How to write euthanasia essay

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How to write euthanasia essay
Euthanasia essay or merciful death they call it, but I choose to call it a glorified death. The worst to happen to anyone in life is to have to be in a condition where one had to beg to die. It is a fate worst than anything imagined. It is not the will of any one to give up his or her right to life willingly they where tormented, tortured and eventually had to cry out for merciful relief of death. What causes this torture? Why do people have to beg to die? One of the major reasons is “pain” from diseases like cancer. But is death really an escape route? If we are to go with some religious belief about the act of taking ones life in Christian religion God commanded against it thus making the act a sin in this contest I repeat again would it be right to call euthanasia merciful death knowing one may probably end up in hell and start facing a worst fate worst than the condition that lead to the decision? My intent in this article is not to judge but to present the case as it is so pardon me if I am stepping or have stepped on toes okay? But this does not mean I will swallow my opinion about this issue you are also free to lay bare your minds.
There is a saying that goes thus “it is the feet that knows how and where the shoes hurt” So if you are a victim indirectly do not feel judged it is not the intent of this article. The prayer is that a better solution to euthanasia be discovered so that no one will ever have to take that deadly merciful route again I believe its possible after all greater inventions have been discovered and is still been discovered.
Reason for euthanasia is mostly pain and suffering due to ailments so the question is how can one prevent this ailment from degenerating into the merciful death mode? I believe it is by prevention, education through acquiring knowledge from reading and writing euthanasia essay. Most diseases are preventable and nothing that care, caution, good eating habits, etc cannot tackle.
How to write euthanasia essay

  1. What are the causes, and conditions that may lead to euthanasia? To do this gather relevant information on this issues, sample people’s opinions; medical practitioners, affected people, cases of victims recorded in articles, manuals, journals, etc importantly what are people saying about it? Taking this step will not only afford you with information to writing euthanasia essay, but with ideas of picking interesting essay titles.

  2. What are the essay rubrics for the essay assignment? Find out

  3. Support declarations and assertions with facts from sources but remember to cite it using the authorized format; Chicago, Harvard, MLA, or APA style essay format.

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  1. These types of essay may come in handy when writing euthanasia essay they are; argumentative, controversial, cause and effect, definition, description essay etc.

Euthanasia is a glorified death. Death is evil an event everyone dreads how then can it be a way out to challenges no matter how bad? Would euthanasia be easily embraced if the reality of life after death is confirmed? What if the Christian doctrine about euthanasia be real? What then is the real way out, well students feel free to take up one of these issues as an essay topic in practicing euthanasia essay writing.

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