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Chef salad Italian dressing

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Chef salad

Italian dressing

Garlic bread

Cheesecake with strawberry topping

Student Activity Directions: Select 1 or more foods (circle choices) from each of the following categories to create a meal you believe fulfills the above factors for menu planning. List the food items following menu format on the back of this sheet and answer the questions. If you want to create your own feel free to do that too.

Appetizer or soup Main dish Vegetable Salad Bread Dressing or condiments Beverages Desserts

Cheese sticks Steak green beans chef salad dinner roll Italian dressing Milk Apple pie

French onion soup Stuffed chicken corn fruit salad croissant Ranch dressing Coke Brownie

Vegetable soup Spaghetti potato sliced veg garlic bread Gravy Water Pudding

Fruit cup Pork chops white rice cole slaw muffin Butter Iced tea Fresh fruit

Shrimp cocktail Roast Beef brown rice potato salad biscuit French dressing Juice Ice cream

Dip and veggies Stir Fry peas pasta salad

Chips and dip Ribs carrots

Meatloaf broccoli

Hamburger cauliflower

Main dish salad asparagus
Directions: Use your circled choices from the previous page and write your menu below following the correct menu format. Place one menu item on each line except salad and condiments. Answer questions following in complete sentences.


  1. If you were preparing this meal, who would you be serving it to?

  1. What was your thought process about nutrition when planning this meal?

  1. What was your thought process about preparing a meal with appeal?

  1. List the order you would prepare the meal so everything is completed at the same time.

  1. What would be two (2) ways you could speed up the preparation of this meal?

  1. How much time do you think you would need to prepare this meal?

Home and Careers 8 Name _________________

Family Meal Project Period _____

Family Meal Project
Tasks: 1. Plan, prepare and cleanup a dinner for your family.
2. Meal must include at least:

        • Main dish

        • 2 accompaniments/side dishes

        • Dessert

        • Beverage

3. Prepare a typed paper to hand in including the criteria listed below.
4. Completed project and paper is to be handed in on ____________.

  1. At home each student will plan, prepare and cleanup a meal of their choice, utilizing the proper food sanitation/preparation skills learned in the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom. Please discuss this project with your parents so they are fully aware of the requirements involved. Your parent can assist you in the preparation of the meal, but the majority of the work must be completed by you.

Parent Initial _____

  1. Each student will prepare a well written report (at least 1 page). It is expected that you follow proper essay writing rules. Make sure you include an introduction, body and conclusion. Please include all of the following points when writing your essay:

Menu – make sure to write following menu format


Main dish

Accompaniment/side dish

Accompaniment/side dish

Salad Dressing or condiments





Please include all the following points in your essay:
_____ Who attended your meal.

_____ Why did you choose these dishes?

_____ The realistic cost of your dinner.

_____ Time involved in preparation.

_____ Problems/successes you had.

_____ What are some of the things you learned?

_____ How can you help out with the family meal in the future.
_____ One full paragraph of your essay should discuss if you meal was balanced or not. Describe why and if it needs improvement, how you would add to it.
_____ Remember introduction, body and conclusion is expected in your essay.

  1. Include a page that has an accumulation of comments made by each person who enjoyed your meal. 1 parental signature is necessary to obtain credit for completing the meal.

  1. Optional: include pictures of the food your prepared.



Directions: You have just completed 5 weeks in the culinary lab. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. Your responses will help me to build a better unit of study in the future.

  1. List the two (2) most interesting recipes you or another group prepared? Why?

  1. Explain how your kitchen group worked well together. Also include how you think it may be improved.

3. What was your least liked activity?

3. Is there any activity/s you feel needs improvement?

4. What do you feel you learned that you could apply to everyday life?

5. Do you have any suggestions for the following?
Lab group selection (consider fairness to all students):
Different labs to try:

6. Any other comments or suggestions:

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