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SCHEDULE - Subject to Change. Check in class/on web for updates.

Week 1


Mon Jan 4


Historical changes in our lifetime

What’s in a seminar/seminar video

First chapter of Solnit

Wed Jan 6

Seminar on Solnit 1


Our learning community

DUE: READ Solnit 1-56

LOOK UP historical reference in Solnit

Fri Jan 8

Seminar on Solnit 2

Film: The 11th Hour

Paraphrasing: a first look

DUE: READ Solnit 56-end

WRITE Seminar Prep on Solnit

Week 2


Mon Jan 11

Assign Essay 1

Look at ProjectGutenberg

Intro to Women Studies/History
Seminar on Griffin 1
DUE: READ Griffin 1-52 (Liberty)

WRITE Seminar prep 2 Griffin Liberty

Wed Jan 13

Jefferson and the Declaration

Letters of John & Abigail Adams

“Remember the Ladies”

Paraphrasing Practice
DUE: READ Declaration of Independence

See Project Gutenberg

Fri Jan 15

Seminar on Griffin 2

Writing workshop

DUE: READ Griffin 53-139

WRITE Seminar prep 3 on Griffin “Yosemite”

Week 3

Liberty -

Mon Jan 18
ML King HOLIDAY – No Class

Wed Jan 20

Essay 1 – Small Group work

What is Patriotism?

DUE: READ True Patriot, 1-51 + Pictures


Fri Jan 22

Seminar on Thoreau

Writing Workshop – Strong Verbs

DUE: READ Thoreau (selections)

WRITE Seminar prep on Thoreau

Week 4


Mon Jan 25

Abolition and Suffrage speeches

Film: Not for Ourselves Alone
Essay 1: Peer Review
DUE: READ: Suffrage & Abolition selections – Course Reader


Wed Jan 27

Abolition and Suffrage

Whitman in Context (with reading)
Film: The Civil War 1 (selected)

Fri Jan 29

Seminar – Whitman + Jordan

Freedom Songs

DUE: READ Whitman + Jordan

WRITE: Seminar prep on Whitman

Week 5


Mon Feb 1

Film: Not for Ourselves Alone

Films and Synthesis work
Assign Essay 2
DUE: Essay 1 FINAL

Wed Feb 3

Guest Speaker-- Eric Liu

Work on Essay 2

DUE: READ True Patriot, 69-end

Fri Feb 5

Fishbowl Seminar: Solnit, Griffin, Thoreau, Whitman, Jordan, Liu, synthesis.

Arts and the Harlem Renaissance
PREPARE for Fishbowl Seminar

Week 6


Mon Feb 8

Essay 2: Small Group Work

PIE, Thesis workshop, Transitions, etc.

Report back on Harlem Renaissance

DUE: WRITE Essay 2 Rough Draft

Wed Feb 10

Mini-seminar: Griffin 140-194 “Blue Jeans”

DUE: READ Griffin 140-194

WRITE: Mid-Quarter Self Evaluation

Fri Feb 12

Seminar: Griffin 2 (Blue Jeans, Jazz, Song)

Film: Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg

DUE: READ Griffin 140-286

WRITE Seminar prep on Griffin 2

Week 7


Mon Feb 15
President’s day holiday – No Class

Wed Feb 17

Essay 2: Peer Review

Guest speaker – Beverly Naidus

DUE: WRITE Essay 2 Revised draft

Fri Feb 19

Seminar: Ginsberg

Bob Dylan

DUE: READ Ginsberg Howl whole book

WRITE Seminar prep on Ginsberg

Week 8


Mon Feb 22

Diane di Prima – video and poems

Film: Eyes on the Prize

DUE: Essay 2 FINAL

READ: di Prima from Course Reader

Wed Feb 24

Civil Rights Movement

Leila Steinberg – Hip Hop and Empowerment

Assign Essay 3

DUE: READ Freshwater Road… (at least first half)

Fri Feb 26

Seminar: Freshwater Road

Library research 1

DUE: READ Freshwater Road

WRITE: Seminar prep – Freshwater Rd.

Week 9


Mon Mar 1

Chavez & the Chicano Movement

Film: Struggle in the Fields
Essay 3: Brainstorm ideas

DUE: READ Moraga (course reader)

Wed Mar 3

Guest Speaker--Paul Loeb

American Indian Movement

Film: Wounded Knee/We Shall Remain

READ: Loeb Intro and…

Fri Mar 5

Seminar: Poets and Feminists

Second Wave Women’s Rights Movement

DUE: READ Poets: Rich, Lorde, Rose, Piercy, Levertov.

WRITE Seminar prep (selected poet)

Week 10


Mon Mar 8

The Sixties…

Essay 2 – Small Group Work

Library research 2

DUE: WRITE Essay 3 Rough Draft

Wed Mar 10

Impossible Will Take a Little While

Jigsaw seminar

DUE: Read, Impossible, as assigned

Fri Mar 12

Fishbowl Seminar: Loeb, Poets, Moraga, Ginsberg, Nicholas, di Prima…

Film: This is What Democracy Looks Like

DUE: Prep for Fishbowl Seminar

Week 11


Mon Mar 15

Essay 3 – Peer Review

Group Presentations
Film: Made in LA


Wed Mar 17
Group Presentations

Fri Mar 19

Last class: Potluck

Group Presentations

Essay 3 – FINAL DUE

Final Self Evaluation Due

No work will be accepted after this class!

Week 12


Mon March 22

March 24
Winter quarter ends

Happy spring…..

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