Hometask Nigmatova Fazilat 248 group

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Hometask Nigmatova Fazilat 248 group


  1. – b

  2. – d

  3. – c

  4. – a


  1. The environmental damage caused by factories is quite likely to become more extensive, …

  2. If the number of patrols is reduced, it is highly probable that burglaries in the area will increase.

  3. The public is bound to react negatively to any decisions by the government to increase taxes

  4. It is rather unlikely that the problem of overpopulation will be solved over the next few decades.


  1. Problem- famine

Solution – provide affected countries with financial aid

This would help those countries buy grain and equipment to plant and grow their own crops for food.

  1. Consequently, the sick would better access to adequate medical care.

Problem – spread … world

Solution – send…countries

  1. Problem – illness … dieses

Solution – take … diet

The result of this would be a reduction in the number of people suffering from preventable illness.

  1. Problem – help … rainforests

Solution- -use … paper

As a result, we would not have to destroy huge areas of rainforests to produce paper.


  1. – C

  2. – A

  3. – E

  4. – B

  5. – D


  1. Moreover (Paragraph 1)


Despite this (P4)

  1. All governments … tidal power (p6)

  2. In addition, if there were fewer cars in circulation, there would be fewer road accidents (p4)

  3. Another … of strict fines on wicked, greedy corporation and unfeeling, ignorant business (p5)

  4. The problem … couldn’t care less and wouldn’t lift a finger to help… (p6)

Don’t you think it’s time we cleaned up this dreadful mess (p7)

  1. Paragraph 3: people should not … solutions.

Paragraph 6: Finally, … more responsible.

Topic sentences to replace:

Paragraph 3: Furthermore, individuals should take the initiative instead of expecting governments to provide all solutions.

Paragraph 6: One final suggestion would be the use of alternative enery sources.
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