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SMAN 1 Bojonegoro Learns to Write Scientific Paper from RKIM UB
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The Director of RKIM gives the vandel of UB

On Friday (18/4), the courtroom at 8th floor of rectorate building was flooded with gray coat of Senior High School (SHS) 1 Bojonegoro. The purpose of SMAN 1 Bojonegoro was to study about scientific paper and essays from the Unit of Research Activities and Students’ Scientific Paper (RKIM). The first event was opened with a speech from the coach of Scientific Youth (KIR) SMAN 1 Bojonegoro, Abdul Jalil. Abdul hoped the visit to RKIM UB could produce the works of the students of SMAN 1 Bojonegoro that benefit to the society eventough in small value. In addition, Abdul also quoted the words of BJ. Habibie, "The brain may be German, but the heart always Mecca," the meaning is someone with high science do not forget to come back to the source of knowledge that is given from God Almighty.The event was also attended by the representatives of the rectorate, the Head of Student Administration Bureau (BAK), Drs. Slamet Kusnady, M.Si, and Head of Life Skills and Reasoning, Drs. Sagiya. "UB is a university that gives easy way on acceptance of new students on academic achievement and non academic way, especially from winners certificate of scientific papers," he said.

The next event that is highly anticipated by SMAN 1 Bojonegoro is the materials of scientific and materials about the essay. Scientific material was delivered by Hasto Khoirulrachman as the manager of the department of scientific work of RKIM who is active in the International Converence in Korea and Wira Eka Putra as research departement manager of RKIM UB as the Winner of Students Achievement from FMIPA 2014. Then followed by a question and answer session from the students of SMAN 1 Bojonegoro.

While the material of Essay presented by Restia Ningrum as Chairman of the Development Division of the Department of Scientific Essay as the winner of Ankara Essay in Turkey . The last event is closing the ceremony and giving a  souvenir from SMAN 1 Bojonegoro then took picture together. [rkim/rian  translated by nea/agung]

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