How did both internal and

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Document Based Question

How did both internal and external connections promote the Golden Age of Tang and Song China?

Historical Background: The Tang and Song dynasties covered the time period from 618 to 1279 CE, a period of more than 600 years. Not only did these dynasties last a very long time, but they are also considered to be among the most outstanding of Chinese dynasties. The Tang and Song dynasties are considered a “Golden Age” in Chinese history. Remember a Golden Age is a time of stable political rule, prosperous economy and thriving social practices. While these dynasties had experienced problems from time to time, overall they managed very well to maintain unity among China’s diverse people. There were many factors that contributed to unity during the Tang and Song dynasties.
Part A: The Documents

  • Read or look closely at each document and analyze its reliability, identify the author, audience or point of view, identify background knowledge you need to interpret the source and make reasonable inferences about the source.

  • Answer the question or questions after each document.

  • Think about how each document relates to the DBQ and what evidence you could use from the document to answer the question.

Part B: The Essay Planning Template

  • Write a thesis statement that answers the DBQ

  • Identify three reasons/evidence that help answer the question

  • Select the documents to be used in your answer and elaborate on the analysis of those documents to help support your thesis

  • Outline a conclusion that summarizes your argument and adds significance to your thesis.

Part C: The Essay

  • One introductory paragraph that includes a thoughtful, well developed thesis that clearly maps out the major reasons used to answer the question.

  • Three Supporting paragraphs that have topic sentences and use information from at least 3 documents that best support your thesis. Convincingly connects background knowledge and analysis of the documents to support your thesis.

  • One concluding paragraph that reinforces your thesis, effectively summarizes the argument, and leaves your reader with a bigger idea.

Part A: Critical Response Questions
Document #1:

  1. Using the title and chart above, explain the meaning of cultural diffusion.

  1. Why does the illustration above support the idea that Tang and Song China was experiencing a Golden Age at this time?

Document #2: Geographic and Economic Information

Items Traded West to East

Items Traded East to West

Garlic Herbal medicines

Grapevine Horses

Spices Camels

Spinach Gems, gold and silver

Cotton Ivory



Technology and Inventions

  • Compass

  • Paper

  • Gun Powder

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