How to Write a Classification Essay Divide your topic into 3 groups using one

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How to Write a Classification Essay

  1. Divide your topic into 3 groups using one rule or classifying principle. Make sure category names are the same type of word: e.g. all nouns or adjectives or phrases.

*Some dividing principles are:

a. Degree=best, average, worst; most, average, last=levels of something

b. Time=past, present, future

c. Location=where it happens or where it is found

2. Write your thesis statement with the topic, controlling principle and categories.
Example: Books can be classified according to their cost as expensive, affordable, and cheap.

Example: My friends can be divided into three groups by how they answer the

telephone: polite, cheerful, and rude.
3. Each category will become a Body Paragraph in the order that they are mentioned in the Thesis Statement.

4. Make a quick outline or chart of the categories with definitions and descriptions and examples.

Books can be classified according to their cost as expensive, affordable, and cheap.




Definition: cost

55-200 YTL

25-50 YTL

5-20 YTL

When Published

New release

With 1-2 years

More than 2 years

Book cover

Hard cover

Soft or paperback

Paper or used

Where to buy


Bookstores, supermarkets, airports


Used bookstores,

Street sellers


Crazy Turks

The Da Vinci Code


5. Be clear when defining and describing each category and showing the differences between them.

  1. Write the Introduction using the funnel style of general to specific to thesis.

    1. Step One: Generalize your overall topic and write a Hook or Interest- getting sentence.

    2. Step Two: Make the topic a little more specific and write another sentence.

    3. Step Three: Write a sentence that is close to what you say in the thesis statement, but not exactly. Maybe mention the topic and categorizing principle, but not the categories.

    4. Step Four: Use a transition to connect your thesis statement with the sentence just before it. *transitions: however, in fact, actually.

  1. Write the Body paragraphs in the order mentioned in thesis statement.

    1. Step One: Write a topic sentence for the paragraph that defines the category.

*Use transitions such as: first type, second type, third type; first kind, next group, last, another, an additional, a final.

Example: The first category that books can be divided into contains the most expensive books which cost between 55-200 YTL.

    1. Step Two: Give 1- 2 supporting points which will describe and explain the category.

    2. Step Three: Give 1-2 examples of the supporting points of typical members of the group and explain and describe them with details.

*Use transitions such as: a good example, a typical example, an excellent example, for instance, such as.

    1. Step Four: Write a concluding sentence of the paragraph to summarize how your examples relate to your classification principle.

*Use transitions such as: therefore, for this reason, as a result, consequently, lastly, finally.

8. Make sure all body paragraphs give similar types of information and supporting points so that the reader can be clear on the differences between the categories.

9. Write the Concluding Paragraph.

a. Step One: Paraphrase your thesis statement.

b. Step Two: Paraphrase topic sentences from the three body paragraphs.

c. Step Three: Write a concluding statement that gives your opinion, suggestion, or prediction about the information in the essay. Do not write “I think that,” but use it to help you clarify what you think, and then just state it.

Example: (I think that) People should buy discounted books or go borrow them from the library because first edition books have become too expensive.

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