Homework: Continuity and Change over Time Essay

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Homework: Continuity and Change over Time Essay

One of the three essays that you will be asked to write on the AP World History Exam is a Continuity and Change over Time essay (CCOT). This is a style of essay that examines how something changes and stays the same over time. For example, we could look at how world trade patterns changed from 1450 to 1750 C.E, or how the role of women changed in the Middle East from 1900 to present. This essay forces us to examine the beginning situation, what caused it to change, and its ending condition. However, we must also consider what stayed the same.

Write your own CCOT essay about yourself. You should pick 3 areas to specialize in: education, friends, responsibility, religious life, family, athletics, music, or another topic of your choosing. In regards to a time frame, start the essay wherever it’s appropriate for the topic. More advanced essays will look at 4‐5 different specialty areas (1 paragraph for each) and will be able to tie them all together to give a more thorough analysis of you.

The Question Prompt: What significant changes took place in your life from the age of 5 until the present time in any three specialty areas listed below and what significant historical context led to that change (or continuity) in your life.

The chart in the next page should be completed to help you plan before you write and to provide an organizational structure for your essay. You will use a similar planning chart throughout the year as we write other CCOT essays. If you are striving for a more advanced essay, you would have 3‐4 different charts (1 for each category).

I don’t expect perfect essays but I do expect you to give it a try. Basic essays will have a minimum of three paragraphs with a clear thesis. A basic essay will earn a maximum 2.5-3.0. In order to earn a 3.5-4, you will need to attempt the more advanced essay and have a logical thesis tying it together. By completing this essay, we will have a chance to understand your writing ability as we begin the class and you will have a chance to practice one of the three essay structures we will focus on (and the one that is typically the hardest for students on the AP exam).

Essay should be typed (Double-spaced, 12 pt. font) and submitted for peer review on the due date August 13/14, 2014. Final Essay is due on August 15, 2014

Download 408.12 Kb.

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