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Food Safety Book Questions Period _____

Adventures in Food and Nutrition

Chapter 9, page 164
Directions: Before reading the text in Chapter 9 of your book, complete the following activity:
You and your family have planned a weekend trip to the mountains. There are no food stores where you will be staying, so you must pack food from home to eat during the weekend. Some food will need to go into a large cooler to prevent spoilage during the four (4) hours you will be traveling. The remainder of the food can be stored in a box. Read the list below. Write the names of the foods that should be packed in the cooler on the cooler below. Write the names of the foods that can be packed in the box on the box below.
Milk ground beef sliced ham chicken

Vinegar pancake mix cooking oil canned tuna

Lettuce orange juice bread butter

Mayonnaise tomatoes cookies sliced cheese

eggs maple syrup olive oil apples

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