Homework should be banned

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Persuasive Writing – Example Essay

How was this constructed?

Homework should be banned

What do you think about his idea? Write to convince a reader of your opinion.

(In other words, you need to write a persuasive essay.)

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about how much homework students should have to do. In my opinion, homework should be banned because children need more time to exercise, parents do not have the time and the skills to supervise homework properly and children miss out on quality time with family and friends.
Australian children are becoming increasingly obese and homework is partially to blame. If teenagers spend hours and hours1 sitting at their desks every night they simply do not have enough time to play sports or go for a walk. Whilst some parents think that homework is good for their children, they forget that getting a good job is not everything. Do you want your child to graduate from university only to drop dead a year later from a heart attack due to being obese?2 Parents of Australia, check your priorities!3 Homework must be banned to save our children!
In addition, parents are busy people and often do not have the time to help their children with homework. They may not have had the opportunity to get a good education themselves and may not know how to help their children with their homework. As a result, children may not do their homework because nobody checks that they do. If they cannot get help at home and do not understand their homework, students will obviously not really learn anything. Does it seem fair that hard-working parents should have to worry about homework at the end of a long hard day at work?4 This could lead to many arguments and family breakdowns when it all gets too much.1
Children who do a lot of homework have less time to spend with their families and friends. This means that their social skills may suffer. We all need to learn how to get along with other people. When we spend time with our families we learn how to negotiate. Playing with friends, children learn to take turns, to share and to be less self-centred. It is frightening5 to think what will happen to society if we become a nation full of people who can effortlessly solve mathematical equations but go through life without consideration for their fellow human beings.1,5
Given the above points, we should end the homework debate once and for all by letting go of the old-fashioned idea that homework is good for the next generation. We do not want our children to get morbidly1 obese. We need to accept that parents may lack the ability and the time to help with homework and last but not least, we want our children to become well-rounded individuals with healthy social skills. Let’s save Australia’s next generation6 and demand that our politicians ban homework!


N General statement

T Your opinion

R Preview Paragraphs

O 1, 2 & 3

Paragraph 1

Topic sentence (says briefly what the main idea of the paragraph is)

Explanation, Examples, Evidence (explain fully what exactly you mean and use examples to prove your point)

Link to the main topic (banning homework)
Paragraph 2

Topic sentence (tells briefly what the paragraph will argue)


L ink to the next paragraph (family)

Topic sentence (states the main idea of this paragraph)

Explanation (why less time with family & friends is a problem)

Examples (what we learn) used as Evidence


o 1. Re-states your opinion


c 2. Sums up main ideas

l (reasons given in the

u paragraphs)

s 3. Concluding sentence

i (eg. an appeal or

o prediction for the

n future)

Persuasive techniques used:

1 exaggeration (hyperbole) 4 rhetorical question

2 rhetorical question 5 emotive language

3 appeal (= call for action) 6 appeal (+ to patriotism)
Can you spot other persuasive techniques?

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