are mixed with this foundation, then that community cannot be considered Islamic. Allah (swt) says: (The command belongs to God alone. He commands you not to worship anyone except Him. This is the right way of life.) [Qur’an 12:40] This concise and decisive declaration of faith guides Muslims in the basic questions of their religion and in its practical movement. First, it guides to the nature of the Muslim community; second, it shows the method of constructing such a community; third, it tells how to confront ignorant, and disbelieving societies; and fourth, it determines the method by which Islam changes human life. The distinctive feature of a Muslim community is that all its affairs are based on worship of God alone. The declaration of faith expresses this principle and determines its character; in beliefs, in devotional acts, and in rules and regulations. A person who does not believe in the oneness of God does not worship God alone. Allah (swt) says: (Allah commands you not to take two gods. God is only One; hence fear Me. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him and follows His way. Will you the fear anyone other than God?) [Qur’an 16:52] Anyone who performs devotional acts before someone other than Allah does not worship God alone. (Say, my Salat (prayers), my acts of devotion, my life and my death, are for the Sustainer of the Worlds; He has no associate. I have been commanded this, and I am the foremost to be among the submitters.) [Qur’an 6:163] Also anyone who derives laws from a source other than God, in a way other than what he taught us through Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) does not worship God alone. (Are there associates of God who have made permissible for them in their religion that which God has not permitted?) [Qur’an 42:21] (Whatever the Prophet gives you, accept it, and whatever he prohibits you, refrain from it.) [Qur’an 59:7] In the Muslim society, the beliefs, ideas, devotional and religious acts, the social system and its laws, should be based on submission to God alone. It is necessary, therefore, before thinking of establishing the Islamic social system and organizing a Muslim community, that one should give attention to purifying the hearts of people from the worship of anyone other than God. Only those whose hearts are so purified will be true Muslims, and only these people can start a true Muslim community. Anyone who wants to live an Islamic life will automatically enter into this community, and his belief, acts of worship and the laws which he follows, will also be purified for God alone. In other words, he will be an embodiment of "La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammadar Rasul Allah". This was the basis on which the foundation of the first Muslim community was established which eventually developed into the first Muslim nation.



ماذا تعني الصلاة لي
What Prayer means to me
What Prayer means to me ? Five times a day I retreat from life, pause and renew my intention for living. It's not just kids and work, fun and problems. There's more, much more ..... Lying just beneath the surface of our everyday thoughts. If we dare to peer within, we'll find it, the home of peace; of truth ; an acute awareness of what is wrong and right, of what is worthwhile and what is wasted. I stand still and concentrate on the spot on the carpet where my forehead will soon rest, casting aside all worries, fears and hopes, and focusing on the only One Who can help, Who can forgive, Who is Well-Aware of everything. Quietly, so only myself can hear, I recite the verses of Qu'ran that remind us, in every prayer, of the One Who showers Mercy of those who deserve it and those who don't. The One to whom, all Judgment lies and Whom we are all to return to, at an appointed time. I remember that no one can help me, no one can waylay my fears, no one can turn the tide of events, except the One to Whom all help is sought. When anger strikes my heart, I recite the verses that remind us of mercy, tolerance and forgiveness; raising the consciousness to see through the empty words that people speak, to the meaning that may have been intended. So I forgive. When worries cloud my mind and I'm busy planning what I should do, I recite those verses telling of good deeds and trust in the Lord of all. The best of planners, the Subduer of evil and the Exalter of Whom He pleases. So , I try my best, ask for help and leave the rest to Allah s.w.t. When I feel sad and lost, I recite the verses promising victory to those who strive to uphold piety, that place of rest and peace that lies not so far ahead and the Source of all Peace Whose help is always near. So, I wipe away my tears and keep on trying, never giving up. My prayer, is a way of life. It comes five times a day but the rest of the time is in preparation for the next, awareness of the passing time, remembering my duty to my Creator and my responsibility to my own soul. So whatever I'm doing, I stop and put it aside, wash and stand in prayer, trying to look within, at the faults that follow me around in my life, of the evil my hands have sent forth, and seek guidance, forgiveness and escape from the evil consequences of what I may have done. I think of the marvels of the universe, how infinately beautiful and amazing as they are. The wonders of my own self, the physical human body and the wonders it contains. The depth and breadth of the mind, that few of us can compass and then I look to the trivial pleasures of life, the transient nature of our existence and I feel an urge to do more, to try harder, to be better than I was the day before. And so I bow before my Creator, acknowledging the fact that only He deserves my sincerity, my obedience and my love. All else in life, is secondary to the fact that if He hadn't chosen to create me, I would never have existed. Here I am! Here's my duty. Worship is not only prayer and fasting but the way we live, the way we speak, the way we treat people and the way we solve problems. Knowing that we weren't only Created and left to discern truth for ourselves, I adhere to the guidance given to me , to steady me on the path that leads to success in this life and the next. I continue in my prayer, whether well or ill, tired or wakeful, sad or hopeful, I continue, knowing that success doesn't lie in the amount of money, weapons or strenth one thinks one has, but in ones morality.



بعد الإسلام :

نطق الشهادتين والصلاة
Declaring shahaadah and performing salaat

I have read the many pages of your web site that instructs a non-believer. I believe that there is only Allah (one God). Ibelieve that Muhammed is the seal of the prophets. History bears this out. My question is: How do I declare this (shahadah) if I do not speak arabic? How do I perform the five daily prayers (salah) without understanding arabic? Finally would I have to change my name? To the dear inquirer: I welcome you with a warm greeting. I was besieged with great joy as I discovered your question while browsing through the ten questions which arrived during the past hour today, and it was the dearest question for me. This fact is not surprising, as how could our hearts not open to a wise man who has discovered the truth and has acknowledged and confirmed it for himself--one who wishes to embrace Islaam and asks about the next steps? In reality, everything that poses a problem for you is actually an easy matter, and can be solved simply, God willing (in shaa' Allaah), so let's take them one by one: First: all that is required of you to embrace this religion right now as you are reading these lines is to pronounce al-shahaadatain, or the two confirmations and attestations of faith, to the best of your ability. Perfect pronunciation of the Arabic letters is not required, and the following is a transliteration of the phrases with English letters to help you: ash-hadu an laa ilaahah illallaah (I bear witness and attest that there is no god worthy of worship but the One God Allaah) ash-hadu anna muhammad-ar-rasool ullaah (I bear witness and attest that Muhammad is the messenger of Allaah) After pronouncing them, you should promptly hasten to take a shower to purify yourself and prepare to start performing your regular prayers which will be an obligation as soon as you have declared your belief. Second: If you have not yet learned the manner and characteristics of performing the prayer (i.e. at least the movements and positions), appended to this message is a de******ion from which you can learn. What is requried from you for the time being is to say in the beginning of the prayer and between each movement between positions "Allaahu ak-bar" (a glorification of Allaah). While standing, bowing, prostrating, and sitting, you should say "subhaan allaah wal-hamdu lillaah wa-laa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu akbar." (Glory be to Allaah, and praise and thanks be to Allaah, and there is no god but Allaah, and Allaah is the most Exalted and Great.) Then conclude the prayer by turning your head to the right then left, each time saying "as-salaamu alaikum." This way of performing salaat is permissible for you until you can learn and memorize what should be said in each movement and position of the salaat. Third: You are not required to change your name, and in fact, a number of scholars among the forefathers and modern-day Muslims have indicated declared that your name is in fact the name of one of the prophets! I ask Allaah to aid you and ease your affairs, and to bestow upon you the blessing of Islaam and perseverence in adhering to it. We are ready and willing to assist in explaining or helping to solve any problem or difficulty you may face, and to provide support and aid in any way possible.


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